Sunday, October 30, 2011


I want to draw your attention to a program that our State Department originated as a form of vacation diplomacy. As the article in The Washington Post reveals, the State Department selects foreign college students to work at beach resorts, amusement parks and other seasonal jobs. The reported intent is to educate the students in the ways of America and improve their English language skills.

Here is the article that you should read to understand the absurdity of this program.

While the program has several theoretical virtues, it strikes your Commander that it is not appropriate to fund this project at this time considering the economic pressures forced upon all citizens of this country. This project is another one that sounds good and certainly sends warm and fuzzy feelings through the hearts of all those liberal do-gooders who proliferate the Washington bureaucracy.

With unemployment running above 9% nation-wide and much higher in certain pockets of the country, these jobs certainly should be made available to our own youth and adult Americans who need work immediately. One wonders just how many millions of dollars this program is costing our government. I would suggest this program should be one of the very first cut by the Super-Committee that is currently determining how we can cut our massive financial deficit.


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