Wednesday, August 31, 2011


WOW!!! – That was my reaction after reading a new Clive Cussler/ Grant Blackwood action/adventure thriller titled THE KINGDOM. As you well know Cussler is one of the most successful authors of our time and he and his associate have delivered a wonderful story that captures the reader’s attention from the first page until the exciting conclusion.

THE KINGDOM centers on the adventures of Sam and Remi Fargo, seasoned treasure hunters who get themselves into and out of one unbelievable circumstance after another. This is a wonderful summer read or one that will appeal as a great way to spend a rainy afternoon.

Your Commander strongly recommends THE KINGDOM for your reading pleasure. Be prepared to stay up late, because it will be difficult to stop turning the pages as the adventure trek moves around Tibet, Nepal, Bulgaria, India, China, and San Diego, USA.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


On the AOL/Huffington Post today I learned that 37 year old Alberto Luis Alvarez, the Chicago man who had been arrested 98 previous times, has now been sentenced. You may remember that your Commander wrote about him in a post not long ago, August 15th to be exact.

Below is the link to the article with the shocking brief details of his sentence.

How can any judge of sound mind reasonably sentence this creep to only 18 months in prison? His rap sheet reflects 23 previous convictions, and this is his 99th arrest! Apparently he copped a plea deal and pled guilty to obstructing justice to get a light sentence. One must wonder what happened to the additional charges of possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and child endangerment. Any sane judge and judicial system should have thrown the book at him, and put him away for a long time.

No wonder I have lost my interest to return to my old home town when individuals of this nature are permitted to roam free on the streets of Chicago and the metropolitan area.


Monday, August 29, 2011


A good friend from way up north emailed this gem to me recently, and I want to share it with you in hope of adding a little humor to these dark times.

“The English language has some wonderfully anthropomorphic collective nouns for the various groups of animals.

We are all familiar with a herd of cows, a flock of chickens, a school of fish and gaggle of geese.

However, less widely known is a pride of lions, a murder of crows (as well as their cousins the rooks and ravens), an exaltation of doves and, presumably because they look so wise, a parliament of owls.

Now, consider a group of Baboons. They are the loudest, most dangerous, most obnoxious, most viciously aggressive and least intelligent of all primates.

And what is the proper collective noun for a group of baboons? Believe it or not ....... a Congress! I guess that pretty much explains the things that come out of Washington!”

Words hit the nail on the head, don’t they?



Permit your Commander to revisit the highly emotional debate on immigration here in the United States. With the recent passage of new immigration legislation in the State of Alabama, four local church leaders are suing the state saying that it criminalizes acts of Christian compassion.

Please take a look at the highly critical editorial in today’s New York Times.

Across the country state after state is confronted with massive costs associated with current immigration laws which are enforced in various degrees, and cases are totally ignored too often. It is apparent that the states are trying to address their individual problems, but there is little or no direction coming from Washington. Our federal elected officials do not want to address this subject, because they fear the loss of votes from the minority communities in their districts back home.

Clearly our federal government panders for votes and has repeatedly failed to address the escalating costs to states due to erratic enforcement of immigration laws. Clearly we cannot continue to pay the rapidly rising costs associated with lax implementation of immigration laws as they now exist. When the federal government does not enforce the existing federal laws, why wouldn’t one support elected state officials passing legislation that protects its citizens?

Federal immigration laws are clearly out of control and our borders are not secure despite what our federal officials contend. Americans across this country are crying for stricter immigration legislation and enforcement.

Emotion must be removed from this debate and a resolution sought that not only contains a level of compassion, but is also financially sustainable and provides for secure borders.

Did you notice that the New York Times article didn't suggest just how states should come up with the funds to support the cost of illegal immigrant residents (i.e., health care, welfare, food stamps, etc.)?


Sunday, August 28, 2011


When we read or view the mainstream media today we rarely observe critical commentary when it comes to activities of First Lady Michelle Obama. The pages of Women’s Wear Daily declare that Michelle is America’s fashionista. Are you kidding me?

I have conducted a personal and unscientific poll regarding Michelle that includes our country’s major ethnicities. It seems to me that all she has accomplished is increased sales for J. Crew and The Gap based on some clothing she and the daughters have worn. I also think she shames the Office of the Presidency when exiting Air Force One or Marine One in casual shorts. A truly bad decision, in my opinion, was deplaning Air Force One on a State Visit to South America in a strapless casual dress without a wrap anywhere in sight.

I am certainly no fashion critic, but presidential protocol should include First Lady fashionably appropriate attire. I realize that changes, but I think she fails!

Don’t get me started when it comes to the size and cost of her bloated White House Staff (I know I have previously written about that), because that is beyond any reasonable understanding and just represents total arrogance toward the American taxpayer. When talking about the abuse of privilege, Michelle wins hands down.

Finally, it has taken the conservative website to alert the public to the fact that Judicial Watch has brought a lawsuit against the Air Force to obtain records detailing the cost of Michelle’s June 21-27 trip to South Africa and Botswana.

Millions of Americans are hurting economically, unemployment hovers above 9%, and our First Lady is living large on the backs of struggling American taxpayer. Apparently Michelle feels above the fray while her husband calls for all Americans to share the sacrifice during this economic downturn.

Doesn’t Michelle think it important for her daughters to learn more about the country that employs her husband/their father? Outside of mega-wealthy Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, where Obama was born, has the family taken another US vacation?

And, the final question your Commander asks is, I still would like to know why Michelle Obama’s college papers at Princeton University are still embargoed. Is there something hidden in those documents?



While doing some research for an article I intend to write, I ran across some very interesting and relevant quotes in a Wikipedia file about government.

As an example Albert Einstein said, “Nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced.”

Edward R. Murrow said. “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Walter E. Williams said, “The essence of government is force, and most often that force is used to accomplish evil ends.”

Joseph Stalin said, “The one who votes decides nothing. The one who counts the vote decides everything.”

Adolph Hitler said, “What luck for the rulers that men do not think.”

Hopefully these few quotations will whet your appetite to investigate the wonderful array of comments relative to government that are contained in this link:

When I read all of the 8 pages of information it came to mind that it would certainly be wonderful if our schools taught this kind of valuable wisdom from insightful voices from the past. I suspect this kind of invaluable knowledge is lacking in our educational system today or is that purposeful.



Thursday morning I was reading The South Bend Tribune, as I do each day, and was struck by an article titled “Food program for youths grows”. I suspect that similar articles are appearing in newspapers across the country, because with the economy in the pits there is an exploding need for food assistance. Please take a few minutes of your valuable time to read this article and then continue to read my growing concerns about this situation.,0,6636493,print.story

OK, thanks for reading this local story. Do you have similar reports in your community too? Let me express my concern, and please understand that I am supportive of charity and assisting those in need, but at the same time I am a very strong advocate of THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, individual responsibility and accountability.

I grew up as a child of the Great Depression when there was a great need for assistance with massive unemployment far greater than we are currently experiencing. At that time the family unit was much stronger and more prevalent than it is today. Salary levels of that time cannot be compared to those of today, but I remember that my Dad never made more than $10,000 per year in his lifetime. We were considered an upper-middle class family and lived in a rented apartment, but we had to watch our expenditures all the time. Mother, employed as a Registered Nurse prior to my birth, was home until I attended high-school when she returned to private duty nursing.

I also remember upon graduating from college way back in 1956, after serving four years in the Air Force during the Korean War, I was delighted to secure a job paying $100.00 per week. My goal in life then was to make $10,000 per year, feeling I would have a secure future for my family at that level. Of course life has changed dramatically, inflation has changed the playing field, and salaries increased dramatically over the decades.

During the Great Depression local churches and extended family units joined together to protect and provide for one another, because governments at the local, state, and federal levels did not provide much for those in need.

Since that time our politicians in an effort to attract the votes of the needy stepped in offering more and more support and our welfare entitlement programs are now extensive. The cost of these programs has now reached a level that is unsustainable, and I think a class of citizens has been created who expect total dependence upon government for their complete existence and subsistence.

The family unit is shattered today; local churches have fewer members and are overwhelmed by the current needs of their congregations. It is your Commander’s opinion that we are now the victims of a political structure that created a cradle to grave entitlement mentality in so many. Add to that the lack of sufficient jobs to support the population, we have big troubles ahead.

In my day we never even had a lunch room in elementary schools (K thru 8) in Chicago and walked home for lunch every day. (By the way, not uphill both ways.) There were no school busses and we walked the streets of the city without fear. Times have changed and a kinder gentler time is behind us. We did not have rampant drugs, gangs, high levels of crime, broken family units, massive illegal immigration, and dysfunctional schools.

Why does the word shame no longer carry a negative connotation? Where is the pride of family, self and country that once ruled our daily lives? Our greedy politicians and far too many of our fellow Americans are abusing a political overly generous welfare system, and have no shame today. Considering the state of our economy and partisan politics we are experiencing the deterioration of our once cherished pride.

We now have yearly drives for supplies to give backpacks to kids to go to school where they are fed breakfast, lunch and now sent home with food for the weekend. HELLO…needy? Isn’t the family getting food stamps, government subsidized housing, and Medicaid to mention a few? Families can go to local food banks, receive clothing and other items from charities, and get utility assistance all often without having to provide proof of need.

In the meantime the “head of household” all too often is buying cigarettes (have you seen the price of cigarettes today, never mind that health issue?); buying alcohol; probably has purchased one or more tattoos (more to come?); may have additional piercings beyond one in each ear; likely loves getting pregnant to increase entitlement payments; may own a car; have at least one big screen Hi-Def TV; cable TV service; cell phones; and the list goes on.

My wife relates a true story about her uncle and his young family. He was an outstanding soccer player in Scotland as a 17 year old in the late 1940s and was offered a contract to play professionally in what we would term a “farm team,” with the potential to play in the “big leagues.” His parents and brothers had moved to Chicago between 1947 and 1949 and he made the decision to follow the family instead in1950.

He worked hard from the time he arrived in the US from Scotland, married, had three children, and his first heart attack (very serious) at the age of 32 when the kids were ages 4 to 9. When the family looked to the State of Illinois for assistance, they were DENIED because they had an old used car and owned one television set. Uncle Pete’s parents, brothers, and friends stepped in to help them out the best they could. It took a while to recover, he did go back to work, and sadly had a fatal heart attack at age 36.

Today children are fighting obesity and riding busses to ineffective schools. Yes, the world has changed, but certainly some of us old coots do not think it is always for the better.

Where and when is this welfare entitlement mentality going to end? Who is going to pay for it, and is this what this country really wants as THE AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE? What we have today is clearly not what was intended by our visionary Founding Fathers.

What do you think?


Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Early last month I was scanning the internet and ran across a posting at Fox News reporting that children of foreign diplomats enjoy a “Super Citizen” status in the United States. Reading on I found that some are actually acquiring Social Security cards and citizenship.

Here is a link to the article written by Elizabeth Robichaux Brown, and you can form your own opinion:

The last paragraph of the article notes “there is one thing that everyone engaged in the debate agrees on: children born to foreign diplomats are not ‘subject to the jurisdiction’ of the United States and are not to be granted U.S. citizenship.”

I am troubled by this situation. It is bad enough that our Immigration Laws are being abused and ignored, and now foreign diplomats are utilizing their special status to acquire unique privileges for their children at the expense of the abused American taxpayer.

Your Commander suspects that this issue will just die away in the Halls of Congress, and the State Department will support this abuse of our immigration policies in the name of diplomatic immunity. Don’t count on any Democrats voting against any potential new voters either.

What do you think of this situation? I am troubled.



That was a well-known expression spoken during World War II, and it certainly applies to the alleged remarks of Vice-President Joe Biden as outlined in an email I received recently. Please take a look.

“President Obama is not the only goof up in this Administration ...

Navy Seals

So, here is how I understand what happened in Afghanistan with the slaughter of the guys from Seal Team Six.

On the night of the Osama Bin Laden raid, Secretary of Defense Gates asked all the people in the situation room to abstain from revealing that Seal Team Six was the military unit responsible. Everyone agreed, understanding the danger of revenge seekers from the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Then on Monday, Vice President Joe Biden, in an attempt to show how much he was in the know, revealed that it was Seal Team Six. Of course the media then ran with it. So the Pentagon has gone to great effort to protect Seal Team Six and their families. As of last Thursday Gates, who is no longer Defense Secretary, stated that they had implemented very advanced security measures.

As to what happened in Afghanistan, apparently Al Qaeda fed false information to the US that a high value target would be at a precise location on Friday. So naturally, the military sent in Seal Team Six to get them. It was all a set-up and heavily armed Al Qaeda and Taliban were waiting for them and we know the results.

This is not the first time that a politician has caused the deaths of American Servicemen, but it is one of the most egregious. I guess Panetta, the current Secretary of Defense, and Gates are furious. I think Biden should be tried for treason, but I doubt that will happen. I just hope the American electorate will kick these amateurs out of office.

Incidentally, all of the above is public record. Gates has made many speeches since he left office in which he discussed the extreme danger Seal Team Six was under since their identity was revealed by Biden.”

It gravely concerns your Commander that our Vice-President would make such a blunder which resulted in the death and destruction of brave American personnel. I really did not want to believe this information, but upon conducting a search on Google, it is clear that Biden did make the statement exposing and identifying the Navy Seals to the Osama Bin Laden raid.

If you or I had made that criminal remark we would be dealt with harshly, and it would be justified. That will not happen to Biden, but I personally can react with my total disrespect for his action and make a point to guarantee my readers that he will never ever receive a vote from this American.

I salute the brave Navy Seals, the Air Force personnel, the Afghans aboard, and the Army men who operated the helicopter who in early August lost their lives in proud service to our country as a result of the ambush by the Taliban and Al Qaeda. Joe Biden has a significant amount of blood on his hands and he should be ashamed of his repeated blundering and loose lips.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Your Commander first wrote this commentary back on August 9th but it has been delayed in posting due to travel and other priorities. Events of the past week make it an even better time to post this piece.

This report may be the fourth time I have been compelled to address the failure of the House Ethics Committee to effectively resolve matters brought to its attention, costing the American taxpayer untold sums of money. I first wrote about the dubious conduct of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) shortly after her questionable conduct came before the Committee way back in 2009.

Since that time political bickering has totally destroyed the integrity of the Committee, however our tax dollars continue to be spent and definitive action delayed. Please take a look at a recent article from The Washington Post.

Now with our nation in its second worst economic decline, an expenditure of $500,000 has been authorized to hire an outside independent counsel to review the ethics case against her. If this matter had been brought before a commercial entity a whole bunch of people would have been fired, but as our government never fires a guilty party once again chairs have been shuffled around, and little or nothing will be accomplished. It is no wonder there is a growing call to clean out the swamp.

Within the past week Rep. Waters has made two different appearances back in her California district. The first attacked the lack of action by President Obama to serve the interests of minority people, in the next she said that the Tea Party should go straight to hell. I think she is attempting to take the spot-light off her Ethics Committee investigation, and I also suggest these are the irrational ravings of a desperate dysfunctional member of Congress who is a race baiter and community disorganizer. Her best days can be seen in the rearview mirror. Hopefully, it will be good riddance, Maxine.



With most schools back in session and fall on the horizon all the talk around South Bend, Indiana is about football and how the Notre Dame team will fare. When I received an email from a close friend down Georgia way I just had to share these football coach quotes with you:

“Football coaches...they tell it like it was!"

"Gentlemen, it is better to have died a small boy...than to fumble THIS football!"
John Heisman
"Show me a good and gracious loser.......and I'll show you a failure."
Knute Rockne / Notre Dame
"I make my practices real hard ...because if a player is a quitter.....I want him to quit in practice, not in a game."
Bear Bryant / Alabama
"It isn't necessary to see a good tackle.....You can hear it."
Knute Rockne / Notre Dame
"At Georgia Southern, we don't cheat...That costs money and we don't have any."
Erk Russell / Georgia Southern.
"Football is only a game. Spiritual things are eternal. Nevertheless, Beat Texas."
Seen on a church sign in Arkansas prior to the 1969 game.
"After you retire, there's only one big event left...and I ain't ready for that."
Bobby Bowden / Florida State
"The man who complains about the way the ball bounces is likely to be the one who dropped it."
Lou Holtz / Arkansas
"When you win, nothing hurts."
Joe Namath / Alabama
"Motivation is simple. You eliminate those who are not motivated."
Lou Holtz / Arkansas
"If you want to walk the heavenly streets of gotta know the password, "Roll, tide, roll!"
Bear Bryant / Alabama
"A school without football is in danger of deteriorating into a medieval study hall."
Frank Leahy / Notre Dame
"There's nothing that cleanses your soul like getting the hell kicked out of you."
Woody Hayes / Ohio State
"I don't expect to win enough games to be put on NCAA probation. I just want to win enough to warrant an investigation."
Bob Devaney / Nebraska
"In Alabama, an atheist is...someone who doesn't believe in Bear Bryant."
Wally Butts / Georgia
"You can learn more character on the two-yard line than anywhere else in life."
Paul Dietzel / LSU
"It's kind of hard to rally around a math class."
Bear Bryant / Alabama
When asked if Fayetteville was the end of the world. "No, but you can see it from here."
Lou Holtz / Arkansas
"There's one sure way to stop us from scoring........give us the ball near the goal line."
Matty Bell / SMU
"Lads, you're not to miss practice unless your parents died or you died."
Frank Leahy / Notre Dame
"I never graduated from Iowa, but I was only there for two terms - Truman's and Eisenhower's."
Alex Karras / Iowa
"My advice to defensive players: Take the shortest route to the ball and arrive in a bad humor."
Bowden Wyatt / Tennessee
"I could have been a Rhodes Scholar.......except for my grades."
Duffy Daugherty / Michigan State
"Always remember ..... Goliath was a 40 point favorite over David."
Shug Jordan / Auburn
"They cut us up like boarding house pie.......And that's real small pieces."
Darrell Royal / Texas
"They whipped us like a tied up goat."
Spike Dykes / Texas Tech
"I asked Darrell Royal, the coach of the Texas Longhorns, why he didn't recruit me and he said: 'Well, Walt, we took a look at you and you weren't any good'."
Walt Garrison / Oklahoma State
"Son, you've got a good engine, but your hands aren't on the steering wheel."
Bobby Bowden / Florida State
"Football is NOT a contact sport - it is a collision sport. Dancing IS a contact sport."
Duffy Daugherty / Michigan State
After USC lost 51-0 to Notre Dame, his post game message to his team: "All those who need showers...take them."
John McKay / USC
"If lessons are learned in defeat...our team is getting a great education."
Murray Warmath / Minnesota

"The only qualifications for a lineman are to be big and dumb. To be a back, you only have to be dumb."
Knute Rockne / Notre Dame
"Oh, we played about like three tons of buzzard puke this afternoon."
Spike Dykes / Texas Tech
"We live one day at a time and scratch where it itches."
Darrell Royal / Texas
"We didn't tackle well today but we made up for it by not blocking."
John McKay / USC
"Three things can happen when you throw the ball, and two of them are bad."
Darrell Royal / University of Texas
"I've found that prayers work best ........when you have big players."
Knute Rockne / Notre Dame”

I don’t not know about you, but I am ready for the games to begin.



Lately I have been receiving some troubling emails and reading disturbing articles claiming one thing or another relative to the State of our Union and the tone of our political debate, which is getting harsher and less collegial day by day. It is your Commander’s opinion that we all should take a step back and breathe deeply.

This is not to say I am not equally concerned about some of the messages I have received, because I do believe the American Way of Life is being threatened by subversive forces both foreign and domestic. It is very important to verify the source of information flowing across the internet and even on the major media outlets, because they are taking a harsher tenor no matter which side of the debate they espouse.

I worry that our country can survive in its current form under another Obama administration, because I fear there is a growing chance of an uprising across the country due to the degree of total frustration with politics that exists in Washington, in the states, and even at the local level. Basic sound financial policies no longer exist, our leadership does not seem to be worried about it, and the average Joe on the streets of America is very angry and may soon do something to show that anger.

Several major issues continue to linger without any effort by Washington to address them such as jobs, fiscal integrity, foreign relations, immigration, crime, failed educational systems, under funded pension plans, social security, growing minority tensions, and the list grows depending on your individual point of view. As I have previously stated, I do not understand how our President and Congress can go on vacation considering the State of the Nation.

Simple solutions and sound reasoning no longer prevails in Washington and the only motivation that dictates decisions is the re-election of individual politicians. How did our country drift so far away from the basic foundation of right and wrong so soundly established by our Founding Fathers’ visions?


Monday, August 22, 2011


Several weeks ago I received an email from a friend in sweltering Texas, and was struck by several significant things in our life experience that are predicted to vanish in the near future. I urge you to take a look at the attached which was posted on

Looking at the nine items there are several I believe we can live comfortably without such as the Post Office (I have written about that), checks, print editions of newspapers, hard cover books, land line telephones, and some things I own. However, I would greatly miss the loss of music, television and especially privacy issues.

The internet has changed the way we do many things and will likely continue to do so. The internet provides such speed to communicate and provides many more inventive ways to move forward. But, the privilege of being nearly 80 years old allows me to look back fondly at the time when we wrote letters and put stamps on them so they could be delivered.


Sunday, August 21, 2011


WOW! Maureen Dowd the sharp-tongued op-ed scribe at the New York Times really gave President Obama a dose of strong critical medicine relative to this current bus tour through the Midwest. Dowd hit hard especially when she referred to the trip as “The Field of Dashed Dreams” and even questioned his custom made $1.1 million dollar “Matrix” bus.

Take a look-see at The New York Times piece posted from Peosta, Iowa earlier this week:

While I suggest that President Obama is in deep doodoo when it comes to his chances for re-election, it is still far too early to count him out because he is like a cat with nine-lives. Obama says everything and everyone is to blame for his current circumstances, but himself. On the other hand the long list of Republican candidates cannot seem to avoid shooting themselves in the foot, so the game is far from over.

As the legendary New York Yankee, Yogi Berra, said “It’s not over ‘til it’s over.”



Here I go again drawing your attention to the writing of Prof. Walter E. Williams, but his latest essay titled “Ominous Parallels” is important reading, especially when the current policies of President Barack Obama and his administration.

Those facts speak for themselves. Historical analysis teaches us another invaluable lesson. Is no one in Washington, D.C. looking back at history? Are we destined to repeat historical mistakes? What more need be said except, WAKE UP AMERICA.



Your Commander and my Editor just returned to the peace and tranquility of Hoosier America from a very emotional three-day trip to the western suburbs of Chicago to attend the funeral of my dear cousin Patti. Tragically she was taken far too soon at the age of 67.

You may recall a blog I wrote March 3, 2011 titled “Cancer – Where We Should Be Spending” and in it I mentioned that a cousin was recently diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. The doctors could not locate the origin site of the cancer. Patti was determined to beat the odds, but the side effects of chemo affected her so severely that it ultimately had to be stopped. Her eight month battle ended one week ago today.

I never saw her take one drink of liquor, nor smoke a cigarette, but somehow she was struck by a disease that wreaks havoc across America despite countless events raising funds and many years of research.

Considering all the wonderful accomplishments by the citizens of this great country, we are still searching for that one breakthrough that brings the ravages of cancer to a stop. We sent men to the moon, spend money fighting wars that send thousands of our finest to an early death or maimed for life, but are we really aggressively attacking and addressing the elimination of cancer NOW?

America is without a doubt the most generous and caring country in the world, but we fail to adequately prioritize this insidious disease. I am all for assisting those in need, but I suggest it is time to concentrate efforts and dramatically increase the funding for research in finding a cure for cancer in all of its deadly forms.

As I recently wrote, the CEO of Starbucks wants to eliminate all corporate and individual contributions to politicians and political parties. I suggest we direct all or a majority of that money to cancer research. It would be better spent and the results would be beneficial to the entire world. The elimination of political pay-off earmarks could create some real money to attack cancer as America’s #1 priority NOW and not down the road at some undetermined date and time.

Families around the world are suffering and thousands are dying daily. We should cease our current wars against countries and place those resources behind the war against cancer. That would certainly be more beneficial for mankind.


Tuesday, August 16, 2011


For months I wondered just what happened to Tony Rezko who was indicted nearly five years ago on October 5, 2006 and is an old associate of disgraced, impeached and convicted former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) and President Barack Obama. Recently I looked for information on Rezko. I thought he was still being held in the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center and learned he has since been moved to an unknown location and is still waiting sentencing…What??? Why???

By the way, you may recall that Rezko is the guy who helped Obama buy the house next door to him in Chicago for a sum well over $1 million.

Please take a look at disturbing article written by Staff Reporter Chris Fusco of the Chicago Sun Times titled “With Rod Blagojevich convicted, others now face sentencing.”

After reading the dates of all the indictments can you imagine how much money has been spent with all the delays in sentencing this substantial group of ex-movers and shakers? When major political figures are involved apparently it is very important to squeeze every possible amount of information out of them, but whose interest is being protected by years of delays in the Rezko matter is the question I raise.

The entire “Operation Board Games” case stinks to high heaven and someday way down the road the real truth of who was really involved will be revealed. I suggest that a lot of little guys who deserve to be indicted are taking a big fall for someone far bigger and far more influential. Apparently protecting someone’s butt trumps the individual’s right for a speedy trial.

Or, is there much more behind the Rezko matter and exactly where he is? Just asking.



Since Ronald Reagan’s presidency ended in 1988, many politicians, no matter their party, have quoted him often. I think this is a great one:

"If we forget that we are one nation under God, then we will be a nation gone under."

What a profound quote from the man known as “The Great Communicator.”


Monday, August 15, 2011


When I read a story that appeared yesterday online in the Chicago Sun Times I almost fell out of my chair. A 37 year old man was “charged with drug possession after he allegedly used his 3 year old child as a ruse to beg for money…”

Sad as that may seem, you won’t believe the rest of this story. The man’s name is Albert Luis Alvarez. During the booking process, police discovered Alvarez had 98 previous arrests and 23 convictions ranging from burglary, robbery, larceny, assault, drugs, and smuggling. And, if that wasn’t enough, records showed he had 10 dates of birth, nine names, and five Social Security numbers used as aliases. No one previously noticed???

The questions raised by this information boggle the mind! A 37 year old man with 23 convictions, never mind 98 previous arrests, was walking the streets of the Chicago area, pushing his 3 year old child in a stroller, begging door to door in an affluent neighborhood, and apparently had several bags of heroin in his pockets. Are you kidding me???

Here is the link to the story if you want to read it in its entirety:

Apparently Albert Luis Alvarez has a damn good lawyer or the court system of Chicago is beyond dysfunctional! This creep should be locked up and the key should be thrown away. His record of convictions speaks volumes.



Now that the Ames, Iowa Straw Poll has reduced the Republican candidate field by one and a new face has entered the race for the Presidency (Texas Governor Rick Perry), let us not cast ex-Governor Tim Pawlenty out of the conversation so quickly.

It is your Commander’s personal opinion that Pawlenty made some valuable contributions to the campaign. He brought forward some very interesting and accurate points for our consideration of the candidates. Obviously it is far too early to start picking winners and losers, but that process will take additional months and waste massive amounts of money before we see more accurate indications as to who is really the right individual to carry the Republican banner.

In one of Pawlenty’s responses during the Iowa Debate he took on President Obama’s record and verbiage rather effectively when he compared Obama to “a manure spreader in a windstorm.” When the dust settles, Pawlenty’s statement may just be the most accurate words to have been spoken by this entire bunch of presidential hopefuls.

Hold your noses people, because there will be a whole lot of manure spread around by Republicans, Democrats, and Obama, who is currently bussing around the Midwest spewing his old game of TRANSFERANCE – blaming everyone and everything for our current economic malaise, except himself or his appointees.

Pawlenty may be out of the action, but he should be thanked for alerting America to the fact that we must be aware and alert to everything we are told by eager fast-talking politicians. Look what we got when we did not listen closely and ask the hard questions. Obama sold the country a pig in a poke in the last campaign.



Over the past few weeks you may have heard that global corporate giant General Electric announced plans to move the leadership of GE Healthcare to Chengdu, China. I have read several articles and blog sites and cannot pinpoint if the Waukesha, Wisconsin plant is closing too, but I have heard that employees will be offered positions at other GE facilities.

Your Commander finds this announcement to be another example of the arrogance that emanates from the Obama White House. Don’t misunderstand my reasoning in discussing this action, because I fully understand that the first priority of GE CEO Jeffery Immelt is appropriately to his stockholders and the GE Board of Directors.

Where I find a problem is earlier this year President Barack Obama appointed Immelt to head a jobs creation commission and his company has been moving their business overseas for years. Additionally, GE has recently been noted for not paying any federal income tax due to numerous favorable special exemptions in our tax code.

Additionally I note the compounded arrogance of the White House and its silence on the action of the National Labor Relations Board against Boeing Aircraft opening a new factory in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Over a thousand jobs are at risk here and Obama is again playing cozy with his union benefactors. If Boeing cannot open its plant it will no doubt be forced to move the new operation and several thousand jobs overseas.

Boeing and General Electric have the right to build and operate plants anywhere in the world, but the Immelt appointment is at the least suspect, and the NLRB Boeing action is reprehensible. GE and unions contribute handsomely to the Obama coffers and that brings “favored nation” status to them.

There is a right way, a wrong way, and then there is the Obama way, and directly related to his way is a huge campaign money trail.


Sunday, August 14, 2011


Recently I mentioned I was reading Brad Thor’s latest best selling book titled FULL BLACK, and I can now tell you I have completed it and it is one of his very best works. As a matter of fact, FULL BLACK recently achieved the 3rd place ranking on Publishers Weekly best seller list.

This is another adventure packed fictional story of super-hero Scott Harvarth who achieves unbelievable deeds of daring-due to save the good old USA. This book addresses a world-wide conspiracy by a disturbed super-rich mega-businessman, but of course in the end Scott prevails.

While I have sympathy with some historical conspiracy theories and suspicions with others, I strongly recommend careful consideration of this book’s story line, because I do believe the scenario presented by Thor is a distinct possibility facing our country today. I believe Thor’s book is an important read, and one that will benefit this country greatly if it is taken seriously.

Failure to overcome the current extremist forces confronting the American way of life is simply unacceptable, and those elements represent an evil force we must not take casually. Thor’s books from his very first novel carry a theme that is pro-American, and repeatedly draws attention to problematic Asian and Middle Eastern influences that are factually detrimental to our country.

Once you start reading FULL BLACK you will have difficulty putting it down until you reach the last action-filled page.



Based upon the many really important events confronting the world today this article has little importance, but I do find it worthy of comment. Please take a look at what appeared on the AOL/Huffington Post site:

What struck your Commander is the sickening part of the story reporting the 80 year old multi-billionaire and left-wing Democrat Party supporter George Soros's romps in bed with a 28 year old Brazilian soap star. What I find to be interesting is that Soros, who is no one’s fool, but a cunning financial wizard who has unimaginable influence and wealth around the world, is now being sued in the American court system by a young woman.

Although I have no doubt as to the facts presented in the article, I will be surprised if the case ever comes to trial for several reasons. Soros could easily pay-off the woman, mount a battery of highly paid lawyers to totally overwhelm the plaintiff, or make sure the case is heard by an equally liberal and sympathetic judge.

Hopefully Soros is smart enough to not even contemplate this, but this young beauty could easily just vanish someday in the deepest part of the dense jungles of Brazil. Who would that surprise…not me? Tragically this young beauty is trying to get some money to justify her romp with a sick, disgusting dirty old man, but she fails to recognize that this issue is about as important to George Soros as it would be for him to swat away a fly.

Adriana Ferreyr may walk away with a few bucks, but her life has a bleak future, because guys like Soros have long memories and far reaching power. In other words, they can’t be counted upon to play fair.



In the online weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal there was a very interesting opinion piece with the above title by Norman Podhoretz (editor of “Commentary” from 1960 to 1995) attacking Obama’s presidency. The sub-headline provides a good summary when it states “He is still the same anti-American leftist he was before becoming our president.”

Your Commander finds articles such as this are part of a growing crescendo appearing in newspapers and cable channel talk programs across the country. Where were these voices during the presidential campaign period prior to Obama’s successful election?

Hopefully during the campaign running up to the November 2012 election ALL of the candidates will receive a fair, balanced, and thorough investigation into their backgrounds, ideals, and records before we are fooled by another slick talking dud who is protected by a misguided and myopic liberal press corps.



As a serious student of history I am saddened that our educational system is giving short shrift to teaching history objectively and honestly in our schools today. Numerous articles have been written about how history has been totally dropped in some schools and in others it has taken a liberal slant that in the end fails the students and the country as a whole.

Reading The American Patriot’s Almanac as I do each morning I was reminded of the events of August 12, 1765 that occurred when a group of Bostonians calling themselves Sons of Liberty gathered around a large elm tree to protest the Stamp Act imposed by England. Please take a few minutes to review this Wikipedia link:

Additionally allow me to draw your attention to a very interesting series of quotations relative to liberty from the likes of Voltaire, Oscar Wilde, Thomas Jefferson, Clarence Darrow and others.

Your Commander found Darrow’s quote to be significant when he said, “You can protect your liberties in this world only by protecting the other man’s freedom. You can be free only if I am free.”

I wonder just how many students in America’s classrooms today have heard those words and how many would understand what they meant. Permit me to remind you that it is an accepted fact that “knowledge is power,” and we are short-changing our children when we fail to teach them important historical lessons that have stood the test of time.


Saturday, August 13, 2011


Permit your Commander to draw your attention to an insightful New York Times article and the suggestion that Americans boycott all campaign donations. Here is the link:

The op-ed columnist Joe Nocera addresses the action of Starbucks Chairman & CEO Howard Schultz urging corporations and individuals to stop feeding politicians with campaign contributions. Schultz makes a key point saying, “The lifeblood of their re-election campaigns is political contributions.” His proposal calls for Americans to provide Washington an incentive to begin acting responsibly on their behalf.

I think Schultz has delivered a very important message and I hope that his suggestion will gain national recognition and actionable results. Cut the flow of the corrupting dollars off and you are bound to get the attention of our money hungry politicians.

While I personally have never had the means to make substantial political contributions, I long ago stopped writing checks to all politicians, because the size of my participation never was large enough to hardly even earn a thank you letter. I believe that it is extremely important to cut-off all candidate or party contributions, large and small. Hopefully we will see politicians realizing that the voters are truly fed up. We hold more power than the money-men if we exercise a movement like this.

Speaking realistically during these trying economic times we all need our dollars far more than our fat-cat overly paid politicians do anyway. Charity begins at home and it is time to send a really strong financial message to Washington.



Just when you thought there might be some fresh wind blowing to improve the stench that surrounds politics in the State of Illinois there comes to light another story that guarantees the smell will linger.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn has appointed former State Treasurer Alexi Giannoulias to be the Chairman of the Illinois Community College Board. While this appointment does not carry a salary, it keeps Democrat Giannoulias in the public eye until he can mount another run for some office, since he lost his 2010 U.S. Senate race to Republican Mark Kirk.

This is a pattern for Gov. Quinn. He has recently appointed three other losers to positions as follows:

Dan Seals lost three straight congressional elections (including the 2010 primary), was hired by Quinn as Assistant Director of the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity, at a salary of $121,029.

Former State Rep. Julie Hames lost last year’s 10th District Democratic primary to Seals. (Seals was then defeated in November, 2010 by Republican Robert Dold.) Now Quinn has appointed Hames as Director of the Department of Healthcare and Family Services earning $142,000 per year.

2011 losing mayoral candidate Gery Chico (to Obama former Chief of Staff Rham Emanuel) was named Chairman of the Illinois State Board of Education, also an unpaid but high profile position.

Questions remain unanswered as to the Giannoulias relationship and employment by his family’s failed neighborhood bank in Chicago. There certainly must be some financial benefit for these high-profile politicians to take positions that do not pay a salary. Is the Brooklyn Bridge for sale?

When will the suckers (voters) wake-up and demand accountability and responsibility from their elected officials? Maybe the cause is just simply lost and the corrupt rule.


Friday, August 12, 2011


The above title is essentially one of the major problems facing our great democracy today. Where is the budget for the operation of our government from President Obama and the Democrat Party? It is simply absent and does not exist.

With over $14 trillion in debt how can anyone function without a carefully crafted budget in hand without ultimately spending far more than you have in the bank? That is essentially where we are today.

You may remember that in October, 2008, the then Democrat controlled House and Senate could not come to terms on a budget for the year. Since his inauguration in January, 2009 President Obama has submitted one budget which was resoundingly defeated 97-0 in the Senate.

If you Google the question “What are the Republican House budget cut proposals” you will find about twelve different websites with the pros and cons, but the general agreement is that the Republicans have suggested cuts that total $2.5 trillion dollars over ten years. While you can argue the validity of specific suggestions such as Public Broadcasting, Amtrak subsidies, Essential Air Service subsidies, Beach Replenishment, etc. the point is this sure sounds like a good starting point to solve our money problems.

When I learned that we were giving $65 million in aid to China my heart skipped a beat. Checking into the bigger picture of foreign aid I found that it is actually a small portion of our GDP and if you Google the Congressional Research Service Report for Congress you will get some vital information.

The report indicates that foreign aid is only 0.9% of the U.S. budget in 2004. We grant more foreign aid than any other country in the world somewhere in the area of over $13.38 billion. Your Commander suggests that we need a thorough investigation into the spending of our total aid package, especially by the State Department. Cuts of a million here and a million there will add up to significant savings.

Currently we are giving money to countries that work against our interests such as Columbia, China, Russia and heaven knows where else. A good study of all aid is necessary as are the needs for review of all domestic spending.

I truly believe the real savings must come from an objective investigation into the waste, fraud and corruption that exist in the Defense Department and Entitlement programs.

Our economic problems will not be solved by political deals, but must be accomplished by a totally honest objective cost/benefit analysis by Certified Public Accountants. Stop the vote buying and re-election compromises or we are doomed to a real financial calamity.



I do not know about you, but I have been burned by several totally false emails lately, so now I have to check almost each one I receive at, or conduct a Google study to determine its validity. Recently I received one relative to the title of this commentary, and have since learned that it really came from the Arkansas GOP wing and the facts were correct.

Below is a link that provides specific amounts of money contributed to each political party by various union organizations. I have been able to confirm the statistics via other sources.

I have long known that the Democrat Party was in the pocket of the Union movement, but I never realized just how extensive and dominant their influence represented. While the unions spread their money around, the percentage flowing into the Democrat pockets is overwhelming, and in some cases by a staggering factor.

I wonder if union members actually know how much of their money is being splashed around to buy influence. I bet many would like to see some of their dues money flowing back into their own pockets, and not the highly paid union bosses, lobbyists and politicians. Obviously money speaks loudly.



While a growing number of newspaper columnists continue to write highly critical articles relative to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Obama Administration, it is beyond your Commander’s comprehension that Congress has not been called back to Washington. With the growing sounds of deep concern relative to the national economy and massive unemployment how can both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) fail to act in the interest of the American people?

Apparently the need for Reid, Boehner and their respective gangs to raise campaign contributions is more important than doing the peoples business. This arrogance and dereliction of duty is something that the American people should remember when the next General Election occurs in November 2012.

Your Commander watched the Republican debates from Ames, Iowa last evening and felt they were a healthy endeavor to draw out the candidates positions, and ultimately reduce the number of individuals running for the Presidency. I do not think the debates harmed any of the candidates.

Now we must wait until the Congressional and Presidential vacations end and Congress returns after Labor Day for the theatrics to commence with the “Super-Committee” to perform its dance. I suggest that this committee will not accomplish the desired result, because looking at the individuals appointed to the committee I doubt they will ever agree to anything that comes close to solving our economic problems. The Super-Committee appointments are a political farce, and in my opinion will only delay reaching reasonable solutions to our IMMEDIATE needs.

America needs action and bi-partisan solutions NOW, and not at some date that is convenient to the political hacks we elected to serve our interests. We certainly cannot wait until after the November, 2012 election!



Your Commander is reading the latest fictional novel by one of my favorite authors, Brad Thor, titled FULL BLACK. Since I have not finished it this will not be a book review, but I do plan to write one upon completion of Thor’s latest action/adventure thriller.

In the early pages of the story one of the characters makes the following comment:

“I heard a comedian make a pretty good point recently. He said that all members of Congress should be required to wear NASCAR uniforms. You know, the kind with the patches? That way we’d know who was sponsoring each of them. I think he was kidding and we’d never be able to get them to do it, but it’s a great idea and would wake people up in this country instantly.”

All kidding aside, I think that would be a wonderful idea because it would expose the individuals, corporations, and lobbyists who have bought influence and own the obligations of our complicit politicians in Washington. For a long time I have preached that we have to get all the money out of our political system, because it is little more than out-right bribery. “Pay for Play” is killing our democracy and money is at the root of the problem.

Remember, the Founding Fathers were not compromised by anyone trying to buy influence. Washington and our government’s current problem is that they are covered in dirty money and no longer represent us, but whoever or whatever bought their souls.


Thursday, August 11, 2011


For the last couple of days, newspapers and cable news/talk programs have been discussing the Wisconsin recall election results. Clearly the Republican majority was maintained, and the Democrat Party was awarded a staggering defeat.

I use the word staggering, because of the amount of money that was directed to assure a Democrat victory just did not pan out. It is reported that Unions spent over $20 million in the effort to defeat six Republicans in recall elections, and even with that sum they failed to accomplish the goal. I suggest that the people of Wisconsin again clearly spoke.

Take a look at just one of the many very interesting articles recently, this one from The Washington Post:

What I find disturbing is the amount of money that was spent to reaffirm the will of the people of Wisconsin. Between both political parties and the various special interest groups somewhere between $40 and $50 million dollars was spent. This was not a general election, but a special recall election. Surely there were many better uses for this significant sum of money in addressing the people’s immediate needs in Wisconsin.

Accepting the fact that I am not a big supporter of the Unions these days, I would be asking a lot of questions of Union management if I were a Union member.


Wednesday, August 10, 2011


The date August 4, 2011, and the fact that it coincided with President Barack Obama’s 50th birthday, will be long remembered by historians and political pundits. On that date the stock market took a 518 point collapse that represented an international and domestic repudiation of the Obama presidency, his administration, and the failure of Congress to function effectively.

Historians such as Doris Kerns Goodwin and Michael Beschloss will be writing about Obama probably when his term ends, and other historians will be writing about this period of turmoil for decades to come. In an interview on cable last week Doris Kerns Goodwin stated that she felt part of the current economic problems stem from the fact that congeniality has vanished from the Washington political/social scene, and may be the root of ineffective governance.

History has proven that political infighting has long been harsh; however there was far greater civility years ago. Members of Congress were paid less, did not have special health care privileges along with other perks, worked longer hours, more days per week, and were in session more frequently than is the current pattern. Congress usually works two and a half to three days per week when in session and many members then fly out of Washington back to their Districts to raise campaign funds for their re-election campaigns or go on a trip junket that a someone else pays for (think trade associations, lobbyists, etc.)

A perfect example of Congressional ineffectiveness and inefficiency occurred a week ago when they rushed against the clock to resolve the Debt Relief resolution, and adjourned before resolving its differences on the FAA funding. The dash to get on with the Congressional August recess caused the government to lose an estimated $400 million and about 70,000 to temporarily lose their jobs and delay work on many airport projects.

With unemployment above 9%, and jobs being a national priority how could the Members of Congress ignore their responsibility to resolve the FAA debate? When the American people spoke loudly Speaker Harry Reid (D-NV) found a way to resolve the problem after the losses by exercising a Continuing Resolution, which could have already been done to prevent the entire mess to begin with. Now the whole problem will be kicked down the road for another 30 days and the fight will occur all over again when Congress returns.

No wonder 70% of Americans want to clean house in Congress. With the stock market free fall the last three weeks (more than 2,000 points) may indicate he will become a one-term President. No wonder Obama’s hair is getting grayer every day, and if things continue he could be totally gray by November 2012, because he refuses to change his socialist income redistribution, class warfare agenda.

Congress must dramatically reduce the frequency of its vacations, staying in session conducting the vital work of the nation. They cannot govern better if they do not know one another better. Civil rhetoric must prevail and vitriolic comments subside and that just might assist in resolving complicated problems.

A good start would be to keep Congress in session, reduce their travel budget by a minimum of 50% immediately, and cut salaries there by 20%. The voters have been feeling the economic pain for the last ten years (slight or no wage increases, increased health care costs, much higher gasoline costs, food costs, etc.).

I think we should clean the swamp. Hopefully, there are at least a few Members of Congress worth keeping. That is left for voters to decide in next year's primaries and the November 2012 election.



The continuation of the riots across Great Britain should be cause for great concern for everyone in the British Isles and across the entire world. What is happening in the major cities of England can happen anywhere, because of the injustices that occur with many governments and the deteriorating economic and social conditions world-wide.

Tragically I can see riots of the nature occurring in England happening right here in the good old USA, because our government continues to ignore the deep concerns of the public and the stress that the economic crisis is pressing on our daily lives. While Rome burns our politicians are off on vacation and Congress is in recess for the umpteenth time this year.

We have festering immigration issues, massive Medicare and Medicaid waste, fraud and corruption in our welfare programs, while our politicians continue to permit this to occur because they need the votes of these cheaters and criminal elements causing some of our financial woes. Increasingly I hear my fellow Americans repeating the line that made the movie “Network” and Howard Beale (portrayed by Peter Finch) famous, “I’M AS MAD AS HELL, AND I’M NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!”

Someday “they” will not take it anymore, and take to the streets to make their voices heard. I am not the guy in the theatre, who yells FIRE, but we have a growing list of serious problems that our politicians are not confronting and solving and I fear that it will take little to light the fuse of discontent.

It is beyond your Commander’s comprehension that our President, the Leader of the Senate and the Speaker of the House have not called Congress back to Washington to get to work resolving a growing list of economic problems. Are their campaign coffers, junkets (paid for by someone else), and vacations really that important?



With China currently conducting sea trials on its first aircraft carrier it is my opinion that action is not significant to the national defense of the USA by itself. Please take a few minutes to read the informative article that appeared in The Washington Post:

As the article reports, this is China’s only carrier, which is an old retro-fitted Russian carrier, and cannot be considered a substantial factor against America’s eleven aircraft carrier battle groups. The question that I find most interesting is the fact that America is granting financial assistance to China as a developing country while China is buying substantial amounts of American financial instruments and they have an economy growing faster than ours.

Via the internet I learned that the USA has given China $275 million in aid over the last ten years, but China also received between $1.5 and $2.5 billion from international organizations like the World Bank (primarily funded by the USA).

If China can afford to retro-fit an aircraft carrier why are we providing them with financial aid when we are having trouble paying China interest on our increasing debt? Something just does not make one once of sense, but that is a growing condition across this country relative to a number of issues.

Do you agree?


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Recently I have noted that even President Barack Obama’s long supportive New York Times is starting to poise questions relative to the rule of its hero. Have you noticed the mounting criticism by one of Obama’s strongest boosters, sharp tongued Maureen Dowd when she wrote a column titled “Downgrade Blues”? Take a look at this link:

Your Commander suggests that Obama has far more problems than we thought, because his loyal band is starting to fray around the edges. While Obama stooges appearing on Sunday talk shows still blame George Bush and the Tea Party for all of America’s woes, their great leader will always be referred to in history books as the first sitting President to receive a down-grade in the nation’s credit rating.

It is still far too early to count Obama out for re-election, but the early signs of discontent are very evident, and you can even see it on his strident face, and in the graying color of his hair.



In the Sunday issue of the Chicago Tribune there was a short article announcing that Chicago area Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. is going to Israel as a guest of the American Israel Educational Foundation, a privately funded charity. Why?

The article came from the Associated Press and states that the purpose of the eight-day visit is to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders as he discusses what he calls “the quest for a lasting peace in the region.” I thought that was the job being performed by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton on her frequent trips to the Middle East, and not some low-level South Side Chicago political con-man.

Considering the fact that Israel is one of the largest recipients of American foreign aid, this is nothing more than another foreign government charity exerting a direct effort to attract additional dollars from the already overly generous American government. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is nothing but a low level Congressman, and this is an overt effort by Israeli agents to bribe another American Congressmen.

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his fellow members of Congress should be back in Washington addressing America’s economic problems, and not gallivanting all over the world on trips such as this one paid for by recipients of American taxpayer dollars. Israel already receives over $3 billion dollar per year in aid and maybe it is time for them to start sending the good old USA some of our money back to assist our embarrassing self-inflicted economic predicament.

What do you think about these blatant junkets?



With the downing of an American Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan over the weekend and the resulting loss of thirty brave military personnel it is appropriate for all of us to say a special prayer for each of them and their families. On board were 22 Navy Seals, 3 Air Force combat controllers, 1 dog, and 5 Army helicopter crew members as well as several Afghan military personnel.

While we are all concerned about the recent down-grading of the U.S. debt that matter will be hopefully ultimately resolved, but in the meantime we have lost 30 vitally important members of the American community who leave grieving families and friends that no doubt number into the hundreds or perhaps thousands. They deserve our prayers and deepest sympathies.

Maybe, just maybe, this tragic event will finally jar our government and politicians into some definitive action to get our brave men and women out of harms way sooner rather than later, because we have hundreds of thousands of our troops serving under extremely questionable circumstances.

It is your Commander’s personal opinion that had a greater percentage of our politicians shared any experience in the trenches during actual war time there would be far fewer wars that kill and maim our finest.



Reading my copy of the American Patriot’s Almanac yesterday morning I learned that on this date back in 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were hammering out the details for the creation of our new government of the United States. While I cannot reprint the contents of the Almanac I can draw your attention to the works and influences of Madison with the attached link.

As the recognized Father of the Constitution Madison spent his entire life making certain the Constitution worked as intended. He wrote the Federalist Papers, authored the Bill of Rights, and served as a Congressman, Secretary of State and the fourth President of the United States. Not bad for a slight, soft-spoken delegate to the Convention from Virginia.

All Americans owe Madison our sincere deep appreciation and gratitude for his contributions that led to the creation of this great country.



In the on-line edition of the Detroit News I found a totally devastating article addressing the massive waste, fraud and corruption that exists within the Michigan food stamp welfare program. Please take a few minutes to read Paul Egan’s detailed report that indicates that Michigan expects to save $75 million by its actions.

If there are 30,000 college students abusing the Michigan food stamp program, imagine how much additional abuse exists throughout the program that is being utilized by over 2 million Michigan residents. When you read the story of Detroit’s convicted ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick admitting to have abused the Food Assistance Program while a student at Florida A& M, you quickly recognize the scope of waste, fraud and corruption nationwide.

America will not be able to solve its economic problems until our Federal, State and local governments address the massive corruption of the welfare programs that are draining our economy dry. Ten million here and ten million there add up to significant money, and it is essential that politicians recognize we cannot permit them to throw our precious tax dollars away just so they can continue to buy votes from hoards of criminal abusers of our overly generous and corruptible welfare entitlement programs.

Maybe this subject could be another Tea Party agenda priority that could bear fruit and save our great American democracy and economy.


Monday, August 8, 2011


With the United States’ economy tipping toward insolvency how can President Obama and Congress possibly take the entire month of August off for vacation, or as they call it, a recess. Have I lost something relative to this discussion?

The market went down 634 points today and over 1500 points in the last two weeks! Where is our president? He is at a fundraiser tonight for his re-election campaign.

Apparently both the president and Congress find it more important to go off on the campaign trail to raise more money for their individual re-elections (and also work in a couple of weeks of vacation) than it is to address the important issues confronting the nation and the entire world. I thought Obama and Members of Congress took an Oath of Office, but their actions indicate to me that they consider themselves to be privileged individuals who make up their own rules of conduct and totally disregard the interests of the people who elected them to serve.

Just how long will the electorate permit these tin-horn politicians to stick their fingers in our eyes before all sane voters stand-up, and throw them out of office for their dereliction of duty? Arrogance, greed, selfishness, conflict of interest, double standards, corruption, and criminality are words that come to my mind. What are your defining words for their actions?

Surely it must be the Tea Party’s fault that they must take an August vacation. Funny, I don’t recall seeing a mandatory month of August vacation in the Constitution.



Scanning the internet today I ran across a Huffington Post article on AOL titled “Kanye West: ‘People Look At Me…Like I’m Hitler’”. Reading further I learned that West went into a vulgar laced rant during his weekend appearance at the Big Chill music festival in England.

If it were up to me, West would have to seek some other employment, because he would never earn one thin dime if he had to depend on my support. He is nothing but a crude individual that I would shun, because he promotes everything that is bad about society today. He represents nothing of value to the betterment of mankind, and it is beyond my comprehension as to why anyone would pay to see, hear or view his vile sick drivel.

Where are the moral and social values of our entertainers of today? Why would we praise individuals who talk about hanging women and present cannibalism in their video music performances? West is only one of many performers on the stage today that receive praise and adulation from the media and audiences across the country and yet are role models for unacceptable behavior.

No wonder we have our prisons filled with socially unadjusted individuals who are nothing but a total financial burden upon society and our government. Filth fills the airwaves of the American music scene today and it is detrimental to the future of this country.

Why would the Huffington Post even print the story and provide this morally corrupt individual with publicity unless it, too, was complicit. It just proves that large corporations have absolutely no moral compass when they participate in profiting from the promotion of smut.

If Kanye West is an artist, as he claims, then I am the King of Siam.



I spotted this story, which originated at Fox News, and thought you might find it interesting. Here is a link to the short story:

Fortunately the three Mexican nationals were caught and turned over to the U.S. Border Patrol on suspicion of drug smuggling. It will be very interesting to learn just how this case is resolved. Will they simply be released to appear at some future date for an immigration hearing?

This is just one more case of illegal entry into the United States by our neighbors in Mexico. I would have sworn that Head of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano recently said the U.S. border with Mexico was secure. In the meantime, the good old USA has three more mouths to feed with the tab going to the American taxpayer. Thanks, Janet.



Viewing many of the Sunday morning political talk programs, I heard the Democrat talking heads announce that the Tea Party was to blame for the down-grade in the debt rating by Standard & Poor’s. That, perhaps, is one of the most truthful statements the Democrat pundits have rendered in a long time. While the Tea Party was realistically not the sole reason for the down-grade, their influence on the debt ceiling bill was significant.

It is my opinion that the rating service had to act to maintain a shred of creditability in view of their warning to Congress, and correct their earlier failure to act appropriately in the case of AIG, Freddie Mac, Fanny Mae, to name but a few, that led to the beginning of economic crisis.

The Tea Party is a force to be reckoned with in the next election, and it is made up of a varied group of true conservatives, independents, Republicans and even a few former Democrats. The freshmen members of Congress had no choice but to hold their line based upon their election pledge. The next general election will tell us if the Tea Party has legs. I will not be betting against the Tea Party.


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today I watched most of the Sunday morning talk shows and scanned the internet sites for The New York Times, The Washington Post, both the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal,, The Drudge Report, The, and I came to the conclusion that the degree of tension that exists between the Republicans and the Democrats remains at such a high level that we can expect little to be accomplished in the near term.

It is your Commander’s opinion that Standard & Poor’s did the American political system a huge favor in down-grading America’s debt rating. Maybe, just maybe, that action will force politicians to come to the table and work toward the necessary steps to bring order to our financial house.

I further expect to see other rating agencies down-grade our debt and that of several states such as Illinois which in Dec 2009 went from a rating of A1 down to A2 and one month later, Jan, 2010, California went from A to A-. I was shocked to see that is the extent of debt rating for these well known troubled states. In addition there are a number of others in financial trouble.

Permit me to draw your attention to a compelling article from
“What the S&P U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade Means” at this link:

It has never been more evident that American voters must get off their duffs and get actively involved in the electoral process, but first they must determine if they want an America designed by our Founding Fathers or an entitlement dependent Nanny-State that promotes class-warfare and income re-distribution (the apparent Obama Plan-never submitted in writing) instead.

I suggest that we cannot have welfare recipients ruling the direction of this country. The impact of the next general election will indicate the course this country takes for some time to come, but it is up to you and me, all of our working friends, retirees who worked their whole career to preserve the life they lived and were promised to vote. Change will be necessary, but President Obama has never presented to Congress any defined policy.

Your future and mine rests in our hands. Do not permit it to slip away with another political campaign full of vitriol, empty promises, and endless pointless bickering only to find that we are again deceived by a slick-talking politician.


Saturday, August 6, 2011


Today I viewed a TV appearance of Reagan-era economist Arthur Laffer who made a very profound statement, “Borrowed money that fails to build prosperity is wasted borrowing.” Think about that statement in relationship to our country’s current economic problems.

As a way of better understanding Laffer’s economic theories I suggest you take the time to read the explanation of the Laffer Curve Theory that is covered in a lengthy Wikipedia article.

While thinking about Laffer’s statement on borrowing, contemplate the following. It is obvious that we are borrowing massive amounts of money to support our government’s growing obligations to entitlement programs, which are unsustainable at the current level of spending. If you borrow money that is not contributing to productivity there is the cost of borrowing, and there is the secondary cost of repaying that debt. If the borrowed money contributes to productivity there will be the generation of additional tax revenue, which will then lessen the burden of additional borrowing, and ease the ability to repay the original loan.

Let’s not forget that Congress has been borrowing from Social Security since the early 1970s, issued IOUs, and has not repaid a penny. Congress claims that Social Security is an entitlement, yet haven’t we been paying into it? What would happen if the American public called those IOUs and demanded the fund be repaid with interest? Then we could talk about how much of the plan is earned vs. how much is entitlement.

Currently we are borrowing money and entitlement programs (Medicare, working people and retirees pay into that too, Medicaid, etc.) are growing at such a rate that we cannot keep up with the repayment demands, because the hole just gets deeper and deeper and is thus unsustainable. One problem is that people who pay nothing into the programs receive benefit of the programs. Another is that only 50% of the population pays taxes…meaning that only one half of the people of this country raise the money to support our government.

The theory outlined in the Laffer Curve clearly debunks the current Administration’s concepts of increasing taxation of the most prosperous percentage of the American public. What we cannot afford to have is 50% of the American people paying zero tax dollars. Every single American must and should have SKIN IN THE GAME. Freedom is not free.



Over the weekend I received an email that really puts the recent Federal Budget deal into perspective and drives the depth of the problem right into American homes. I cannot verify all of these numbers, but you will get the picture:

"2011 Federal Budget Deal"

Federal Budget: $ 3,820,000,000,000 (3.82 Trillion)
Income: $ 2,170,000,000,000 (2.17 Trillion)
New Debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000 (1.65 Trillion)
Amount Cut: $ 38,500,000,000 (38.5 Billion) – about 1% of the total budget.

National Debt Total: $ 14,271,000,000,000 before this year’s budget.

Harry Reid is calling this a “historic amount." The President said it is a “historic deal.”
John Boehner simply said, “We’ve come to an agreement.”

Let’s Put This In Perspective. It helps me to think about these numbers in terms that we can relate to.

Let’s remove eight zeroes from those numbers and pretend this is a household budget for the fictitious Jones family.

Amount of money the “Jones’s family spent this Year: $ 38,200

Total income for the “Jones’s family this Year: $ 21,700

Amount of new debt added to the credit card this Year: $ 16,500

Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710

New outstanding balance on credit card: $159,210

So last week, the “Jones’s” sat down at the kitchen table and agreed to cut $385 from their yearly budget. "A historic amount!”

How can our government question why Standard & Poor’s downgraded our debt? Need I say more?


Friday, August 5, 2011


Yesterday’s on-line edition of the Chicago Sun-Times contained a lead article announcing the fact that Ald. Edward M. Burke’s Chicago Police Department bodyguards cost $600,000 per year. Please take a look at the entire article using this link:

Two very important points jump off the pages of this report. First, why are multiple body guards earning $133,000-$150,000 per year not counting health and pension benefits costs? Secondly, the cost of Burke’s police protection does not include the cost of the City owned automobile and chauffer he uses. The cost to Chicago taxpayers over 30 years is staggering.

While I have never been a big booster of newly elected Mayor Rahm Emanuel, because of his foul-mouth elbow throwing reputation as a no holds barred political operative, I must give him credit for aggressively attacking the massive waste, fraud and corruption that has been rampant under the many years of the Daley family rule. Chicago’s financial position is so desperate that Emanuel has little choice but to clean up the situation with dramatic cuts that will make him few friends in the huge Chicago union movement that profited under a cozy relationship during the Daley dynasty.

It is time for your Commander to give the devil his due, and grant Mayor Emanuel “A” for effort during the early days of his Chicago reign.



Permit me to draw your attention to an article that appeared on the Newsessentials Blog back on May 4th that announced the fact that our government had identified 12,200 unnecessary buildings. Here is the link:

What struck your Commander is why any entity would have 12,200 unnecessary buildings unless they were flush with money or brain dead. Maybe this waste and inefficiency is part of the root of our current economic crisis. Personally I believe that it is simply an example of the inefficiency of political modus operandi.

It will be interesting to learn just how long it takes the government to rid itself of the real estate that represents a massive drain on our economy and federal debt. It would be very interesting to learn if anyone owns leases and if anyone other than government profits from the ultimate sale, which certainly could be another tale of waste, fraud and corruption over a period of many years.


Thursday, August 4, 2011


Like millions of my fellow Americans I watched the U.S. Senate vote on the debt relief legislation and was pleasantly surprised to see the proposal pass with substantially favorable support, roughly 75 vs. 25 votes. The American economy simply cannot and should not fall into default, and the people spoke. Shortly after the passage of the legislation President Obama stepped into the Rose Garden at the White House to announce to the American people that it is time for every American to chip in and sacrifice for the good of the country.

These words are a paraphrase, but I am very close to what he actually said. When he made that remark I almost fell out of my Lazy-Boy chair. Just when and where did he “chip in,” and what has he and his family done to sacrifice for the good of the country?

For Obama, who claims that his top priority is jobs, he has certainly set a very poor example. All the president has proven to be effective at is adding expense to the function of our government, and “living large” at the expense of the American taxpayer since he took office. How about his wife and daughter’s recent very expensive journey to South Africa, or last year’s Spain sojourn with the youngest daughter?

No sooner had the debt relief bill been signed, Obama flew off for a very expensive trip to Chicago to celebrate his 50th birthday, and a series of fund raisers; one of which reportedly will cost the attendee’s over $30,000 per person. Apparently re-election has priority over the creation of jobs. Think Obamacare and what it is going to cost the taxpayers.

What sacrifice has the President and his family made during these times of severe economic stress. How about reducing the size of Obama’s staff of un-necessary Czar’s who duplicate the work of the Secretaries of each department in the Executive Branch. How about a reduction in the size of the staff attending to the whims and wishes of the First Lady?

Obama and the entire Congress should spend the month of August doing the work they were sent to Washington to perform. I don’t recall reading anything in The Constitution that requires the nation’s government to take the entire month of August off for vacation. By the way, The Constitution did not give the rest of us that luxury either.

Another part of the Rose Garden speech that caused my heart to skip a beat were his remarks recommending the need to tax the rich even before he signed an agreement. He knew he had to sign the agreement, and spoke out of two sides of his mouth; a situation he explores each passing day.

If Obama was really interested in jobs, he could quickly start solving the problem with two simple phone calls; one to the Secretary of Energy, and the other to the Chairman of the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). Obama could order drilling for oil in the Gulf, off-shore, on-shore, and in Alaska immediately under strict guidelines. He could tell the NLRB to permit Boeing to open their plant in South Carolina and both actions would immediately add thousands of domestic American jobs, which would greatly add employment and tax revenue. Instead, Obama goes off on another vacation and thousands of Americans linger on the unemployment roles at great expense to all American taxpayers.

Tragically for the interests of this great country, President Obama was elected on a platform of HOPE, CHANGE, and TRANSPARENCY. He has not delivered so much as one of those promises. He clearly had only one real motivation from the beginning and that was to be re-elected at any cost to the American taxpayer. It is becoming more and more obvious to a growing number of people that we just cannot afford Barack Hussein Obama to be president any longer. It is injurious to my financial health and to the financial health of Americans.

Our president does not understand regular American life today. But why should he…his upbringing, education, and time as a “community organizer” has only taught him about the exaggerated role of entitlements in this country.