Sunday, October 23, 2011


I ran across another disturbing article on the web site that drew my attention to a new fiasco emanating from the Obama stimulus bill. $529 million dollars was awarded by the Energy Department to Fisker Karma to manufacture electric automobiles. It has now been determined that the company plans to assemble the cars in Finland and not in the USA.

The purpose of the stimulus bill was to create jobs in this country and now Fisker Karma reports that there are no contract manufacturers in the US that can produce their vehicles, and they say that none of the money loaned will be spent in Finland. I say…pay back the loan immediately!

Apparently there was little or no due diligence conducted by the Energy Department just as was the case in the Solyndra deal that was revealed a month or so ago.

What is interesting in this latest debacle is that Al Gore is an investor in the Fisker Automotive venture, and thus political connections seem to have influenced this huge financial grant. Here is a link to the details:

It took a day or two before major news outlets finally picked up the story. Does that surprise you?

For a president, who promised total transparency and ethical change in his administration, to have these “business as usual” deals is disappointing to say the least. Obama should hang his head in shame because more of his political corruption, lies to America, and “Chicago ways” are revealed daily.


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