Monday, October 17, 2011


Recently I sent a copy of a recent Washington Times editorial to many of my friends addressing the recent retirement of General David H. Petraeus from active-duty service in the U.S. Army. I received a substantial response with a wide array of favorable comments. As a result, I want to share this important editorial with a wider audience and thus I am presenting the attached link to the editorial for your review.

General Petraeus is one of our most accomplished General Officers, and has served his country as few others have ever done since our country’s founding. We owe this man a great deal and I am certain he has much to further contribute to our country in the years ahead.

For the record I totally agree with the thrust of the Times editorial and I want to share one of the responses I received from one of my email recipients:

“The king never acknowledges the knight who might be king.” (I do not know the origin of my friend’s line.)


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