Thursday, October 13, 2011


With the announcement that the first two weeks of the National Basketball Association’s season is being cancelled, because the Player’s Union and the NBA Team Owners cannot reach a new contract agreement, there is a very appropriate opinion article on the web site.

It is your Commander’s personal opinion that Ben Shapiro’s article hits the nail on the head, and I could care less if the NBA plays any games in the coming year. It is totally the fault of the Players’ Union and its spoiled, over-paid members that this impasse has developed, but the Owners are not without blame either. The Owners agreed over a long period of time to pamper and pay excessive and obscene amounts of money to the players, which then caused the fans to pay ridiculous ticket prices.

The only way this problem will be resolved is for the fans to wake-up and stop buying tickets for the over-priced games. When the ticket sales falter the message will be sent loud and clear. The business model in all sports is being broken, and quickly reaching an irreparable level.

It would be wise to let these pampered players go overseas to play for lesser amounts of money with their unruly, blood-sucking posses. Quickly they will find that living in a foreign country is not all it is cracked-up to be, especially when the legal systems puts them in the slammer and not permit them to buy their way out of their frequent troubles.

Sports in general are facing a day of reckoning across the board, because excessive profits and greed are dictating ticket prices that are over-the-top. Someday somebody is going to understand that there is just so much milk in the cow, and I believe we are very close to the point that we just may see attendance beginning to erode. Just consider the influence of financial greed has had in the restructuring of collegiate football conferences and my point is established.

As far as your Commander is concerned all sports fans would be best served in the long-run if the entire NBA season were cancelled. You will quickly see those pampered players demanding their overpaid Union leadership get back to the table with the team owners. I would hope the Owners have the foresight to tell the pups to go back to Europe and find a job that pays them what they are really worth…much less for just playing a game.

It would be wise for both sides in this fandango to remember the ancient Chinese proverb; “A rat who gnaws at a cat’s tail invites destruction.”


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RobnTeegsMom said...

I completely agree. I heard this on the radio and thought the same thing!