Thursday, October 6, 2011


While every single newspaper and electronic media outlet are running constant coverage on the return of Amanda Knox to Seattle from years of confinement in Italy your Commander is troubled. While the world-wide media treats Knox as a returning heroine released from an inept Italian court system and jail, the fact remains that a young girl and former Knox roommate, Meredith Kercher, is dead. No one seems to be paying attention at this time to addressing a thorough re-investigation and resolution of that vicious criminal incident.

Everyone is concerned about which American television network will get the first exclusive interview with Amanda Knox, who will get the book deal, who will get movie rights about the incident, etc. What is missing is the question that keeps coming to my mind: I do not believe that Amanda Knox is totally innocent in this case. Do you?

Literally millions of dollars have been spent and families have been destroyed by a vicious action by one or more individuals, but the real answers remain to be revealed. In the meantime, I would prefer to see this young woman left alone, and not exploited into some rock-star like status until all the answers are known, beyond a reasonable doubt.

Whatever happened that night in Perugia, Italy back in 2009 only Amanda and her boyfriend Rafaele Sollecito really know. There is great doubt in my mind that Amanda Knox is totally innocent, but only she and perhaps Sollecito know that. I believe Knox knows something about this crime. I suggest that it would be totally inappropriate to jump to conclusions, but we should permit Knox to live with her innocence or guilt. We and the media should stay out of this story.

Amanda Knox has paid a terrible price for that night, and she will continue to pay a devastating penalty for that night in Perugia the rest of her life. Only God can judge and apply the appropriate consequences to this disturbing incident. Considering we do not really know all the facts in this tragic case, who are we to judge?


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