Saturday, October 29, 2011


I recently received an email with this title and when I hit the link and inserted the necessary data I obtained some very interesting but also somewhat disturbing information about myself and the life I have lived.

That day I learned I have been on the face of this earth for 29,231 days or 4,175 weeks and 6 days, I was born on a Monday, my last birthday occurred on a Wednesday, and God willing my next one will be on a Friday. If that kind of specific data is intriguing to you than hit this link:

When I thought about the information reported for me I was somewhat disturbed. It feels like I have wasted one hell of a lot of time, and I better get busy accomplishing the many things that I want to do before I have “part two of the big one.” I suspect the information will affect everyone differently, but it sure gave me pause to think about my temporary journey on this planet.

Have a great day and be certain to not waste one single minute that you’re granted to achieve something of significance for the betterment of your family or mankind in general.


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