Saturday, October 15, 2011


When I was a young man growing up in Chicago I was a huge fan of the Cowboy and Indian syndicated radio programs that featured the big heroes of the day such as Gene Autry, Tom Mix and Roy Rogers to name a few. When television came along the westerns and other radio programs migrated to the new medium, first in black and white and eventually in color.

When the forces of evil would strike, the local Sheriff would organize a posse to help him go after the bad guys and in some cases to fight off Indians. It should be remembered that the Indians were never given a chance of prevailing, with the exception of General Custer’s ill-advised encounter at the Little Big Horn River. The stories always emphasized that good won out over evil and it was an honor to serve as a member of a posse.

Over the passage of several decades the word ‘posse’ has taken a distinctly different connotation. Today a posse is associated with the hangers-on that prevail around movie stars, sports personalities, drug dealers, politicians, gang members, and phony self-appointed celebrities such as Snooki, the Situation, or the likes of Paris Hilton.

Considering the above, I ask myself …What in the hell has happened to this once great country to now consider the likes of those mentioned above as some one to hold-up as role models and individuals to be respected and idolized. The word posse no longer carries one single ounce of respectability or creditability and is now a word that I find most disturbing and disgusting.

The posse of this century should be shunned and abandoned for the good of this country and the entire planet. Where have respectability, responsibility, creditability and earned achievement gone? In my personal myopic opinion the members of today’s posses should be totally ignored and discredited, because they contribute absolutely nothing to the enjoyment and appreciation of life’s wonderful adventure.

This entire rant has developed out of my recent commentary on the current National Basketball Association owner’s absurd negations with the Players’ Union, but I believe a majority of clear thinking humans will agree with my position to ignore today’s posses and the NBA. It is certainly in the best interest of this country that we return to the original definition of posse and do everything necessary to eliminate, totally ignore, and discredit the current ilk.


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