Saturday, October 15, 2011


Your Commander is very concerned with the announcement that President Barack Hussein Obama has sent 100 American special operations troops into Uganda and adjacent African countries to stop the Lord’s Resistance Army. This band of killers has been running around parts of Africa for years and has been indicted by The International Criminal court on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Here are the details in an article that is heavy on rationalizing Obama’s action from The Washington Post:

There are numerous articles in other media outlets such as The and, but most of them simply announce the decision and action.

Personally your Commander is deeply concerned that this commitment has a very similar sound to the one we heard decades ago when then President John F. Kennedy sent Green Berets into Viet Nam to train and assist the South Viet Nam government, and you know what happened from that decision. I ask the question, why are we sending troops in a second time to Uganda to resolve the actions of mad-man Joseph Kony?

Where are the United Nations, NATO or any of the many African countries who have a far greater national interest than the United States? Already it has been announced that our troops have the authorization to deploy into South Sudan, the Central African Republic and Congo. I suggest here we go again sticking our nose into someone’s business that should be the responsibility of regional authorities. Why is the USA taking on another very expensive military venture?

Why can’t the vast oil revenues flowing into many corrupt African countries be directed to resolving this African problem? We have already wasted $40 million since 2008 with Central African governments in an attempt to address this issue. Now we are going in again for God knows how much more money and American lives.

Of deep concern to your Commander is President Obama’s attention to solving international problems before addressing ours and this action is a perfect example. My thesis is supported by Dr. Charles Krauthammer’s reported thoughts that Obama does not see himself as President of the United States, but more as a ruler over the world.

Your Commander contends that President Obama should tend to his knitting right here in the USA. It is clearly time to address the lingering economic havoc that exists and the staggering unemployment statistics that he promised would be solved by his economic stimulus package, which has proven to be a failure. I do not want to see one more American soldier killed or wounded nation-building in some God-forsaken land when we have important business to attend to right here in our own country.

Your priorities, Mr. President, are being exposed by your actions and personal agenda of self-aggrandizement.


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