Monday, May 31, 2010


That is the title to a very interesting article written by Charles Krauthammer dated May 28th, which appeared in many newspapers around the country and on As I have stated before, although he is considered a conservative, it is your Commander’s opinion that Krauthammer is one of the most level headed analyzers of political commentary on the horizon today. Here is the link to his column:,_anyway

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico will have long lasting consequences to our entire country, but currently the emotional commentaries are all too frequently totally missing the real issues. Krauthammer cuts through all the huff and puff of both sides of this devastating accident. Clearly, there is plenty of blame to pass around, but few realistic answers for a prompt conclusion.



In August it will be fifty-six years since I was discharged from the Regular United States Air Force having just returned from serving with the 5th Air Force in Korea. It is very hard to believe that so much time has flown by and so many important events have transpired in my life. I have much to appreciate and each year I make it a special point to salute all my fellow veterans, especially those who gave their full measure protecting our great country.

While millions of Americans celebrate this date with picnics or short three-day vacations, please take a few minutes to give a special prayer to all the men and women serving around the world today on our behalf. They will not be attending a cook-out or swim at the lake, but are protecting our freedom 24-7.

This morning when I read the on-line edition of The New York Times I almost fell off my desk chair when I read Maureen Dowd’s column “Once More, With Feeling,” because she stated several strong comments about President Obama, among them, “He’s spending the holiday weekend in Chicago when he should be commemorating Memorial Day here with the families of troops killed in battle and with veterans at Arlington Cemetery.”

We veterans do not seek any special treatment for our service, because it was our honor and privilege to serve our country, but we do not want our president to disrespect our fallen fellow service personnel as he has done by his action this date. Veterans are proud to be Americans, and we apologize to no one for our country’s actions. All military veterans of this great country should retain a strong and lasting memory of President Obama’s priorities in November and again in November, 2012.




Recently the City Fathers of South Bend, Indiana announced they conducted a survey that indicated there was a promising economic future for the city. This position is and has been heralded by the Mayor, City Council, St. Joseph County Board, Project Future, and their cronies at the West Side Democrat Club (one of the homes of Dingus Day political gatherings).

When I read those announcements and promotional self-congratulation palaver it struck me as totally ignoring the proven facts regarding the current economic climate in the northern part of Indiana. Tragically, the community is experiencing one of the highest unemployment rates in the nation, failing schools, a dysfunctional school board, budget and pension fund shortfalls, growing crime, runaway taxation, and governmental leadership with little or no understanding of economic realities.

Then comes along a reader poll in the local “Trumpet of Truth” (South Bend Tribune) which asks the question…

“Do you agree with the results of a recent survey that said 70 percent of people are optimistic about the economic future of South Bend?”

While the poll is not statistically sound, it does provide an indication of the public sentiment, and they clearly do not agree with the optimism of the local government’s mouth pieces. In the 4/20 issue of the paper the poll indicates that 28% agree and a staggering 72% disagree with their elected officials’ pronouncements.

Here we go with another clear example of a disconnect between the taxpayers and their elected or appointed government leadership. With that in mind I ask you…How do these politicians keep their jobs and keep getting re-elected?

Do you suppose our government officials do not read the local newspaper, or are they just ignoring their constituents’ concerns? The disconnect between our local government and the citizens is that the former thinks they are not hurting economically and the latter who feeds the trough are being bleed dry.


Sunday, May 30, 2010


On the chance that you missed it, I want to call to your attention an excellent article with the above title written by noted political observer Peggy Noonan in a recent edition of The Wall Street Journal. While I happen to totally agree with the conclusions expressed by Noonan, it is my opinion that she hits the nail on the head relative to President Barack Obama’s political long-term viability.

Take a look at her WSJ opinion piece:

Since the publication of Noonan’s work, the growing fiasco of a job offer to Cong. Joe Sestak (D-PA) by ex-President Bill Clinton at White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel’s urging, has broken into full bloom. While I believe that illegal action took place, I suspect that this skullduggery will be swept under the rug by Obama’s Justice Department.

This bit of political theatre could be the last straw with the voting public as far as President Barack Obama’s creditability and pledge of transparency is concerned. I see the escalating possibility of a one-term Presidency for the practitioners of Chicago-style politics. As of today, President Obama has precious little creditability with the American voting public.



This will be a short and very direct commentary, because I must say it quickly before my blood boils.

Don’t you just love to hear the pronouncements of some prominent voices, particularly in Washington, calling for income redistribution because it will be good and just for mankind? Don’t you find it interesting that these liberal-socialist wacko’s all have well-established insulated personal financial circumstances that their action plan will not affect.

Do you really think it is OK for you and me to give what we have worked all our lives to accumulate to some jerk who has existed all or a good part of his/her life on welfare and other entitlement programs due to vote-buying political parties? You know the names…Hilliary and Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Barack Obama, to name just a few who are all professional, well-healed hypocrites.



My reading has slipped over the past few weeks, but I am catching up and have just finished a very interesting historical review titled “A NATION RISING, the Untold Tales of Flawed Founders, Fallen Heroes, and Forgotten Fighters from America’s Hidden History” by Kenneth C. Davis. He is a New York Times bestselling author of "America’s Hidden History" and "Don’t Know Much About History."

I salute Davis for his comprehensive research, but repeatedly he draws comparisons with the recent Bush Administration in very negative ways exposing a very liberal Democrat bias, which you may find appropriate or not. Davis covers the trial of Aaron Burr, slavery, frightful racial and religious persecution, and the many untold stories of injustice perpetrated upon the Native American Indians, and he does a thorough job of destroying the reputation of President Andrew Jackson as well.

Clearly African Americans received unjust treatment in their American journey, but they should be thankful they were originally brought to the American shore. What was done by the immigrated white inhabitants to the Native American Indians remains even more troubling. Davis’s work deserves wide reading and exposure because he reveals numerous troubling examples of unjust behavior during the early years of the American experience. Your Commander has read many American history books, and never before heard of most of these well-documented examples of American injustice.



If you paid your taxes on April 15th as we did then you are part of the 53% of the American people who contributed to the financial foundation of the United States of America. I am proud to be part of that over-burdened, over-taxed group.

It is my personal opinion that the United States of America is quickly going down a road to financial insolvency when 47% of our citizens fail to pay any federal income tax. Apparently we are on the brink of having more than half of the population joining the ranks of the entitled that live, breed and thrive on the backs of those who work to meet their financial responsibility as citizens of this great country.

It is becoming obvious to your Commander that he is part of a soon to be shrinking minority who feels it is an honor to contribute to the future of this country and maintain sound financial policies. It is further your Commander’s personal opinion that every single citizen should contribute financially to establish and maintain a sound economic basis for our country. That includes infants, young, old, rich and poor.

Just imagine if every single citizen of this country contributed just $10.00 each year to our tax coffers. Our tax codes need to be totally reviewed and all of the special interest tax loop holes eliminated. It is not fair for individuals who make millions to end up paying absolutely no tax, and it is equally unfair for anyone to live here totally tax-free.

We all hold responsibility for this situation, because we elected the individuals who created the current tax inequities. It is thus up to us to fire those who do not address an equitable distribution of tax obligations.

Yes, we are the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, but your Commander strongly feels there is absolutely no justification for a free ride here. While I once had sympathy for the entitlement crowd, I now feel most are the enemy of our quality of life and they must step forward and carry their fair share of the burden of life’s struggles. Programs like unemployment compensation, Medicaid, welfare, etc. were created to help people for a while. Instead, these programs have become a way of life for far too many and now continue for generations!

Dream on Commander! Just where are we going to find the politicians with the back bone and guts to address the tax inequities seriously and objectively?


Sunday, May 23, 2010


Maybe it is just because I am getting old, but I have come to the conclusion that the American value system is quickly plunging to hell in a hand-basket. Immediately my children and grand-children say come on Dad or Grandpa, “Get with it.” Well I think I am on the right course of thinking, but only time will tell.

Just consider the adulation we swamp on celebrities these days. Personally, I think it is misplaced in most cases, and totally unjustified in a growing number of situations. Why do we continue to see our media report on the disgraced ex-Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer? He is a scum-bag and should be totally ignored. Don’t you wonder why Spitzer is not in jail?

Why does the main-stream media continue to write and report fawningly about ex-President William Jefferson Clinton who brought world-wide embarrassment to the United States presidency, his integrity, and honesty? Why does the world press continue to cover the recent arrest of child molester Roman Polanski? The scum should be in jail and totally ignored for the rest of his life.

West Coast media organization TMZ exists and thrives solely on its coverage of movie and television stars making fools of themselves or even committing criminal acts. Who cares and why? For instance Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears…do you really care if you ever see or hear of them again? If we were to ignore jerks of this ilk, it is your Commander’s position that society and the world would all be much better off.

While I still consider myself to be a Christian and a believer in turning the other cheek along with forgiveness, there is a point at which some individuals no longer deserve our sympathy, because their transgressions are just so egregious.

This commentary could run on for many pages, but in the interest of brevity let me suggest that some societies have it right when they just SHUN those individuals who all on their own have destroyed their lives, so why should they continue to be idolized. To ignore and isolate these individuals would be a justified penalty, which withdraws the praise and adulation they thrive upon. I suggest that we are naive to give them another pass, because the overwhelming majority of them will just stick their finger in someone’s eye again.



For several years I am more and more concerned about the impact of illegal drugs and gang activity in our country. I am convinced that our political leadership really does not want to totally stop the drug trade and the gang inter-relationship.

There have been many books written and documentaries produced that clearly establish the close ties between drugs and gangs, but they continue to flourish and even grow yearly. Some of our major cities are essentially ruled by one or two gangs and it is proven that they continue to operate behind the walls of some of our major federal, state, and municipal prisons.

Just this week a friend gave me a suggestion that at first blush sounds totally off the wall, but upon further reflection it makes some sense to eradicate both problems once and for all times. There is one thing that permits these two vicious evils to exist, and if we could eliminate it we could permanently destroy the drug trade and gangs at their core.

In a nut shell, take all the PAPER MONEY out of circulation in the US, and go to a total credit or debit card based economy. This would destroy the focal point of both of these illegal and unethical criminal activities. Without paper money the drug trade and gangs would cease to thrive and eventually exist. Will it happen? I doubt it, because I really think the fix is in with our various levels of government. We know that gangs and government are closely inter-related especially in the big cities, because they feed off each other.

Just imagine for one minute all the benefits to mankind that would be accrued if both illegal drugs and gangs were to go away forever. One wonders if any group of politicians would, and could move such a concept forward successfully. This just may be something that should have legs for careful thought and consideration.

Think about it, because it may just be the answer to two of the most insidious problems facing life around the world today.



This past week I was drawn to a very interesting and revealing report from Judicial Watch regarding corrupt politicians. Judicial Watch claims to promote “integrity, transparency and accountability in government, politics, and the law.” Frankly, I am surprised that this esteemed organization could limit its list of corrupt politicians to only ten, but life is full of surprises these days.

While I will list the ten names below you can go to the original article now and I suggest you enhance the print size to ease reading:

1. Senator Christopher Dodd (D-CT)
2. Senator John Ensign (R-NV)
3. Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA)
4. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner
5. Attorney General Eric Holder
6. Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-IL)/ Senator Roland Burris (D-IL)
7. President Barack Obama
8. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA)
9. The late Rep. John Murtha (D-PA) and the rest of the PMA Seven
10. Rep. Charles Rangel (D-NY)

I am certain that you have heard some of this disgusting information before, but it is enlightening to see all this corruption authenticated. One should ask, “Just how did these rascals get into such high positions of authority?” Obviously we have no one to blame but ourselves because we voted them in, often frequently, and failed to object to their elevation.

Why do we let this happen? Do you suppose the voter’s motives are just as corrupt as they are because of the pork they can deliver to their states?


Thursday, May 20, 2010


While sitting comfortably in my lazy-boy chair yesterday I was shocked to hear Fox News Host Neil Cavuto’s commentary giving Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal a supportive pass after The New York Times revelation that he had lied about his military service record on a documented number of occasions. I almost strained my back jumping up to attention when Cavuto said that he did not think Blumenthal’s actions were so bad. Give me a break, Cavuto!

It is your Commander’s strong opinion that Richard Blumenthal should be totally rejected by the voters of Connecticut in his race to become the next Senator from that state in the November 2010 election. Blumenthal has confirmed the he DID misspeak on a "few" occasions regarding the facts presented in The New York Times, which claimed that Blumenthal lied repeatedly about his military service in Viet Nam.

In an over the top staged press conference in a Connecticut Veterans of Foreign Wars building, Blumenthal had the utter gall to challenge anyone questioning his service to his country. No one challenged his record...just his view of it. He never served in Viet Nam and never served anywhere outside of the continental US. In view of the fact that Blumenthal lied repeatedly that he served in Viet Nam, he is a total hypocrite and no longer deserves the support of his state’s voting citizens. Blumenthal claimed that he “MISSPOKE,” but the truth of the matter is that he chose to do so repeatedly to benefit his political career. MISSPOKE, my toosh!

Apparently Blumenthal has strongly supported Veteran issues in the past, but that does not permit him to use Veterans to benefit his political aspirations on the basis of a phony resume. I will be shocked if the Veterans and citizens of Connecticut do not rise up and disavow this mendacious politician.

As a proud Regular United States Air Force veteran who served IN Korea, I do not want a known liar sitting in the United States Senate for one minute. To lie about one’s service to our country is, to me, an unforgivable offense. It is my plea that veterans across America rise up and challenge Blumenthal’s campaign. It pains me, but I salute the liberal leaning New York Times for its exposure of this scum-bag politician.

Your Commander was also so shocked by Fox News Channel's Neil Cavuto commentary about the Blumenthal press conference that I sent him an e-mail this morning telling him that I will find it difficult to view his programing in the future (or at least for a while). Cavuto in essence said about the Blumenthal matter, who really cares about his misstatements…after all he did serve on a US base in the Marine Reserves. Excuse me, Neil Cavuto, that still does not mean “I served in Viet Nam.” I am certain that Cavuto will not lose any sleep over my action, but his stupidity and unwarranted support cannot go without my voice being heard. What Cavuto and Blumenthal do not realize is that the American public is sick and tired of giving political hacks a pass and we demand accountability.



This week the 2010 copy of the local Yellow Pages Telephone Book was dropped at the door. When I replaced the 2009 copy with this new one, I noticed that it was ONE-HALF the size of the previous edition. This surprising difference proves to me that the expansion of our use of electronic information has proven to be a blessing for our massive consumption of trees for paper stock production.

Some day in the not so distant future our children and/or grandchildren will tell of the time when there was a telephone book, and those kids will look at them questioning what could that have been, because there will no longer be any telephone books in their lives. That is one step of progress that will be beneficial for everyone concerned. When is the last time you looked up a telephone number in the Yellow Pages? We occasionally go to the old fashioned book, but more often revert to our computer for that information, and I bet you do too.

While we old timers frequently and irrationally tend to fight change and innovation, this is a positive step impacting every one of us. Some change is good, but please don’t tell President Barack Hussein Obama that I said that, because he will consider that to be my endorsement of his CHANGE. WRONG!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010


From the very first day I heard of Barack Hussein Obama I was led to believe that he was a very intelligent individual; at least that is what the main-stream media had been trumpeting. As time passes and Obama’s presidency establishes a track-record, I am becoming certain that he is clearly not as smart as most want us to believe. Certainly Obama’s inexperience is showing.

While Obama continues to blame everyone but himself for every single occurrence since his inauguration the chickens are coming home to roost. Obama’s total ignorance of the looming financial crisis is shocking, and he has the arrogance to continue announcing more and more spending programs, which leads me to believe that he thinks he can spend his way out of the financial crisis. Apparently he did not register for even introductory economics classes at Occidental, Harvard or the University of Chicago.

The new administration has growing time bombs on the horizon beyond the wars in the Middle East. Since Obama announced the closing of Guantanamo, that action has proven to have been a rush to judgment, and an issue he continues to avoid or back-peddle from. Recent initial statements on the Arizona immigration Bill are clearly political, and geared to attract votes and support from Hispanics and the illegal ilk. Continuing, Obama has a burgeoning problem with Attorney General Eric Holder’s repeated ill-advised statements, such as his recent admission that he has not even read the Arizona immigration bill, while taking a strong stand against it by playing the race card.

Also, former Arizona Governor, now Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano has also admitted to not having read the Arizona bill. Can you believe it?

In my opinion Obama should fire both Holder and his Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, whose department failed to properly regulate BP before its off-shore oil drilling spill, for lack of competency. Napolitano should then be the next to go.

While Obama did not start the war in Afghanistan, he now owns it by clearly taking responsibility with his escalation and commitment to partner with the corrupt leader of that government. Your Commander has reluctantly come to the conclusion that the United States and the United Nations should pull all troops out of Afghanistan immediately.

We should do this simply because we cannot afford to continue to fight a war that cannot be won fighting a “nice” war. Obama and his academic, politically correct, no military experience policy maker team have placed many restrictions on the battle plan. Any veteran will tell you there are no “nice” wars, and you must pursue a policy of whatever it takes to win or the enemy will endure in the long-term. Academics and politicians create wars, and experienced professional military people fight and win wars.

Obama apparently defies and ignores the fact that Afghanistan led to the demise of the Soviet Union and it could do the same to the good old USA. As Al Neuharth, USA Today founder and frequent columnist, has stated, “Here is the price tag so far for our continuing Afghan misadventure: 976 U.S. Military deaths, $346 billion expense. Those billions shockingly total about the same as the combined 2010 federal budget for these seven major departments: Health and Human Services; Transportation; Veterans Affairs; State; Education; NASA; Labor. Instead of recognizing a costly mistake and getting out, Obama is doubling down. It’s his war now. I voted for Obama for president. But.”

Obama continues to ignore the long combative history of the region and continues to pour the lives of our finest down a deep rat-hole, supporting a corrupt government, a drug invested economy, an Afghan Army that is incompetent, a compromised battle plan, and a depleted check book. Has our president and staff not read of the hordes who have failed repeatedly over centuries in this vast wasteland? Does Obama not recognize that Iran is supporting a similar operation as outlined in the book “Charlie Wilson’s War” against our country?

Your Commander suggests that we get out before one more American life is wasted in this arm pit of the world. It is time to stop spending money we do not have in our vaults. We always have the fail-safe option to go back to bomb any threatening elements into oblivion with our BIG STICK defensive capabilities. Remember the saying that defines American independence and freedom, “Don’t Tread On Me.”



This morning opened with a bright shining sun and pleasant spring temperatures, but once I heard the newscasts and read my newspaper I was forced to take not one, but two Tums for the tummy.

The news of Congressman Mark Souder’s (D-IN) resignation after being caught in a sexual scandal, followed by Connecticut State Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s admission that he MISSPOKE (oh, really!) about his service in Viet Nam, the voter repulsion of untrustworthy Senator Arlen Specter (D-PA), and the announcement that CNN is considering shamed sex craving ex-New York Governor Eliot Spitzer as host of a talk show made your Commander run for the bottle of Tums. I just wanted to puke.

The best thing that can happen to these despicable politicians is that they be totally ignored, and I would even suggest that they be shunned. They do not deserve one iota of our interest or sympathy. Liars and cheaters do not deserve our compassion or a second chance when they have so misused their vitally important status and trust as elected leaders. Go away, far away, and shame on you. These individuals are nothing but unworthy trash, and should be swept away never to be heard from again on our airwaves, nor in the pages of our newspapers.



This morning I was watching the fawning and obsequious photo op held in the White House Rose Garden for the visiting President of Mexico. There was President Obama bending over backwards praising our Mexican neighbor and making political points against the recent Arizona immigration legislation.

During his welcoming remarks Obama said, “I’m told there is a Mexican expression…Tell me who you walk with and it will tell me who you are.” I know that it was meant to be a warm olive leaf establishing Obama’s desire to soothe relations, but it certainly could and should backfire on Obama himself.

When you consider the individuals who are closely associated with our president, one could certainly question the integrity and ethics of the company he keeps. (Think Rod Blagojevich, Tony Rezko, Richard Ayers, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, George Siros, Rahm Emanuel, etc, etc).

Which speechwriter found that Mexican saying? If I were Obama I would be very sorry I didn’t edit that out of my remarks. I think the words will ultimately come back to haunt Obama and may cause serious harm to his presidency and administration.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Recently I ran across a quote attributed to Benjamin Crowinshield Bradlee who became a notable figure during the Watergate scandal as Managing Editor of The Washington Post.

The quote that caught my attention was, “News is the first draft of history.” That certainly is an accurate appraisal of news, but regretfully the state of journalism today is (in my opinion) quite suspect. While history has proven that journalists have frequently been guilty of bias, the current status is one of the most conflicted periods that I can remember. “Yellow Journalism” was rampant back in the days of William Randolph Hearst. Today it is a commonly accepted fact that our major main-stream media went overboard in its obvious support of the election of Barack Hussein Obama.

You might enjoy reading more about Bradlee at:

Be that as it may, I believe the chickens are coming home to roost with the dramatic drops in newspaper circulation, and television viewing figures. Obviously, both business models have evolved with the advent of new competing news outlets such as 24 hour cable news, texting, cell phones, and ever expanding computer applications. The younger generation is no longer turning to newspapers for their news and the circulation figures prove to be a growing problem for major newspapers across the country.

Take a look at the Poynter Online report of April 26th which reflects an over-all 8.7% drop in daily and 6.5% reduction in Sunday circulation over the previous six months. Only the Wall Street Journal increased its circulation by just 10,000 daily readers.

Draw your own conclusions, but it will probably take many years for historians to tell us the real truth behind the demise of the once mighty news organs of our country. Who could have predicted the fall of the mighty print voices such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, and The Boston Globe? What does the Wall Street Journal know and do that all the other great broad sheets have failed to accomplish?

One must wonder why ratings for the Fox News Channel shows steady growth while CBS, NBC, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, and CNBC are losing news audience. One could wonder if Fox is presenting a product that a growing number of viewers want and find rewarding.

Do you suppose a similar problem exists with both newspapers and television? I bet the difference is just good old fashion honest in-depth reporting.



Living in the South Bend area makes this a very touchy subject to address, but anyone who knows your Commander will substantiate that he does not shy away from controversial issues. Currently Notre Dame spokesmen have repeatedly supported their long historical status of conference independence for their football team, and I suggest that is an admiral position that has worked well for their agenda thus far.

At present, Notre Dame is a member of the Big East for all sports EXCEPT football. Looking down the road, it is my opinion that it would be beneficial for the University of Notre Dame to join the Big Ten Conference for ALL sports. The South Bend Tribune’s recent poll indicates that 42% support affiliation with the Big Ten, and 59% endorse independence. There are strong points for both sides of this discussion, but in the long haul financial considerations will rule the day.

College sports has become an unbelievably lucrative business proposition, and despite all the flowery emotional words supporting Notre Dame’s independent football status, the final decision ultimately will come back to how their bottom line is impacted. Increasing costs of travel, and staggering revenue potentials from television contracts will tip the decision scales. When the Big Ten erodes the Big East Conference, and it will, then Notre Dame will have to face the new realities.

Notre Dame can still schedule competition with Southern California, Navy, and Miami, but the competition would be significantly stronger were they to be confronting a full Big Ten schedule year after year. There is still room to schedule games in major cities where strong numbers of alumni reside. Does anyone suspect that Notre Dame does not want the competition of Big Ten basketball, and other sports?

In the long run the world will continue to spin on its axis, but Notre Dame may someday come on bended knee seeking a date to the dance, but the dance card will be full. The perils of independence are numerous, and should not be ignored by emotional impertinence. My dear departed Irish Mother used to say, “Self pride stinks.”

I suggest that Notre Dame should take the emotion and bravado out of the discussion, and get realistic for their own selfish financial interests. In the long run Notre Dame needs the Big Ten far more than the Big Ten requires Notre Dame, and that is an unemotional fact.


Saturday, May 15, 2010


That is an old expression that we all have heard over the years, and it is your Commander’s opinion that it is applicable to President Barack Hussain Obama. Lately, we have seen repeated examples of our President losing his temper and lashing out at subjects, events, and individuals. Just when it is both necessary and propitious that our leadership be capable of coping with adversity, we witness cracks developing in the well-polished veneer of the President.

Apparently the threat of pending losses at the November 2010 polls are beginning to show as the date comes closer. The frustration of the President at being unable to control either Senate Leader Harry Reid or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s leadership is becoming more evident. The harshness in tone of responses to reporters’ questions is becoming more strident. The growing reliance on the use of the teleprompter indicates the total scripting of all utterances.

His verbal assault at the petroleum industry spokesmen before a Congressional hearing is un-Presidential to say the least, (I bet he did not send back the huge political contributions he received from the oil companies), and his reluctance to take corrective action among his Cabinet members for their obvious failures indicates a lack of leadership skill unbecoming to the office. The clear bias toward certain groups of citizens, racial divisiveness, the lack of promised transparency, and the encouragement of income redistribution and class warfare are most alarming. The failure to address fiscal restraints, border security and immigration adherence is inexcusable, and represents blatant political shenanigans.

All these obvious observations are contributing to the sudden graying of a young man’s hair before our eyes, all within a few months of assuming his office. Your Commander finds it disturbing to witness the denial, deflection, transference, the exposure of a previously hidden agenda, and the repeated assertion of power, position, and ego to be most alarming. Now when the going is getting rough we need a steady and self-assured hand at the wheel. When the storm clouds gather we do not need a vindictive punishing leader, but a benevolent fair honest patriot at the helm of state who is totally compliant to his Oath of Office.

To say that my country, my fellow citizens and I are troubled is an under-statement. Let me suggest that the cat is losing his cool. May God Bless America; we surely need His blessings during these trying, devious times.



That is a simple question that came to my mind when I recently wrote a commentary about some surprising Congressional legislation. Frequently we read or hear about all the good things our elected officials are doing, but we rarely actually know how he or she voted on the day to day government initiatives.

Let me suggest that you take a peek at a very good source of information about the actions of your Senators and Congressman as presented by the Washington Post newspaper:

You will see a bio, key votes, missed votes, voting record with their party, latest votes, district information and even the rather unspecific financial disclosure information.

For instance I learned that my Congressman, Joe Donnelly (D-IN), who claims in his frequent taxpayer paid mailings that he is fighting for me as an independent Democrat supporting Hoosier values. This strongly suggests that he is not in the hip pocket of the Democrat Party and/or the current Administration. The report from the Washington Post however suggests otherwise, because it shows he has voted 88.6% of the time with his Democrat colleagues. That does not indicate to me much independence; to the contrary his rather strict party obedience and loyalty shows.

Your Commander first came to the Michiana area way back in 1946 as a YMCA camper at Camp Eberhart, and the next year I entered the Culver Summer Naval School in nearby Culver, Indiana. When I was appointed the General Manager of WSJV-TV back in 1992 I moved to Granger, Indiana. Since living here, I have heard numerous politicians refer to HOOSIER VALUES, and for the life of me I do not know what in the hell that means. I suggest it is the creation of some highly paid political consultant or advertising guru or just plain bull excrement. No matter where you live, I bet you have verbose politicians too, so you best learn all you can about them.

You may be surprised to learn that your politicians are not voting in a fashion that justifies your vote for them. Your Commander suggests that a well informed voter is a much more effective and functioning citizen.


Thursday, May 13, 2010


Any observer of news emanating from Chicago must suspect that there is a smoldering fire on the horizon that has a stench that could possibly reach all the way to Washington, D.C., cloud the Halls of Congress, and even the White House. Chicago style politics has long been known to be rough and tumble, but lately it is getting deadly, too.

Cases in point are recent suicides involving Chicago School Board President Michael Scott (gun), Rod Blagojevich advisor Chris Kelly (rat poison), and now Metra chief Phil Pagano (jumped in front of a train) must have people wondering where this stops. Add to this the long delayed trial of Illinois’ former Governor Rod Blagojevich, and the imprisoned, not yet tried political operative, Tony Resko, who has acknowledged deep and direct ties to President Barack Hussein Obama.

Then there is the long, quiet investigation of Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. into possible ties to “pay for play” with Illinois’ tainted Senator Roland Burris. The City Council of Chicago is legendary for corrupt Aldermen, and the outgoing Cook County Board President Todd Stroger is under investigation for unauthorized expenditures, etc.

While all this is going on the number of murders in Chicago reached a staggering number of more deaths than occurred in both Iraq and Afghanistan so far this year. Roving gangs and drug dealers rule vast areas of the West and South sides of the city and the Chicago Police, with dwindling resources, are ill equipped to control the criminal elements of the “City with Broad Shoulders”. The budgets are awash in red ink, as are under-funded County and City pension plans. The smoke is reaching glowing fire status.

Proven questionable dealings at the University of Chicago hospitals with First Lady Michelle Obama’s salary as a part-time Officer and earmarks directly tied to then Senator Barack Hussein Obama all fall under the cloud of the same smoke. Someday someone will tie all this stuff together, but it will probably be done by a historian many years from this date. Somewhere in this no doubt also fall complicated manipulators such as Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod.
Then there is Mayor Richard J. Daley who just quietly keeps getting re-elected as he sits in the middle of the glowing embers. That’s the way of the Democrats in Chicago and Illinois.

Give me a break! If all these cats are not tied together I will eat my hat and the folks just keep letting this stuff continue with a wink and a nod. One has got to wonder if everyone is on the take, but me. All the crooks are not in jail…they breed and thrive in that toddling town, CHICAGO.



The next time you are driving out and about in your car, take notice of all the individuals who are driving close to your vehicle and are also talking or texting on their cell phones. It is absolutely shocking to see just how many individuals are trying to do two things at once, because it is a proven fact that talking on your phone while driving is extremely dangerous. Texting while driving must be even more dangerous!

It is little wonder that our insurance rates continue to rise at astronomical rates, because this obvious distraction should not be permitted to continue unabated. Politicians are filling their pockets with lobbyist dollars while their constituents are injured or die daily as a result of distracted cell phone addicted drivers.

Local politicians in my community have recently passed legislation to declare it a felony when a drunk driver is convicted of killing a police officer or a police animal (dogs, horses), but nothing appears to motivate them to address the equally serious cell phone violators. Only when some politician’s son, daughter or wife is killed will there be any action.

Why is there so little being done to address this serious menace to humanity. I bet it is safer to be driving on the streets of Iraq or Afghanistan than on the streets of American cell phone infested cities today. Do you suppose that there is a provision to ban cell phones while driving an automobile at some future date that is buried deep in the recently passed Health Care Bill that nobody read before they voted for its approval? Naw!



Yes, that was the headline that caught my eye in a recent on-line edition of the Wall Street Journal. The sub-headline (Junk Food Lifts Inmates’ Spirits, Prison Revenue, but Envy and Diet are Concerns) led me to read the full article, because I could not believe the insanity of the concept.

See what you think about the idea of offering better quality and options in a prisoner’s daily menu while incarcerated.

This strikes me as another hair brained, warm and fuzzy concept of some bleeding heart liberal to make people think they are really addressing cost reductions in an objective way. As stated by a realist in the article, prison is for punishment and not coddling.

Since living in Arizona several years ago, I have felt that Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio had it right when he placed his legally convicted guests in tents, and served them baloney sandwiches. Your Commander suspects that supporters of these wacko, misguided concepts also support sympathy for the horde of illegal immigrants who break our federal laws too.


Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Your Commander may be considered an old fashion prude, but he is getting sick and tired of the antics of one spoiled egotistical actor, Charlie Sheen. It is now reported by TVWeek that Sheen is asking for $2 Million per episode to continue on “Two and a Half Men.” It is reported that Sheen said he was ready to move on and perhaps get back to making films, and issued a statement in April that read, “In no way has this been a hasty or negligent eleventh-hour surprise.”

Apparently Warner Brothers, who produces the show, plans to submit a counter offer to keep Sheen on the program, because they have a contract to continue two more years on CBS. Frankly, I would tell Sheen where he can take the show and just where he should shove it.

First, the show is totally inappropriate for airing back to back episodes from 7 to 8PM nightly on our local Fox affiliate, and it is equally far too explicit to be running at 9PM eastern and 8PM central time on the CBS network.

Sheen’s conduct off the air, his legal difficulties, and his well publicized marriage problems all should call into consideration a morals clause in his contract. There is no question that the program is funny, but it is totally inappropriate to be airing so early in the evening when young impressionable eyes are glued to their television sets.

The program generates massive amounts of money for CBS and the syndicators, but there is a point at which reckless inappropriate behavior should not be endorsed. Sheen clearly has no shame and continues to function in an uncontrolled egotistical mode.

Why do American audiences continue to pander to guys like Charlie Sheen? When Sheen breaks all the rules of common decency, then some greedy jerk wants to pay him unseemly amounts of money, our society has lost its way. Apparently, CBS endorses rewarding negative role models, because their corporate greed overrules their own integrity.



The recent advertising campaign splashed across the airwaves by General Motors was the last straw as far as I am concerned. My family has been one of many that were loyal customers of General Motors products for well over fifty years and several generations. That loyalty has come to a sudden irreversible stop, because of the arrogance, mismanagement and lies perpetrated by this government ruled, once proud company.

As far back as I can remember my Dad purchased and drove Pontiac automobiles. I frequently thought the dealer saw Dad coming, because he repeatedly showed him the least desirable colored cars and the purchase was made. Until the day he died he was reluctant to run the air-conditioning in hopes of conserving fuel. Dad was a product of the great depression and it influenced his every behavior until he went to his grave. (I miss him more with each passing day).

Being a product of Dad’s loyalty and conservative ways, I started with a ‘50 Chevy, and then moved on to a progression of Pontiacs, Buicks and even two Cadillacs. I gave up on Cadillacs having had one stolen right from my driveway in Chicago, and another being gravely damaged by a tree falling across the roof and trunk. I reverted back to a series of Buicks that lasted twelve years into my retirement. When my ’99 Buick received a near fatal death notice from my local repairman I sold her, and inherited my wife’s Nissan Murano, while she now drives a Mercedes.

When I first viewed government appointed CEO Ed Whitaker’s television commercial bragging about GM’s early re-payment in full of their government bailout dollars, I almost fell out of my Lazy-Boy recliner. Who in the hell was Whitaker fooling? GM repaid the government with dollars from another government loan, thus he lied to his loyal customers and all future GM buyers. Whitaker was blowing smoke for the Obama Administration, and as far as I am concerned GM has lost my business for all time to come.

First of all, our government has absolutely no business running General Motors in the first place. They bailed out this poorly run company to protect their union buddies and buy their voting loyalty on the backs of the taxpayers of this country. Our government broke all the rules in running ruff-shod over the senior bond holders. I hope our government gets paid back, but the federal meddling into the daily operation of the company was greatly responsible for imposing unrealistic rules and supporting union contracts that were the root cause of the company’s problems.

General (Government) Motors’ lie has driven me away from their products for all time. Apparently this is how General Motors and our government repay loyal customers. This is a lesson I will long remember when I go to the polls in November 2010, and when I buy my next automobile.



After months of plodding through the pages of Jon Meacham’s AMERICAN LION I have finally placed it on the book shelf for a long deserved sleep. Repeatedly I tried to keep reading this thorough investigation into the inner-workings of the life and service of Andrew Jackson, but Meacham’s work is a ponderous journey, to say the least.

Whether Jackson was truly an American hero is questioned by some and praised by others, but Meacham’s presentation just plain wore me out with physical exhaustion. Meacham, in my opinion, is the king of minutiae getting into such small unimportant details that he has lost me as one who once enjoyed his writing.

Apparently the same type of writing judgments has led to the decision to sell Newsweek, long a popular nationally distributed news magazine that Jon Meacham headed as Editor. Recently I tried to read one of the revised format issues of Newsweek, and all I found was a series of opinionated essays, not a news magazine.

Thus Meacham is two for two with your Commander on negative reviews. If you are a student seeking an advanced degree in political science or history then this book is for you. It, unfortunately, is not one for your Commander. Meacham gets an A for research, but a C- for ease of reading and maintaining my interest. Sorry!


Friday, May 7, 2010


Frequently President Barack Hussein Obama will refer to one of America’s much loved presidents, Abraham Lincoln, in his speeches to the electorate. If memory serves me correctly, Obama’s references to Lincoln are always flattering and reflect his admiration for Lincoln’s administration. Unfortunately, the early actions of Obama’s administration fail to live by the words spoken by Lincoln and well referenced in numerous historical documents.

It is shocking that President Obama, who frequently reminds us of his strong educational background, fails to abide by Lincoln’s words and deeds. Here are some highly acknowledged remarks attributed to Honest Abe:

“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich.
You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong.
You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift.
You cannot lift the wage earner up by pulling the wage payer down.
You cannot further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred.
You cannot build character and courage by taking away people’s initiative and independence.
You cannot help people permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves.”

Obviously Obama utilizes the words of Lincoln when it supports his personal agenda and totally ignores Lincoln’s sage advice when it does not support his personal ideologies. Thus, I feel that I am correct when I believe that Obama should stop utilizing Lincoln’s words and legacy in vain.

Only a well informed electorate can and will save this Union from the ego driven elitists of the Obama cult and his administration.



It certainly does not take a brain surgeon or some cat with a PhD. to determine the root of our problems. IT’S ECONOMICS, STUPID!

Someday one of our politicians will have a brain-storm, and realize that no one can continue to spend money that they do not have. We recently have been spun a tail that the stimulus expenditure of some trillion dollars would create thousands of “shovel ready” jobs, but over one year after the fact we still have unemployment hovering around 10%. I suspect that percentage is actually much larger, because there are a growing number of citizens who have given up looking for work and have elected to join the growing lethargic entitlement gang.

Tragically, our politicians have promised to provide a hand-out to a burgeoning number of naïve individuals who actually think a government can survive in the long haul without a sound economic foundation. Every single problem confronting our country has an economic basis, such as gangs, prisons, drugs, poor education, corruption, welfare, unfunded pensions, entitlement abuse, social security, health care, illegal immigration, etc, etc.

No government can continue to pay out more than it takes in and no politician wants to accept that simple fact. Had our corrupt political leadership not continued to borrow (misdirect or steal) huge sums of the Social Security Trust Fund money for projects that assured their re-election, the Trust Fund would have sufficient money available to meet the current obligations. You can only rob Peter to pay Paul for a short time or you have a Ponzi scheme.

The problems in Greece are a perfect example of what is on the horizon for the good old USA. Nobody can spend $1 unless they have $1 in their pocket or the bank. Currently the USA is spending multiple dollars without any money in the bank.

Regretfully, we have no one to blame but ourselves, because we elected the damn fools into office. Simple mathematics indicates that we are getting very close to having more people on the entitlement roles than we have contributing to our tax base, and when it reaches that magical 50%, all is lost.



How is that for a provocative title? Having just finished reading Judge Andrew P. Napolitano’s new book I can give it my highest recommendation. The exact title is: LIES THE GOVERNMENT TOLD YOU – Myth, Power, and Deception in American History.

I am certain that many of you will immediately recognize the Judge based upon his frequent appearances on the Fox News Channel as their Senior Judicial Analyst. He is nationally noted as an expert on the U.S. Constitution, and he is the youngest life-tenured Superior Court judge in the history of the State of New Jersey.

In addressing the possible reintroduction of “The Fairness Doctrine,” (commonly known as the equal time law), the Judge quotes the late Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, “Fear of ideas makes us impotent and ineffective.”

As a fellow admirer of our Constitution, your Commander really enjoyed the read, although at times I found it to be a bit ponderous with legal mumbo-jumbo beyond my expertise. The Judge has some unsavory comments about past Presidents (Lincoln & Roosevelt) and our current leader, and they are all well documented. Napolitano reveals several shocking examples of our government and presidential abuse and misuse of our Constitution. The research in this book is impeccable, and the message is most timely during the sphere of Obama-mania.



I suspect that your first reaction to this headline is “What in the hell is he talking about?” That was certainly my reaction when I found out that this Act had been passed by the United States House of Representatives as H.R. #2499 on April 29th by a vote of 223-169. I do not recall hearing anything about this.

So, not knowing anything about this significant action, I went to my computer and read some very interesting and alarming details about the legislation. I strongly suggest that you do the same, and an excellent starting point would be to read the Wikipedia report:

Recognize that this legislation must still be presented to the Senate for its consideration and action. I certainly think this subject is a matter of huge significance and that it should receive wide publication and ensuing discussion. The consequences of Statehood are extensive and the obligations have huge potential financial implications to the American taxpayers’ pocketbook.

At first blush I look upon this as another behind the scenes effort on behalf of our politicians to stuff the ballot box in favor of one party rule. What do you think about it? Your Commander is very suspicious as to the real reason this legislative action has moved so quietly forward and the media has been so mute in covering the magnitude of the initiative. It seems to me to be another shady action like passing immigration reform forward to get a sympatric Hispanic electorate into a political party’s indebtedness and hip-pocket.

I am not prepared to outright deny consideration of Statehood to Puerto Rico, but I sure want to think about it at great length and you should, too.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Your Commander has been around for a long, long time and he cannot remember a time (even during the troubling days of World War ll) when there was greater division and contentious relations within our country and abroad. The hostility that exists between our two major political parties appears to be unresolvable, and it has gotten to a point that little or no effective action can be accomplished in the Halls of Congress. A policy of personal destruction continues across our land and it is detrimental to all concerned.

It is under these circumstances that I suggest we turn to men and/or women who provide reasoned consultation utilizing historically supported facts along with controlled emotions for suggestions that will bring forth positive results to both sides of our contentious issues. While we all have hard positions on events of the day, there is growing concern on both the left and the right that our precious Constitution is being abrogated with the support of the Supreme Court and growing Big Government.

Each of us has individuals we respect and admire. I suggest two individuals who have been receiving a growing audience and admiration from people who are willing to look at both points of view on all issues. My selections are both firm supporters of our Constitution, as I am, and deserve the growing audience they are receiving.

The retired Professor Emeritus Walter E. Williams of George Mason University and Dr. Charles Krauthammer, a syndicated columnist, are my recommendations as individuals who contribute much to the major debates of the day. Frequently I have referred to both of these noted scholars in my commentaries, and let me suggest you read a recent column by Walter E. Williams titled “Parting Company”

If the Tea Party movement is to be successful I suggest they listen to voices such as Williams and Krauthammer who address resolutions with a calm, but firm, reasoned voice. The Tea Party movement may just be our last best hope for the future of the United States of America. We dare not miss our collective opportunity to save our country, but we surely cannot and will not succeed with irrational emotional violent behavior.

We all should all remember “Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never harm you”.



I believe that we are all ready for a nice story, since we are flooded everyday with tales of violence, pestilence and injustice. Take a few minutes, and I promise you will feel much better than you did just a few minutes ago.


It happened every Friday evening, almost without fail, when the sun resembled a giant orange and was starting to dip into the blue ocean.

Old Ed came strolling along the beach to his favorite pier. Clutched in his bony hand was a bucket of shrimp. Ed walks out to the end of the pier, where it seems he almost has the world to himself. The glow of the sun is a golden bronze now.

Everybody's gone, except for a few joggers on the beach. Standing out on the end of the pier, Ed is alone with his thoughts...and his bucket of shrimp.

Before long, however, he is no longer alone. Up in the sky a thousand white dots come screeching and squawking, winging their way toward that lanky frame standing there on the end of the pier.

Before long, dozens of seagulls have enveloped him, their wings fluttering and flapping wildly. Ed stands there tossing shrimp to the hungry birds. As he does, if you listen closely, you can hear him say with a smile, 'Thank you. Thank you.'

In a few short minutes the bucket is empty. But Ed doesn't leave.

He stands there lost in thought, as though transported to another time and place.

When he finally turns around and begins to walk back toward the beach, a few of the birds hop along the pier with him until he gets to the stairs, and then they, too, fly away. And old Ed quietly makes his way down to the end of the beach and on home.

If you were sitting there on the pier with your fishing line in the water, Ed might seem like 'a funny old duck,' as my dad used to say. Or, 'a guy that's a sandwich shy of a picnic,' as my kids might say. To onlookers, he's just another old codger, lost in his own weird world, feeding the seagulls with a bucket full of shrimp.

To the onlooker, rituals can look either very strange or very empty. They can seem altogether unimportant ....maybe even a lot of nonsense.

Old folks often do strange things, at least in the eyes of Boomers and Busters.

Most of them would probably write Old Ed off, down there in Florida. That's too bad. They'd do well to know him better.

His full name: Eddie Rickenbacker. He was a famous hero back in World War II. On one of his flying missions across the Pacific, he and his seven-member crew went down. Miraculously, all of the men survived, crawled out of their plane, and climbed into a life raft.

Captain Rickenbacker and his crew floated for days on the rough waters of the Pacific. They fought the sun. They fought sharks. Most of all, they fought hunger. By the eighth day their rations ran out. No food. No water. They were hundreds of miles from land and no one knew where they were.

They needed a miracle. That afternoon they had a simple devotional service and prayed for a miracle. They tried to nap Eddie leaned back and pulled his military cap over his nose. Time dragged. All he could hear was the slap of the waves against the raft.

Suddenly, Eddie felt something land on the top of his cap. It was a seagull!

Old Ed would later describe how he sat perfectly still, planning his next move. With a flash of his hand and a squawk from the gull, he managed to grab it and wring its neck. He tore the feathers off, and he and his starving crew made a meal - a very slight meal for eight men - of it. Then they used the intestines for bait. With it, they caught fish, which gave them food and more bait......and the cycle continued. With that simple survival technique, they were able to endure the rigors of the sea until they were found and rescued (after 24 days at sea...).

Eddie Rickenbacker lived many years beyond that ordeal, but he never forgot the sacrifice of that first lifesaving seagull. And he never stopped saying, 'Thank you.' That's why almost every Friday night he would walk to the end of the pier with a bucket full of shrimp and a heart full of gratitude.

Reference: (Max Lucado, In the Eye of the Storm, pp.221, 225-226)

PS: Eddie started Eastern Airlines.”

I fondly remember the heroics of Eddie Rickenbacker, and this wonderful story certainly improved my day.


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Let me briefly draw your attention to a very revealing and interesting article in today’s on-line edition of the New York Times. The title of this commentary is the headline of the article, which I hope you will read at:

The excessive and unwarranted billing of fees by the legal establishment is at the root of numerous problems confronting our once great and admired country. Your Commander has a growing concern that nothing of substance can be expected to be done, because our government is dominated by members of the legal profession. A perfect example is the fact that tort reform was purposely left out of the Health Reform legislation when its inclusion would have reduced costs significantly.

This article carefully presents the case against the abuses perpetrated by lawyers that clearly labor against the best interests of all citizens of the world. This is another clear example of why the public is MAD AS HELL, but I assure you that someday something will be done about it.