Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We are presently living in a media environment slanted in favor of the current administration, because for over three years we have heard only the stories promoting the Obama story-line.

While I have noted an increase in critical commentary by some voices that had been blowing the Democrat Party horn, the majority of the media still run in lock-step. One of the outlets that consistently takes the opposite side or the conservative position is, and it is from that source I found the attached article by Dr. Walter E. Williams about the distinct initiative by the Obama administration to divide his opposition. Please take a look:

Don’t you find it interesting that our current president, who ran on a campaign agenda that called for unity, civility, transparency and change, reverted, once elected, to an obvious policy of class warfare and demonizing people who have opinions that are different from his progressive theories?

Remember, Dr. Williams rose up from the inner-city projects to be a strong voice of unity and clarity during a time of divisive political hysteria. Hopefully Williams’ voice will not be silenced, but shared with a growing audience, especially within the minority communities of this country.


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