Wednesday, October 19, 2011


There could be a big political smoking-gun story beginning to unfold right here in little old South Bend, Indiana that has national implications of voter fraud dating back to the Indiana primary election campaign in 2008. The thrust of the investigation is suspected fake signatures in support of both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton on their petitions for the 2008 State primary ballot.

Please take a look at an article that appeared in the October 16th issue of the South Bend Tribune by Kevin Allen and Erin Blasko.

Note: Sorry, but to get the full article you will have to hit the page #2 notation to proceed to the article’s full content.

Personally, I fear we may never totally get to the bottom of this story, because we cannot expect the general election to be rescinded after the passage of this much time. Apparently, there was illegal activity concerning the primary election here in St. Joseph County, which has been ruled by a firm iron-handed Democrat Party for decades.

The day after I first started writing this piece, the Tribune reported on October 18th that Butch Morgan, the Democratic County Chairman, had resigned his post claiming that he did nothing wrong, but does not want to be a distraction. Obviously, the smoke here is getting darker. With Morgan’s actions an old Chinese Proverb comes to my mind, “When the tree falls the monkeys scatter.”

On the same day this local story went national with repeated coverage of the initial details airing on the Fox News Channel throughout the day. The local St. Joseph Country Prosecutor Michael Dvorak, long a Democrat political figure, announced that he is consulting with the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Indiana to determine who should lead the further investigation. We have a political hot-potato cooking and those close to this scandal are all seeking cover.

Here is a link to the latest details from the South Bend Tribune as of their October 18th edition:,0,2468280,print.story

Certainly this investigation should move forward to determine who did what and then that person or persons should be brought before the scales of justice. I suspect that the Democrat Party has such a strangle-hold on St. Joseph County that they will prevail in the coming Mayoral election, but it could get interesting if the investigation bears the full scope of the apparent criminality.

In the meantime, the South Bend Tribune is to be complimented for conducting an important, expensive investigative piece of reporting in these times of tight newsroom budgets. Exposing this type of illegal activity that directly impacts the integrity of our voting boxes is exactly what we hope all our news media would do, but their business model is changing daily, and that is becoming a greater challenge with each passing day. The Tribune’s Editorial Board is to be saluted too for their strong Editorial in the October 19th edition taking ex-Democrat Party County Chairman Butch Morgan to task.

This story could prove to be a great boost for our local newspapers vital circulation growth, and ultimately morph into a mortal wound to the long dominant Democratic Party political rule. Only time will tell, so keep posted for the gory details as the story continues to unfold.


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