Thursday, October 6, 2011


While I have never been a fan of publicity seeking, conservative, ultra-flame thrower Ann Coulter, I think her recent article posted at correctly defines the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. I suggest your time will be well spent in reading the link below:

Coulter clearly identifies the difference to the Wall Street protesters and the Tea Party with three distinct points: “The Tea Party people have jobs, showers and a point.” This composition of Coulter’s is one of her most logical and unemotional sermons that I have read.

I just don’t get what the Occupy Wall Street mob is trying to accomplish other than disrupt and create havoc across the country. This is clearly not what our Founding Fathers would support and we should not do it either. Don’t you find it most interesting that mega-billionaire financier George Soros is showing sympathy for the Occupy Wall Street mob? What a hypocrite! This is the guy who made his billions on the backs of Wall Street and now is kicking the institution that made him influential and a super-rich left-wing liberal voice of dissent.

Personally, I hope the New York City Police and the New York courts drop a firm hand on this disruptive mob to the fullest extent of the law. Don’t you wonder who is financing this action, which represents significant amounts of money that could be put to a far more effective use in solving some of the real problems confronting the planet, like cancer and world hunger.

The apparent goal of this well organized gathering is not that of a democratic public gathering, but simply the early stages of nation-wide anarchy and civil disobedience.


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