Monday, October 17, 2011


This morning’s newspapers and morning television news programs contained a lot of talk about the fact that President Obama was “ON THE ROAD AGAIN” with another bus tour. Am I the only one noticing that takes him away from the White House and Washington for yet another three days? It seems to your Commander that when the nation is hurting economically, we are still fighting two wars, now sending troops into another highly questionable African (Uganda) military intervention (note Libya is not over yet), and Americans are hurting by staggering unemployment shouldn’t our president be home tending to his knitting?

This country is 13 months away from the next general election and Mr. Obama has his attention fully focused on his re-election campaign, and he is out flying the wings off Air Force One attending one campaign fund raiser after another usually at the expense of the already over-burdened American taxpayer. Apparently this President does not think it is essential to remember the Oath of Office he took nearly three years ago, and has now directed his attention to renewing his campaign policy of personal destruction of his political opponents instead of remembering his 2007-2009 clarion call for civility and the unification of our differences.

The great divider is returning to his roots as a community organizer in supporting the “Occupy Wall Street” crowd of carefully crafted well-financed civil disobedience gangs roaming across the country. Anyone who thinks or suggests that these demonstrations are spontaneous gatherings of an aroused electorate is in immediate need of mental care and council.

Currently the problems facing this great nation are taking second place to Obama’s major priority to win at all cost, and worry about the nations problems once he guarantees another four years of living on the backs of the over-burdened and abused minority of Americans who still pay the majority of the tax burden. The man currently holding the office of President of the United States is totally different from the man who stood in Grant Park in Chicago November 3, 2008 and made false promises that he never intended to fulfill once he grabbed the brass-ring prize.

The only people left in Washington these days are the criminals, drug dealers, and the poor, because Obama is on the bus, the House is in recess (again), and the Senate is only working a couple days a week, while you and I are hurting due to our government’s “kick the can down the road” attitude.

We have one more chance and only one more to save this country from subversion to Obamaism, and a do-nothing Congress, so you best get off your back-side and get to the polls come November 2012. If you don’t act now then just roll-over and stop complaining because you will have thumbed your nose at the Founding Fathers and every American soldier who gave their lives to protect your life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


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