Saturday, October 22, 2011


The current (November) issue of FAST COMPANY magazine, a publication I had never heard of until it began to mysteriously appear in my mailbox several months ago, has an excellent cover teasing “The Great Tech War of 2012” with a lengthy article titled “The Ones to Watch”.

On a rainy day this week I started turning the pages of the November 2011 issue and was hooked on the article and found it an outstanding analysis of the future of Apple, Facebook, Google, and Amazon. While I am an amateur in the tech world, it is clearly a significant factor in our daily lives and is only going to become more important with the passage of time and by the inventions and applications yet to be created.

As I stated above, the article is very long (some 9-1/2 pages), but I suggest it is important reading if you want to have an educated peek into the future of these influential companies. The article will certainly interest you as a user or investor at any level. Here is the link:

I found it easier to read the article on-line, the magazine edition carries a small print font that does not work well with my tired old eyes. It is also important to notice the article’s comments about the significance and importance of author Farhad Manjoo’s insight into the future of the tech world.

Don’t miss an opportunity to look into the future. It will certainly impact you and your family increasingly in the days and perhaps years to come.


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