Friday, October 21, 2011


When I was a kid growing up in Chicago I didn't pay enough attention to mathematics in the classroom, and like all smart-alecky kids I never thought there was any need to excel in that subject. Later in life I ended up in a business that used math to a great degree and had to work hard to brush up on my math skills. I looked back wishing I had concentrated more on math subjects during my formative years.

You may have already received this link in an email, but it is worth viewing again. Here is a brief and very interesting video that visually teaches all of us a wonderful lesson in life.

Click your mouse here:


Isn't it amazing what hides within the numbers that serve us well in our daily lives? When I think back several decades I wonder if my old football coach realized what he was saying when he urged our team “For the love of God you have got to give 101% in the game.”


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