Sunday, October 2, 2011


I grew up in Chicago, Illinois and since I now only live about 100 miles from its downtown, the news there interests me. If you’re not a resident of the Chicago area, I doubt that story link below from the pages of the Chicago Sun-Times made your local newspaper or television newscasts.

Take a look at the details of a criminal permitted to roam the streets of Illinois who has been apprehended on 65 different occasions since 2001 and has spent time in both the Cook County Jail and the Illinois Department of Corrections. I should mention that his latest arrest occurred in the affluent Chicago suburb of Northbrook, IL. Oh, and I should also tell you that he is only 27 years old!!!

Obviously this is a very dangerous individual who is a threat to all citizens of Illinois and the entire country. This jerk must have one hell of a good lawyer, but one must immediately wonder how he gets the money to pay what must be huge legal expenses. Then it is logical to wonder what kind of judiciary exists in the State of Illinois that permits a threat of this nature to roam the streets of Illinois.

A story like this certainly is not good news for the Illinois Department of Visitors and Tourism, and it makes me wonder if it is safe to even visit my old home town anymore. It will certainly be interesting to see if this cat beats the rap again. Perhaps it may be a good idea to get the name of his lawyer in case I have a problem down the road, because that guy must be really good at his trade or near broke paying off the obviously suspect Illinois Judiciary.


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