Friday, April 30, 2010


Here is a VERY short item. I ran across this anonymous quote attributed to a cowboy the other day and thought it would be appropriate to share and for you to ponder:

"The best sermons are lived, not preached."


Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Everyday I hear the talking heads in Washington complain that no one is offering any constructive solutions to the problems confronting our government. Well, I have a solution that has worked quite effectively in my household when any and all ills appeared on the horizon.

As a product of the Depression growing up in the Chicago area, my dear departed mother was a Registered Nurse, and whenever my Father or I had the slightest discomfort her solution was an immediate soap-suds enema. Yes, out came the old enema bag and a bar of Ivory soap. My Father and I frequently went running for cover, but rarely were able to outrun the enthusiasm of my mother to solve our maladies.

As unpleasant as the experience was I must admit that it was most frequently the proper solution. Thus, I recommend that we require both the House of Representatives and the Senate gather under the auspices of Vice Admiral Regina M. Benjamin, Surgeon General, in her chambers for a good old fashioned soap suds enema.

After watching the hypocritical utterances of our Senators as they huffed and puffed playing a game of transference against the Goldman Sachs executives, I feel the only solution to eliminate their discomfort and anguish is the immediate prescription of my mom’s old fashioned solution. The end result may have a negative impact upon the plumbing in the Senate Chambers, but it would eliminate a substantial amount of the usual bull excrement. After all, didn't Senator Levin (D-MI) and some others repeatedly use the word "shitty" during questioning of the Goldman execs? Maybe they were truly telling us something.

A similar application of good old common sense is appropriate for the House of Representatives, too. My heavens, can you imagine just what Senate Leader Harry Reid and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would look like after their treatment? I bet we would not even recognize them.

We all should look to those old proven simple solutions to big problems, and never forget that “Mom always knew best.” Do you suppose that frequent enemas could just solve all our problems once and for all time? Yep, there is nothing like a cleansing to help them finally think clearly.


Monday, April 26, 2010


Life is far more complicated than it was back in the days of our Founding Fathers. Of course, aspects were more difficult because of the lack of modern technology, methods, and conveniences. For starters, consider the fact that we live with the daily threat of the devastation of nuclear war and fear the possibility of so called “dirty bombs.” We could debate for hours which periods in history had greater physical, economic, and mental pressures, but we surely must agree that we all have a far better quality of life with the significant advances in the sciences.

While climate control, environmental issues, debt, unemployment, immigration, and any number of other concerns must be addressed sooner or later, looming out there is a problem that no one wants to address and it has the potential to spin our economy into a recession of unknown proportions. UNFUNDED and UNDERFUNDED PENSION PLANS are the monsters hiding behind the door, and this must be ultimately confronted and resolved.

People are collecting unsustainable amounts of money from pension plans that were created and authorized by political, management, and union administrations that cannot realistically continue. There are huge pension fund obligations sitting out there in our economy that must have a day of reckoning. The problem will not go away and it must be addressed and resolved or our economy will be totally destroyed.

As an example, a number of states are looking at huge deficits caused by the weight of the pensions that their retired government employees receive. Taxpayers are overburdened. Now what?

This is a dirty secret that our politicians want swept under the rug, but the problem only gets bigger and worse with each passing day. Wake up America!



Surely you have seen references to a recent interview with White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel on the Charlie Rose Show that opened speculation that Emanuel was interested in becoming Mayor of Chicago. When Rose pressed, “Is there any other job in government you’d like to have?” Emanuel said, “Again I want to repeat, because the mayor’s a dear friend of mine, and I support him, I hope he seeks re-election. But if he doesn’t, at some point that will be something I’ll do.”

As a native born Chicagoan I continue to have a special interest in the future of that once proud “City of Broad Shoulders” and “The Hog Butcher of the World.” The Daley family has ruled for literally generations and decades, but considering all the stresses and strains, the Daleys have done a pretty good job, especially making Chicago’s unique lake front both beautiful and desirable to the citizens and hordes of visitors. Chicago politics has always been contentious, and remains corrupt to this day.

I personally would be surprised if Richard Daley relinquished his lofty position, but the serious health issues confronting his wife could be a justification for him packing it in to spend more time with his beloved Maggie.

Emanuel, with his intimate relationship with Barack Hussein Obama, could deliver the much needed federal dollars to prop up the ailing school system, financially failing rapid transit system, and address the under-funded pension funds confronting the City of Chicago. Emanuel has strong ties to vast sums of money in the affluent Jewish community too, but would face a growing opposition from the exploding Muslim population of the City.

If Emanuel does become the Mayor of Chicago, that city would instantly become a big target for Muslim terrorists’ retaliation, and four-letter language will become a colloquialism. Were Emanuel to become Mayor of Chicago, he would then collect this fourth or fifth pension from the public’s treasure chest. Poor Rahm must need the money to quench his mega-ego and destroy his growing list of enemies.


Sunday, April 25, 2010


Scanning the Washington Post website today I ran across a very interesting story about a small radio station in Galveston, Texas owned and operated by an American company, however the content or programming comes from a state-owned broadcaster in the Peoples Republic of China. To quote the article the voice of the station intones, “China Radio International – This is Beyond Beijing."

I suggest that you may be interested in reading the six-page article at:

This story is very interesting, and is something that should receive wide distribution. My first reaction gives me great pause for concern, but maybe this is not something to fear. We must accept the fact that we entered the sphere of Globalization willingly, and maybe this is part of that evolution. At this stage I am not ready to draw a definite position, but urge all my readers to become informed and then draw your own conclusion.

The world we live in is certainly changing, and it is said that one must adapt or perish. Time will only tell if our society is perishing, but there are voices being heard who think that is just the case.



As you all know by now I scan several websites each morning, and despite my intense dislike for The New York (ultra liberal) Times I do check their site, too. Last Wednesday I ran across a very long 20 page tongue-bath article praising and essentially granting star classification to the work of Politico reporter, Mike Allen. If you have a great deal of time to read this “gotta read go to” then go to:

Allen is a highly regarded, aggressive scribe at POLITICO a Washington insider internet publication. As a result of reading this New York Times Magazine article, I have since gone to Mike Allen’s PLAYBOOK website, which you, too, may find to be informative and interesting. Frankly, it reminds me of the once famous work of legendary newspaperman Walter Winchell’s format of facts, speculation, and gossip. You can take a look at this site at:

If David Axelrod has to scan PLAYBOOK first thing on the way to the White House each morning then it must be all knowing and all telling, just like Axelrod’s boss. Draw your own conclusions to this creation of the new world of instant news and hand-held electronic gadgets.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


The 24 hour noise channels have been trumpeting a story released by the Washington Post about the lavish spending habits of both political parties. I suggest you take a few minutes and read the original story by R. Jeffery Smith, a Washington Post Staff Writer at:

When administrative and fundraising expenses consume 59% of total revenue for the Democrat Party and 68% for the Republican Party there is something very wrong in the operation of both political parties. I know the old suggestion that it takes money to make money, but this is both ridiculous and might even represent criminal conduct.

Your Commander does not know about you, but my computer receives emails almost daily from both political parties begging for contributions so they can fund their election campaigns. Long ago I witnessed first hand the excessive spending at Washington fund raisers for politicians and at that time I decided to no longer contribute to this abuse and participate in Pay for Play complicity.

Don’t you sometime wonder if you are the only one left in America who does not have your hand in the till or in somebody’s pocket? All the crooks are not in the penitentiary. One certainly wonders just where this great country is going considering the growing fact that corruption and deception is ramped in our government locally, regionally and nationally. The answer to that question is that it is rapidly sliding down the hill to financial ruin.


Monday, April 19, 2010


Just consider for a few moments the vision and foresight that Benjamin Franklin espoused with this fascinating quote,

“A democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner. Freedom under a constitutional republic is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.”

Don’t you, too, find it a tragedy that leadership with this kind of clarity of vision and reason no longer serve in the Halls of Congress, Cabinet positions, presidential advisors, etc.?



Back on February 26th I expressed my dismay at the arrogance displayed by the management team of CBS Corp. Now, just two months later, I have learned that Leslie Moonves, CEO of CBS Corp, was awarded a total compensation package of $43.2 million for 2009.

Moonves’ pay package includes $3.5 million in base salary, plus a $15 million bonus, stock worth $7.6 million, and stock options that are worth about $14.3 million. This compensation represents more than a doubling of his 2008 earnings when he earned a paltry $21.2 million without any stock options.

A CBS spokesman defended the compensation saying that 85% of Moonves’ earnings are performance based. Additionally, Sumner Redstone, controlling stockholder and Chairman of CBS, received $16.2 million in 2009 plus $16.8 million as Chairman of Viacom Inc. (the parent company of CBS). And if that’s not enough, Philippe Dauman, Chief Executive Officer of Viacom, was paid $34 million in 2009, too.

Between these three executives CBS/Viacom paid out $110.2 million. Please tell me how a publicly held company can justify paying out these outlandish sums of money when their television network’s marquee programs such as CBS Early Morning Show and CBS Evening News with Katie Couric have foundered in the ratings for years. In fairness one should recognize CBS has achieved great success in their primetime programming, but over the past year there has been a corporate blood-bath of firings across all departments.

At CBS what is good for the goose is not good for the gander. Apparently the CBS Board and the senior management think they are above everyone else, much like our elected government officials in Washington do during these very difficult economic times. AND THEY WONDER WHY THE AVERAGE CITIZEN IS UP IN ARMS…THEIR CONDUCT IS REPREHENSIBLE AND ARROGANT.

It will not surprise me that before too long our elected officials will feel they should receive similar compensation, and they will vote themselves a huge increase in their currently inflated compensation package. Do you see the similar disingenuous conduct between CBS and our elected officials?



After years of playing cozy with the West Virginia coal mine companies, the local democrats are facing the hard truth of their long overdue complacency. I draw your attention to an interesting article in the 4/19 edition of The Washington Post titled, “Mine blast means new realities for West Virginia Democrats in Congress”. Specifically, the item looks at Sen. Robert C. Byrd, Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, and Rep. Nick J. Rahall II. The three men have a combined 115 years in Congress.

Take a few minutes to read the article at:

Tragically, this is another clear example of politicians running for cover after the fact. Where were these three long-term West Virginia politicians on mine safety before 29 brave hardworking constituents paid the ultimate price for political compromises and complacency?

Do you suppose Rep. Nick J. Rahall II, Sen. John D. Rockefeller IV, and Sen. Robert C. Byrd can look into their mirrors without a reflection of shame? Your Commander suggests that it will take a heavy dose of soap to wash the blood off their hands as a result of failing to protect their fellow West Virginians. This time the environmentalist and mining special interests cannot save their re-election, because the people may just rise up and toss them out of office because they neglected to protect the 29 victims.


Sunday, April 18, 2010


As an unapologetic opponent to President Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency I want to draw your attention to an excellent article written by Charles Krauthammer. The American taxpayer has been subjected to a massive expenditure of our money to host a gathering of world leaders so Obama could posture his socialist policies on a world-wide stage.

I urge you to read Krauthammer’s cogent article titled “Obama’s Nuclear Posturing, Part Deux” at:,_part_deux.html

When will this man stop spending our money so he can enhance his ego, and progressively destroy the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave as we know it?



Your Commander wants to share a very interesting article with you from the pages of the April 19th issue of Time Magazine. The title is “Hu’s Visit: Finding a Way Forward on U.S.-China Relations”. With our growing financial obligations to China, and China’s dependency on American markets to assure employment for their people ,we see a vital need for mutual peaceful relations between these two powerful countries.

Knowledge is power, and I believe it is essential that we all have a clearer understanding of the intricacies of our relationship with China. Please take a few minutes and read this important well written article by Joshua Cooper Ramo who is managing director of Kissinger Associates, and author of The Age of the Unthinkable.,8816,1978640,00.html

I suggest that you will find the article to represent time well spent.


Saturday, April 17, 2010



WOW! When I read that headline to an article in the April 13th Washington Post my heart skipped a couple of beats. If that story is true, it is something that gives me great pause because there is very little in the utterances of Robert Gibbs that conforms to my thought processes.

I suggest you take a peek at the Post article:

We all know that Washington is filled with individuals who thrive on huge egos and ambition, but I for one feel that the White House media corps under serves the electorate when they do little or no vetting of these second tier power brokers. All too frequently the underlying motivations of individuals come forward after it is too late. Robert Gibbs is an unpolished unaccomplished student of Washington double-speak who rarely directly answers a question posed to him.

It is your Commander’s opinion that Gibbs is a blowviater whose partisanship diminishes his ability to properly perform his duties. Gibbs, who is the President’s Press Secretary, totally ignores the fact that he really works for the people, and is paid with the people’s tax dollars. A simple YES or NO would be refreshing and spin free. Surely we will need intervention from a much higher order and protection should Gibbs become an individual of even greater influence in Obama’s floundering administration.


Saturday, April 10, 2010


His is not a name well known in the Midwest, but if you closely followed the historical changes that took place with minority set asides back in the 60’s and 70’s you might know of him. Your Commander had two encounters with Bruce; they were both memorable and he was a dynamic man.

To say that Bruce was a remarkable individual is an understatement, because he rose from humble beginnings in East Harlem to become one of the most influential businessmen in the country. He knew how to take advantage of the minority set asides, and he possessed a true entrepreneurial spirit with the will to risk for reward.

Llewellyn’s obituary in the New York Times (4/10/10) jarred my memory to recall the two times our lives passed. One was at a broadcasting convention in Las Vegas in the mid 80’s when he and partners had recently purchased a Buffalo NY television station by taking advantage of a government minority tax credit benefit for sellers to minority owned companies.

The second time I encountered Llewellyn was in the Halls of Congress in about 1992 when we both met with a Congressman in his office while I was a lobbyist for NBC affiliated television stations. Bruce was doing the same, but for his personal business interests.

Bruce was a true opportunist and he blazed a trail for many minority business people in gaining great success and recognition when many minorities found it difficult to seek an avenue to succeed. He often made the point that political and social power grew out of economic power. “Minorities have to understand that the world revolves around the golden rule,” he wrote in Fortune magazine in 1990. “Those who have the gold, rule.”


Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Your Commander is back reading again, and I have a new recommendation for your consideration and enjoyment. After completing THE SILENT SEA I had a feeling equal to the New York Yankees’ “Mr. October” Reggie Jackson hitting a game winning home-run in the World Series or when Chicago Cubs’ legendary “Let’s play two” Ernie Banks hit a home run to beat the rival St. Louis Cardinals. The good guys won the game.

In THE SILENT SEA co-authors Clive Cussler and Jack Du Brul return to their tales of the Oregon whose crew and Chairman Juan Cabrillo combat the evils of the world, and survive under almost unbelievably difficult circumstances. This is another very quick and satisfying read, and most importantly it has absolutely nothing to do with our current political leadership, just another screwed up evil world. Isn’t that a pleasant change?

Happy reading, and please do not peek at the closing pages, because there are some absolutely amazing concluding action events.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


I noticed several articles related to the supposed sport of cage fighting in a recent USA Today. For the record I do not consider cage fighting a sport, but just a form of violence masked in the name of sport.

The debate on the efficacy of boxing and other physically violent fight events has been an ongoing question, and it has been a subject of discussion for far too long. In my opinion any form of brutal fighting should be banned once and for all time. The purpose of this type of fighting is to knock the opponent unconscious, and it is proven to cause death and/or long lasting physical damage to the participants.

While some will argue that fighting is a legitimate form of competitive sport, that it has permitted poor individuals to exit poverty, and it is a form of exercise, I consider those arguments to be bogus. Those points hold little or no rational excuse for the continued violence and potentially tragic consequences.

Violence breeds growing forms of violence within the communities where it is permitted. Boxing has a long established relationship with crime, gambling and other illegal activity. The British Medical Association, which has campaigned since 1982 for officials to call an end to amateur and professional boxing, argues that mixed martial arts events such as ultimate and cage fighting frequently result in traumatic brain injury, joint injuries, and fractures. Dr. Vivienne Nathanson who is the head of ethics and science for the BMA has drawn a comparison of these activities to cockfighting.

These forms of “sport” have made vast sums of money for promoters and draws crowds of individuals who thirst for the sight of blood and the devastation of the opponents. Our elected officials should ban these forms of savage violence. I predict that action will be taken when some poor sap dies violently before a vast pay-for-view audience that feeds the greed of unconscionable promoters.

Has our society eroded to the conditions that afflicted Rome in the days of the gladiators? Tragically we are getting close, because the next step is fighting to the death, and I suspect a big audience exists who would pay to see that happen. Violence begets violence. Sad, but true.