Friday, April 29, 2011


I guess it had to happen, the mayoral campaign in nearby South Bend, IN turned negative thanks to one of the candidates. But, I still say that the apparent value of being mayor of debt-ridden, over-taxed, and deemed a dying city by Newsweek Magazine, South Bend, Indiana is such a lucrative position that it is worth getting down and dirty to win the election. Recognizing that South Bend is only about 100 miles east of Chicago I guess it is not surprising to see Chicago-style political negativity incorporated into the May 3rd multi-candidate race.

Let me note that I am not a resident of South Bend, but I do reside in a bedroom community that is significantly influenced by the inept government in South Bend and St. Joseph County, so the mayoral race impacts me financially.

Last evening while viewing television I saw a negative mayoral campaign commercial aired by Ryan Dvorak, one of three Democrat candidates running against young (age 29) Pete Buttigieg (pronounced Boo-ti-judge), who reportedly has the largest campaign war chest of $250,000. His parents are educators and Buttigieg graduated from Harvard, was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford University, and his career thus far has been spent in the private sector working for the international consulting firm of McKinsey & Co. He is also an officer in the US Navy Reserve.

When I saw the Dvorak commercial I immediately noted several claims that just did not hold one ounce of honesty pointed at Buttigieg, or even the claims Dvorak made of his own record. He seems almost desperate to attain the mayor’s seat of power, influence and rewards. He should know, because he comes from a long standing South Bend political family.

For the record, Ryan Dvorak is one of the Democrat members of the Indiana House of Representatives who deserted their post when they recently fled to Urbana, Illinois so the State House would not have a quorum. Thirty-seven of the forty Democrat members of the House abandoned their Oath of Office. Of those thirty-seven, were four who represent districts within the local area called “Michiana:” Minority Leader B. Patrick Bauer, Craig Fry, David Niezgodski, and Ryan Dvorak. Both Ryan Dvorak and Craig Fry are running to be mayors of the two largest cities in St. Joseph County, IN, with Fry on the ballot in Mishawaka and Dvorak in South Bend.

I don’t know about you, but I would not support anyone who was AWOL from their elected office such as Dvorak and Fry, because I wouldn’t trust them to flee if/when the going gets tough again.

Bauer and Fry hold lucrative administrative positions at Ivy Tech, a community college, which essentially makes them built-in lobbyists for all education issues. Young Ryan Dvorak is the son of the St. Joseph County Prosecutor, and he is floating bogus claims in his negative campaign commercial boasting that he has experience balancing budgets. He graduated from Notre Dame in 1996, went to work for then local US Congressman Tim Roemer 1996-2001, and has served in the Indiana House since 2002. What budgets? He is but one member of the Indiana House of Representatives and “HE” did not balance ANY budget all by himself.

With the Primary election coming next week it will be interesting to see if we have politics as usual in South Bend. In your Commander’s opinion the three deserters should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Unfortunately for some reason the voters in South Bend are no different than they are all over the country; they do not consider conflicts of interest and campaign commercials that contain blatant lies to be a problem.

Somehow we survive, but the taxes caused by these complicit conflicted clowns are killing all of us.


Thursday, April 28, 2011


Your Commander was enjoying a pleasant Easter afternoon watching a televised golf tournament on Hilton Head Island (a beautiful place we love to visit), while also browsing on my computer when I ran across an article on, and I almost lost my lunch.

The link is below, but the details of this latest fiasco by Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) and his cast of fellow characters is short so you need not hit the link, unless you want to check my reporting accuracy.

In essence the story reports the fact that during the current two week Senate Recess, Reid is leading a group of nine other Senators for what is called a “meet and greet” with senior Chinese officials. The first question I have is who approved this trip, and how much will it cost the American taxpayer? It would be interesting to determine who made-up the official party beyond the ten U.S. Senators, and who is paying for them? Was the trip even necessary and in the best interest of the American public?

The Forbes article written by Eric Breaker indicates that Senator’s Richard Shelby (R-AL), Barbara Boxer (D-CA), Dick Durbin (D-IL), Mike Ensi (R-WY), Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), Johnny Isakson (R-GA), Jeff Merkley (D-OR), and Michael Bennet (D-CO), and Reid’s Communications Director John Summers make-up the official party. I have further learned that enroute to China the entourage made a stop in Macao, which would suggest Reid was placating the gambling businesses in his native Nevada and exposing his fellow Senators to the gambling dens they operate in the Far East too.

This entire trip stinks to high heaven, but I bet nothing will ever be said or done about this blatant abuse of our precious treasury dollars. Do the words ARROGANCE, SPECIAL PRIVILEGE, AND CRIMINAL WASTE come to your mind? They sure do to mine.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to determine what other trips were conducted by the other Senators and members of the House during his important two week recess? When is this crap going to stop, and who is going to do it? ROME BURNS WHILE NERO FIDDLES. Your Commander does not appreciate the heat, certainly does not approve of the use of our fiddle without them even asking, and suggests we get the offenders out of the kitchen!



The political pundits say that the mother’s milk of politics is money, and it is your Commander’s opinion that the massive amounts of money flowing into the coffers of politicians on the Federal, State, and local level is simply destroying our democratic form of governance. PAY FOR PLAY is a term that has become popular with the trials and tribulations of ex-Illinois Governor Rob Blagojevich, but it actually defines the basic problem confronting government at all levels of the American society today.

In South Bend, IN (the community next door) the local Mayoral election is taking place. The top four candidates have raised amazing amounts of money for their Primary Campaigns. One young candidate has raised over $250,000 dollars, and three others have raised about $100,000 each – and we are talking about a mid-size Indiana City.

Our President is off flying all over the country while Rome burns during the two-week Congressional recess, and he is expected to raise over $1 billion for his forthcoming Presidential re-election campaign. This situation is repeated all over the country with each person running for Senate and House seats that require their solicitation of huge sums of money to pay their promotional expenses, which in the long-run really represent the cost of attaining the desired office.

Let me draw your attention to an extremely informative article that recently appeared in the Wall Street Journal. The article is interesting from the stand-point that the big Wall Street Hedge Fund Managers are switching their bets when it comes to buying their influence in the next Presidential election.

The thing that jumped off the page at me when reading this article was the astounding amounts of money pumped into these political contests. Please don’t tell me that when a politician receives huge individual contributions such as reported, that it does not buy not only direct contact, but support of the contributor’s special interests. Here we go again with PAY FOR PLAY, and it has totally corrupted the political process in this country.

How can our political leaders criticize political corruption and malfeasance in governments of other countries when it is rampant here in the good old USA?

More than a half million dollars is flooding into the Mayor’s race in little old South Bend, Indiana, and we know that our current President will raise over $1 Billion for his next race. Apparently the political offices have become so lucrative that those running for office are eager to pay almost any amount of money to PAY FOR PLAY, because the pay-off apparently is making it a good business deal for them….not the American taxpayer. We are coming out on the short-end of another sharp stick that is poking at our eyes more and more each passing day.

Have we lost our collective minds or have we just sold-out for whatever handout we can collect from these public servants and duplicitous politicians?


Wednesday, April 27, 2011


With our great country consumed in three Wars, all essentially in the Middle East, and our economy mired in deep unsustainable debt what is one of the big stories appearing in the Washington Post today…”OBAMA TO SPEND WEDNESDAY POLITICKING WITH OPRAH IN CHICAGO, CAMPAIGN DONORS IN NEW YORK CITY”.

I find this disgusting. It proves the real motivation of the current Administration is getting their man RE-ELECTED when the primary goal should be serving the American citizens, and addressing the pressing issues of the day. It seems to me that if the current president has fulfilled campaign promises, and handled domestic and foreign affairs well, campaigning should be easier and less time and dollar intensive.

Here is a link to an Associated Press article in The Washington Post that ties directly to my recent essay regarding to the costs of a presidential overseas trip on Air Force One.

When you read this article you quickly learn that the real priority projects taking our President’s time and attention are self-interest (birth certificate), and not the real pressing matters most important to the future of our country. I will not repeat what is outlined in the Associated Press piece, but clearly Air Force One will need replacements for its tired engines, and you and I know that the Democrat Campaign Committee will not be footing the bill for those expensive replacements.

Be prepared America, you are about to be screwed again.



Today’s Wall Street Journal contained a powerful article by Daniel Henninger titled “Obama’s Likability Gap”. Here is the link:

Henninger has some very strong sentiments expressed in his opinion piece. He also ponders whether Obama’s smoking cessation may have an impact on his recent testy demeanor.

Your Commander wonders if Henninger is just one of a growing number of journalists expressing their increasing concerns relative to Obama’s administration. It is becoming evident that if the Republicans don’t drop the ball, which they are famous for doing, they just might find one of their own gracing the halls of the White House after the next election. Oh, but did I mention the GOP needs to come up with a solid candidate first?

Patience and time will tell.


Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Recently my Editor was in Washington, D.C. conducting business and took some additional time to visit some of our most significant national treasures, such as the Lincoln Memorial, Air and Space Museum, and The White House. It was near the latter that she spotted a wonderful book titled "AIR FORCE ONE – The aircraft that shaped the modern Presidency" by Von Hardesty with a Foreword by CBS Face The Nation host Bob Schieffer.

This is a wonderful soft-cover book, oddly shaped (9 ¼ by 9 ¾), and carries the story from the first flight by President Teddy Roosevelt with one of the Wright Brothers through President George W. Bush’s presidency on today’s Air Force One. To say the book is amazing is an understatement and every American should be interested in the facts and figures presented within its covers.

Hopefully you can find a copy of this book at your local bookstore or local library, because it is well worth your time and effort to be informed about this unique part of the government of the United States.

There is a special feature presented, which unfortunately I cannot copy for inclusion here because it is spread over two adjoining pages. When our President travels overseas on official business aboard Air Force One it takes a massive number of airplanes and personnel to support, serve, and protect our President. While I knew each flight outside the country was a significant undertaking, I did not fully understand the scope and expense involved. Here are the details represented on pages #156 and #157 of the book.

Every time Air Force One departs for an overseas trip the journey is supported with the following equipment and personnel:

Two VC-25 (747 aircraft) - one for the President and one backup aircraft - there are 8 crew members, 17 support personnel, 20 security personnel, 30 presidential staffers, 13 journalists, and one physician on the President’s plane and the backup plane has a crew of 8 and 6 support personnel.

One #747 Press Plane carrying approximately 156 people – Crew, Support, and Press.

Three #C-17 Cargo Planes with support personnel. One carries a crew of 4 and approximately 53 security personnel, the second carries a crew of three, and the third carries another three crew members.

Two #C-5 Cargo Planes with support personnel. One with a crew of 6 and 50 security personnel; the second has a crew of three.

One E-4 Operations plane –Flying Command Plane – with a crew of 61.

Three KC-10 Tanker Refueling planes- with a crew of 4 each.

Three KC-135 Tanker Refueling plane- with a crew of 4 each.

Three VH-10 Helicopters with a crew of 4 each.

Four Limousines and six or more SUV’s.

That represents approximately 475 people on 18 aircraft with four limousines and six SUV’s, and we have not considered the cost of the jet fuel, food, and expense of the personnel all in support of one president traveling to some site outside of the country for official government purposes. It is impossible to even estimate the cost of each trip and I suspect that it is impossible to accurately separate expenses accurately between what is appropriate to charge the government and a specific political party.

It is your Commander’s guesstimate that we are talking well over a hundred million each time the President travels overseas and millions when he flies to Indiana or Montana to meet with workers in an auto factory or western ranches.

Can you imagine the impact of the sight of Air Force One has on arriving in some Third World Country with this entourage? The arrogant ugly Americans arrive to save mankind.

It is your Commander’s strong suggestion that presidents give some serious thought to reducing the number of flights he/she commits on behalf of their Presidency for the economic benefit of the American taxpayer. I agree that it is necessary to attend some of these meeting in foreign lands and I totally understand the importance of extensive security for our President, but equally there must be some additional consideration to the expense of these ventures.

Domestic trips do not require as many planes, personnel, etc., however, they are not cheap either. Just after addressing the nation about the need to share the pain in resolving our budget woes, Obama went off again on Air Force One to Chicago for a political rally and major fund raising gathering. One wonders who is watching how the cost of such travel is accounted. I bet the good old American taxpayer is charged, but we will never know the real answer to my concern.

Would it not be prudent for our President to stay in the White House, and work a full five or six days per week as the average hard working American is required to do? The president can always slip away to Camp David, which is not shabby, and save us a ton of money. Your Commander asks the question…What would our Founding Fathers think of the frequency of air travel by Barack Obama, and the costs attributable to today’s American President?


Monday, April 25, 2011


Today I was trying to find some information relative to the number of junkets being taken by members of Congress during the current two week Easter recess. At the same time President Obama is flying all over the country raising campaign funds for his re-election run. Unfortunately I have thus far not been able to determine which members of Congress are on a junket or where they are traveling, let alone who is traveling with them and who is paying for the trip.

My purpose in trying to determine some definitive information on this subject is to find out if and who is really checking and auditing these trips, some of which are conducted on the backs of the American taxpayer. I will continue to look and, hopefully, will locate some information and report back to you at that point.

While on my junket search I came upon a website written by a man named Mark Schumacher and an article of his titled “Too Many Millionaires in Congress – Time for Just Representation.” From the little I have read of his work so far, Schumacher appears to be a provocateur similar to your Commander.

Did you know that 60% of the NEW Senate and 40% of the NEW House members are millionaires? I wonder what the real percentage is of the total membership. Certainly most, if not all, of the old timers in both Houses are very wealthy cats, too. Here is the link to Schumacher’s article for your information.

Schumacher makes some sound points, especially about the perks and travel that our supposed leaders take off the backs of the taxpayers with little or no checks and balances. While I have no personal axe to grind against successful people, I do have a growing concern that we have permitted our elected leadership to become extremely wealthy, over-perked, excessively overly-privileged, exempt from rules that apply to everyone else, and isolated from the realities that are confronted by every day Americans.

It is your Commander’s opinion that the president and the members of Congress are so isolated from the realities of day to day life in America that they can no longer serve our best interests effectively. They simply just don’t get it anymore when it comes to understanding our problems, and they simply do not care if we think that is a serious problem, because we cannot do anything about it. We can, because our votes put them in and our votes can take them all out of office. However, how do we get rid of their fat pensions and life long perks once they have served a mere six years?

With the ranks of the entitlement crowd growing each day we are now reaching the point where our government spends as much on welfare and entitlement projects as we take in with our federal income tax. At that point we resemble lambs going to slaughter, because our government is committing fiscal suicide.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Have you noticed, as your Commander has, that prominent announcements of the deaths of our military fallen heroes continue to fade daily in the pages of our newspapers? As an example, the report that eight brave soldiers died appeared in today’s USA Today below the fold on Page 4A.

America has now lost 4,427 service members and 13 Defense Department civilians in the Iraq War. We have also lost 1,421 service members and 2 Defense Department civilians in the Afghanistan War. As hundreds of flights are conducted in support of the No-Fly Zone over Libya there will certainly be some tragic loss of life due to unforeseen accidents.

My local newspaper only reports of local military lives lost or those who once resided in the community while those from other parts of the country go unreported. It is understandable that we Americans just do not want to hear about these wars that have gone on far too long without being won or an acceptable solution reached. I find it totally unacceptable to not salute and honor those who give their lives so we can enjoy the benefits of freedom.

Just think of the impact upon the families of the 5,863, plus all their extended family members, whose lives are dramatically changed forever because their loved ones stepped forward for you and me. Each and every one of those who gave their lives should be honored today and forever with prominent announcements on the front pages of every single newspaper in the country.

I ask you…Where in the hell have the values and respect for our fellow man gone in The United States of America? Every single day we should all say a prayer for the service rendered by each who gave their lives for us and their country. Eight brave names were added to my prayer list today, and they deserved front-page attention, and not buried or even ignored by the misplaced values of our liberal news media.



With the American economy teetering on the brink of insolvency what does our President and Congress do? They all leave Washington for a two-week recess, so they can go off and raise money for their re-election campaigns.

Their action represents their total arrogance, ineptness, and an egotistical mis-use of their Oath of Office responsibilities. Tragically you and I are totally to blame for this situation, because we elected these complicit clowns, and we do nothing about our legitimate concerns.

When the economy tanks you and I will directly feel the dramatic influence, but the President and the entire Congressional delegation will be totally insulated and protected going on about their privileged way of life.

Don’t tell me about your concern for their behavior unless you get off your back-side and call them to task. Actions speak louder than words.



If you were part of the audience that viewed last Sunday’s edition of 60 Minutes you witnessed the sad revelation of inaccuracies in Greg Mortenson’s THREE CUPS OF TEA story. You may remember that your Commander wrote a glowing book review of Mortenson’s book about building schools for girls in Afghanistan and Pakistan under the umbrella of his Central Asia Institute.

While I did not include it in my review I was aware from reading Mortenson’s book that he was obsessive in his drive to accomplish his mission. He admitted in his book that he frequently was looked upon as one operating in non-conventional ways, which supports the conclusions reported by CBS’s 60 Minutes report.

In addition to the 60 Minutes episode there is an extensive article in Monday’s New York Times and another at Time. Com. They properly raise important questions surrounding the initial due diligence conducted by Mortenson’s publisher Viking (Penguin Group USA) prior to publication.

Clearly there are some troubling issues that should be investigated in-depth, assuming they are true, and the 60 Minutes presentations certainly crafted a compelling case against Mortenson’s conduct. Unfortunately Mortenson is not the first author to fleece the public, and he will not be the last one.

Assuming the exposure of these alleged facts will lead to an objective investigation, I suspect the Central Asia Institute Board of Director’s failed to perform their fiduciary responsibilities. A solid investigation should bring the appropriate individuals to account in the interest of all charitable giving.

Mortenson’s work and cause seem praiseworthy, but he has apparently broken his bond with his many generous supporters that may be irreparable. Is it not sad that greed and ego can destroy such a worthy project? One wonders if the facts were so distorted to begin with that the entire project was unrealistic from the beginning. Only history will prove the true conclusion someday in the distant future.


Tuesday, April 19, 2011


You should have filed and paid your Federal Income Tax by midnight last night or filed an extension with an estimated amount of tax paid. A task no one really enjoys.

It is your Commander’s opinion that virtually each reasonably thinking person accepts the fact that our Tax Code is broken and it unfairly shields massive amounts of potential revenue from being appropriately taxed. No American wants to pay more than their fair share of taxes, but far too many people abuse the Tax Code that has swollen to over 1,700 pages. Far too many Americans pay absolutely no tax, and that is just plain not fair. With over 311,289,301 citizens in this country it is a fact that nearly one-half pay absolutely nothing in the way of taxes in support of the American government.

That reality is totally wrong. I know that some of my readers will think I am callous and cold hearted, but I believe that every single American should pay something each year. Just consider if the 50% of those who pay nothing contributed just $5.00 that would garner $778,223,250 in additional tax revenue to the US Treasury.

Don’t tell me the non-paying individuals could not afford $5.00 for each person in their household to the operation of this country, because you know in your heart that they can. Just cutting back on buying expensive cigarettes, liquor, tattoos, drugs, and/or spending $5.00 less per year for each family member on necessities is possible. Again a $5 rate would bring in nearly $800 million

The growing number of citizens in the entitlement crowd is killing this country’s financial integrity. There are no free-rides in life and America cannot afford our growing political class-warfare, and its escalating entitlement dependent population.

On the other end of the scale, the wealthy should not be protected by unfair deductions and loopholes. A revision of the Tax Code is in order, but it must be fairly reorganized, and a flat tax may be the appropriate answer. Rich, poor, and all in between must carry the burden to support a sound America. The middle-class is currently being abused, but nothing will be done until we collectively demand appropriate action by our elected officials.


Thursday, April 14, 2011


As reported back on March 10th I moved on to Alex Berenson’s fourth book MIDNIGHT HOUSE, and now have only one more of his five books to read. Without a doubt I continue to be a fan of Berenson’s books, but I must admit that MIDNIGHT HOUSE was the darkest one I’ve read.

The story centers on the operation of a black-ops prison in Poland by American intelligence personnel. I am not opposed to secret missions; that is the way the world works today with the growing threat of deranged terrorists operating under the guise of a distorted view of their religion. However, Berenson’s story is disturbing.

With that said Berenson keeps moving his hero, John Wells, through seemingly impossible circumstances that keep the reader turning pages well into the early morning hours. Although this is a very good book, it is my least favorite of the four I have read.

I have started his newest tome titled SILENT SOLDIER, and I can report that so far it is absolutely up to Berenson’s high standards of constant action, suspense and good over evil. Your Commander will be reporting further when I complete SILENT SOLDIER on my Kindle, which will be only a matter of a few days.


Saturday, April 9, 2011


You know from my previous commentaries I am not a huge fan of the administration of the NCAA. Time and time again this organization has come down on the side of making money at the expense of young student athletes that they should be supporting and protecting.

In today’s New York Times Joe Nocera wrote about an NCAA double standard. Jim Calhoun, the men’s basketball coach for the University of Connecticut (this year’s recent NCAA championship team), just prior to the big tournament was sanctioned for violating recruiting rules and suspended for three games next season.

Days later Perry Jones III, a freshman basketball player at Baylor University, was immediately suspended for six games just hours before his team’s conference tournament. The reason…his mother borrowed money from his A.A.U. coach when Jones was a sophomore in high school.

I urge you to read Nocera’s critical article in its entirety at:

Having stated my concerns please draw your own conclusions, but I suggest that Nocera has clearly defined the core problem facing the future success of the NCAA.

What do you think?


Friday, April 8, 2011


If you follow my blog you know that I am a big fan of the work of Professor Walter E. Williams, the distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University. What I most admire about Williams’s writing is that it is well researched, and he tells it like it is without any sugar-coating. In today’s highly contentious political atmosphere his essays are refreshing.

He wrote an article that appeared in many publications and websites across the country. Here is one of the links:

Williams has the guts to address a subject that few have the courage to broach. In my opinion we need more American voices such as Williams to cut through the haze that is over-shadowing our great country. Hooray for Walter E. Williams.



Some old guys drift off into weird directions after retirement, such as drinking too much, chasing young women, distributing off-color jokes, collecting pornographic pictures, but this old dog has fortunately fallen in love with my computer (after the wife and children, of course) for the vast warehouse of knowledge that it makes available to all on a daily basis. It is said that knowledge is power, but for me knowledge expands my enjoyment of my remaining time on this wonderful place called earth.

As I do each morning I was scanning various websites along with a long list of emails that I receive daily from friends across the country. An email that originated from a friend in Pennsylvia was short and simple.

“For those that love language…this one is very descriptive.

Subject: Obambulate – A real word.”

Conducting a Google search I learned that yes, it is a real word and the definition of obambulate appears in the Oxford English Dictionary (2nd Edition) as follows:

Obambulate – To walk about; to wander hither and thither.

Your Commander will not make any comment relative to the thoughts that come to mind when reading the definition of this word, and any possible direct or indirect relationship it could possibly have to our current President of the United States. I’ll let you draw your own reaction and conclusion. Enough said!

Words…aren’t they beautiful?


Sunday, April 3, 2011


It has been 29 years since the federal government passed the Nuclear Waste Policy Act, and since that time over $20 billion has been spent to construct the storage facility for 135,000 metric tons of nuclear waste at Yucca Mountain. The site is located on federal land in a remote stretch of desert some 90 miles northwest of Las Vegas.

This entire project to establish a repository for nuclear waste has been a highly debated political issue since it first started, and it has been an especially emotional issue in the State of Nevada. Since 1987 the City of Las Vegas has opposed Yucca Mountain, because the nuclear waste would be transported to the site through the Las Vegas Valley, and they opposed the site because it posed a danger from potential transit accidents. In fairness to the discussion it should be noted that when the project first started Las Vegas was a very small town, but has since become one of the fastest growing cities in the country with a huge increase in political influence.

During his Presidential campaign, Barack Obama promised his opposition in his effort to garner much needed Nevada votes, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has long opposed the Yucca Mountain site’s selection. Once elected to the Presidency, Obama eliminated funding for the project, and thus paid-off Senator Reid, and concerned voters of Nevada.

In looking into this subject I found a treasure trove of information, and I suggest that if interested you search Google’s numerous articles. This highly emotional issue has again resurfaced because of the recent tragic events in Japan, and the dangers that have developed from the exposure of high levels of radiation.

Your Commander believes that the transfer of domestic nuclear waste can be conducted safely, and securely. It is my opinion that we must not permit the waste of over $20 billion in already spent construction costs, and further absorb another $22 billion many utility companies have pre-paid the Department of Energy for their contracted storage facilities at Yucca Mountain.

Please read Allyn Milojevich’s “Closing Yucca Mountain a waste”, and note that he wrote it before the Japan nuclear incident.

Spent fuel rods are being stored at each nuclear facility across our country, and they should and must be placed in Yucca Mountain now. That action will prevent further wasteful spending by a politically paralyzed administration. This is a national safety issue, and the local scare tactics of Nevada politicians should not work against the safety and fiscal interests of the entire country. This is another sad example of a lack of leadership emanating from Washington on thorny issues that continue to work against the best interests of all Americans.

If President Obama wants to expand nuclear energy to off-set our dependence on imported oil, then we have to address the storage of an ever-expanding number of spent fuel rods. This is a decision that cannot be delayed because it is a political hot issue, but one that takes non-political leadership.



That is the alarming title of Stephen Moore’s Wall Street Journal article, and the sub-headline was even more shocking “More Americans work for the government than in manufacturing, farming, fishing, forestry, mining and utilities combined.”

I suggest that you read Moore’s opinion piece for yourself, and then draw your own conclusions:

The article states “It is a system that breeds mediocrity, which is what we’ve gotten.” This draws me to the conclusion that we must all do something to correct this situation. It is your Commander’s intention to “do something” at the polls with careful examination of the policies and action plans of the candidates. No wonder our economy is in appalling condition and is headed for bankruptcy.

After reading this article I am not surprised that we keep re-electing the same incompetent politicians, because they keep greasing the skids for government union employees. In essence it is a case of vote for me and I will take care of you, which ignores efficiency and productivity. Obviously this opinion piece is not a ringing endorsement for the government employee unions’ value and productivity, but it clearly defines one of the several contributing factors to our debt crisis.



“It could probably be shown by facts and figures that there is no distinctly native American criminal class except Congress.” – Mark Twain

“Remember…Politicians and diapers should be changed often and for the same reason.” – Mark Twain

“America will never be destroyed from outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” – Abraham Lincoln

It is your Commander’s opinion that these three quotes provide some sage advice for your contemplation.


Friday, April 1, 2011


(This article was written March 3rd.)

Now almost one month after first proposing action, the Postmaster has again suggested that Saturday delivery elimination would save $3.5 billion annually, but that will not solve the postal problems. Just how long will Congress stall as money is lost with each day they delay addressing this business failure? Maybe, if they did not take so many vacations to go home and schmooze campaign donors, they just might accomplish the peoples’ business.

How long will our federal government ignore its fiduciary responsibilities and permit the Postal Service to continue operating with massive financial debt? I suggest that you read link below from Daily Finance.Com

I have written several commentaries in the past urging immediate action by Congress, but as usual it fails to address this hot potato issue for fear of causing a negative reaction from the complicit buddies in the Union movement. How can anybody continue to ignore a business that cannot pay $5.5 billion for employee medical benefits, and $1.3 billion in workers’ compensation obligations without another bailout that falls on your back and mine?

As I have said before the business model that operates the U.S. Postal Service is outmoded, non-competitive, dysfunctional, bankrupt, and must be dissolved. One wonders if the government’s postal service is so laden with unsustainable union contracts and so out of touch with innovations that have taken place over the years that anyone would even bid to take it into a private profit based format.



When I read the March 15th on-line edition of the Washington Post I was shocked, but not surprised, to learn of yet another example of fiscal waste and corruption in the House of Representatives Ethics Committee. Take a look at the R. Jeffrey Smith article outlining the appalling action that took place under the ex-Chairwomanship of Representative Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) to delay the investigation into highly questionable actions of fellow Californian Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA):

The story told of one disgusting politically motivated action after another concerning Maxine Waters and the Ethics Committee case against her. No hearing occurred against Rep. Waters and her accused ethic violations have been written off as political clout or permitted abuse of power.

When will someone step forward and hold politicians (Republicans and Democrats) responsible for their actions, inactions, and questionable decisions? Until some accountability is ordered to rid our government of corrupt complicity we cannot expect to get effective and honest governance. We elect these crooks, so I guess we have no one to blame but ourselves.

Thank heavens I do not live in Rep. Waters’ district…but I wouldn’t have ever voted for her in the first place. I believe I am an informed voter and value my elective decisions…and I hope you are, too.



It was two days ago that I wrote a blog relative to General Electric abusing the American tax code, and yesterday I almost fell out of my desk chair when I read the attached article in the Washington Post. If you missed it here is the link:

It is most interesting that the two organizations calling for General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt’s resignation from the White House Council on Jobs and Competitiveness were Obama supporters and Progressives United. Can you imagine your Commander and these two organizations are in agreement on this one issue?

Even Obama’s liberal base supporters are joining the ranks of concerned citizens across the country questioning decisions rendered by our All-Knowing/All-Seeing Commander in Chief on a growing number of his actions and decisions. Will wonders never cease? The Tea Party,, Progressives United and your Commander have found common ground.

The fact that General Electric did not pay American taxes last year is surprising, and I find it un-American coming from a company that historically has been an American corporate institution. SHAME-SHAME.