Saturday, January 31, 2009


After spending the Christmas holidays in the hospital, I returned home and a bounty of wonderful gifts from my wife and children. Knowing my love of reading, I received several great books that have kept me busy for the past four weeks.

While January is fast slipping away it is not too late to get a copy of William J. Bennett and John T.E. Cribb’s THE AMERICAN PATRIOT’S ALMANAC. This is a magnificent book and a page is devoted to each date of the year with unique historical information, plus a series of events occurring on those dates. I have the book on my desk and each morning I start my morning by reading the historical event of the day. This book is a true treasure and an excellent addition to your library.

While I reported reading David Halberstam’s THE COLDEST WINTER several weeks ago, I find myself putting the book aside and then returning to it from time to time. Having served in Korea during the closing days of the War, I find myself learning insightful information previously unknown to a then 21 year old Staff Sergeant serving on an isolated K-Site along the Yellow Sea. There are valuable lessons in this book our government can learn as we confront our current world hostilities.

Ted Bell’s wonderful series of adventure stories surrounding his character Alex Hawke continue to draw my attention and enjoyment.

Then there is Clive Cussler and Dirk Cussler’s latest action adventure ARCTIC DRIFT. Their work is good as ever, but I have read so many of the Cussler books that they are becoming predictable. This is a very quick read.

Michael Wolff has a wonderfully well researched book, THE MAN WHO OWNS THE NEWS: Inside the Secret world of Rupert Murdoch. Having a long working relationship with advertising, media, and broadcasting this book caught my eye quickly. The book covers Murdoch’s rise from obscurity in Australia to one of the giants of the media world and includes his acquisition of The Wall Street Journal. The reader quickly realizes that Murdoch has paid a heavy price for his success with three marriages that produced five children who all have their own idiosyncrasies. Clearly, money does not buy happiness, at least not for Murdoch.

Last, but not least, is a fascinating read by Robert K. Wilcox TARGET PATTON: The plot to assassinate General George S. Patton. Wilcox has done a great job of digging deep into the various theories that have been floating around since Patton’s suspicious death at the end of World War ll. Having a long standing interest in military history, I found the book most revealing about true and rarely documented actions of Presidents that are held in high regard. The average American citizen does not know that Presidents Roosevelt, Truman, and Eisenhower all made decisions that caused the death of thousands of American troops. The infiltration of Communists in the Roosevelt administration was blatant. You will find it very surprising that all three Presidents made decisions knowing that thousands were headed to their death or life-long imprisonment. I am certain that you will agree after reading this book that it is apparent that Patton was assassinated by the Russians or in cooperation with the American government.

I hope that I have whet your appetite for some of these wonderful books. As my years advance, my books have become dear friends. They always provide me with a greater appreciation of life. My study and family room contain hundreds of cherished volumes covering a wide array of subjects.

I hope you have pleasurable reading during these absurdly cold winter months,


Wednesday, January 28, 2009


I suggest that it is far too early to start finding fault with our new President’s personal efforts and his administration. That is not to say that we should sit passively when we see disturbing issues or actions.

Our new leader has spoken for many months that he wants a bi-partisan administration, but every time he has spoken since taking office he has gone out of his way to kick his predecessor in the groin. “The disastrous economy that I inherited…..” There cannot be anyone in the entire world that doesn’t know that Obama inherited a difficult economy, but I suspect it makes his entitlement base giggle every time he gives Bush a shot.

I still predict that the media will turn on President Obama in the near future, but in these early days he is still being protected by the liberal main-stream media outlets.

Headlines from January 26th:

“Historic Obama Inauguration will cost only $120 million”

“Obama Spends $120 million on inauguration; America Needs a Big Party”

“Everyman Obama shows America how to celebrate”

“Citibank executives contribute $8 million to Obama Inauguration”

Headlines from 4 Years Ago:

‘Republicans spending $42 million on inauguration while troops die in unarmored Humvees”

“Bush extravagance exceeds any reason during tough economic times”

“Fat cats get their $42 million inauguration party. Ordinary Americans get the shaft”

Isn’t this comparison fascinating?

Here’s a suggestion from your Commander that would have made Obama’s recent announcement more palatable on his closing of Gitmo within one year.

What if he had said, “We have a detailed plan for the dispersion of the current inhabitants of Gitmo, and if we can execute the plan we will close Gitmo within one-year.”?

Also, with drugs and illegal immigration costing the American economy so many millions of dollars and destroying the economies of border states, I propose Obama withdraw thirty thousands troops from Iraq, with the approval of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, sending ten thousand immediately to Afghanistan, and twenty thousand back to the United States to be assigned to the Mexican border. As additional troops can be withdrawn from Iraq we would add to our troop deployment in Afghanistan and send additional troops to the southern Border States. Additionally, the Joint Chiefs of Staff should immediately be assigned to commence a detailed investigation into where we can withdraw American troops currently serving overseas, such as in Germany, Japan, Korea etc. Hopefully, many of them can be returned to the USA for service along both the southern and northern borders. This action plan would save the U.S. taxpayers millions of dollars and provide an improvement in reducing the flow of drugs and illegal immigration.

Think of the economic impact this action would immediately have on our faltering economy. This would be a strong bi-partisan act, but I can’t see it coming from Obama, because he does not dare arouse his entitlement/ illegal immigrant base that depends upon open borders and illegal drugs. His voting base would go crazy, and the ACLU would have massive heart attacks, but American citizens would win if he followed my suggestion.

This is just a bi-partisan suggestion for our new President.


Sunday, January 25, 2009


If you live outside northern Indiana you may not be interested in this commentary, but I suspect there are many other communities facing similar financial problems.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I love living in Granger, Indiana USA. After living all over the country from Illinois, to Texas, west to California, back to Illinois, south to Florida, up to Minnesota, south to Indiana, out west to Arizona, and back to Indiana, we are very content living in a quiet suburban community.

While we do not enjoy the severe winters in North Central Indiana the other three seasons make up for the few frigid winter months. The vehicle traffic is generally acceptable, and the cost of living is much better than many popular temperate climate locations.

As the years pass I find that my needs are less, and my priorities now include an appreciation of superior medical facilities. Nearby Mishawaka has very good shopping, and several excellent dining facilities. What makes living in this community special are the good friends that we have developed over the years.

The title of this commentary is correct. We may leave this area, because of our inept governmental leadership. Our home county government and the City of South Bend are facing a financial crisis of their own doing. For years the Democrat Party has ruled the South Bend and the St. Joseph County government, and they have repeatedly failed to govern with appropriate financial integrity. Since the Indiana State legislators passed measures to address the inflated property tax regulations, local governments are faced with less revenue coming into their coffers.

With the prospect of less revenue coming from the State, the Mayor of South Bend is crying that they cannot function without reducing essential services, such as firing policemen and firemen. It has been proposed that a doubling of the Local Option Income Tax will be necessary to offset a projected deficit of $4.3 million dollars. Their plea appears to be logical at first blush, but the real issue is the fact that both the County and the City of South Bend have been operating with bloated budgets for years. Two quick examples are the multiple layers of government, and law enforcement operating within the state, county, city, townships, and schools.

The problems facing this community are similar to those being addressed by the Big Three automobile companies. Poor management, bloated staffs, under funded retirement obligations, poor budget controls, and, locally, a failure to address any of the necessary reforms outlined in the December 11, 2007 Kernan Report that were fully outlined in the Indiana Commission of Local Government Reform report.

As stated in my December 3rd essay titled STREAMLINING GOVERNMENT AND SAVING MONEY I reported that the only effort taken thus far to cut expenses was made by the City of Mishawaka in combining their Department of Weights and Measures into the same operation in South Bend. The unified operation will save significant sums of money. The City of South Bend continues to plow forward without making substantial budget reductions in their bloated budget.

The reasons causing the demise of cities like South Bend and/or the St. Joseph County government are carefully outlined in Richard Longstreet’s book CAUGHT IN THE MIDDLE. Hoosiers resist change, and have repeatedly failed to adapt to changing circumstances. Times are bad across this nation, but how can the City of Mishawaka operate without a call for increased taxation? Mishawaka has reduced dollars from the State too, but they have effective leadership and good budget controls. The citizens of St Joseph County strongly signaled the fact that they do not want another increase in their taxation.

One example of the inept leadership in South Bend is Mayor Stephan J. Luecke’s, and the Council’s decision to grant 1 million dollars to install a jumbotron television screen outside the new WNIT-TV PBS facilities. Downtown South Bend is a total joke, and I find few reasons to venture into the crime ridden streets. Why do fewer and fewer citizens go downtown? The reason is clear that there is little there to attract people, aside from one good bakery, one good chocolate store, and a couple of museums that once you attend them, most do not return. Sure there are a couple of good eating establishments and occasionally a good live theatre offering. Even the very interesting College Football Hall of Fame can not cover its own operating budget without a huge financial infusion of cash from the City and taxpayers’ pocketbooks. The voters were promised they would never have to cover the operating expenses of the Hall. The Studebaker Museum is a shrine to a failed business and a one-time only destination, too.

On December 12th I was pleased to learn that Governor Mitch Daniels announced a series of local government reform proposals toward eliminating township government in Indiana, which comes from the Kernan Commission Report. This is a constructive start, but immediately the Democratic Speaker of the House, B. Patrick Bauer, stated that he will consider the proposals, but this is not the time for action. Bauer continues to be an obstructing political force in establishing more efficient State government. I ask the question of Speaker Bauer, “When is the proper time?”

I live on a fixed income just like thousands of other people in St. Joseph County and we have been nearly financially tapped out. Hopefully, the electorate will wake up and change the do-nothing administration. When the South Bend Mayor cannot find it in himself to make the necessary budget cutbacks it is then time to replace him. How many Deputy Mayors does Luecke need?

The Republicans are not blame free either. They continue to be poorly organized, under-funded, and repeatedly present less than electable candidates.

Should this proposed income tax come to pass I just may leave St. Joseph County. I do not want to depart, but I refuse to feed the pockets of a mismanaged administration. The overlapping layers of government in this area are an unnecessary expense, redundant, and a misuse of public monies.
It is time for the voters to make their voices heard. A non-violent tax revolt is the answer.

Just compare the fiscal integrity of South Bend to that of the City of Mishawaka. Compare the economic vitality of Mishawaka to South Bend. Why did a huge automobile dealership move out of downtown South Bend? Why did St. Joseph Regional Hospital and the WSBT Stations move too? In a recent USA Today article it was reported that more families moved out of Indiana than moved into the state during 2008.

It probably will take me several months to sell my house in this down economy, but I am damn serious. Yes, I can afford to pay the increased tax, if it is passed, but why would or should I continue to support ineffective leadership. Why does the local electorate continue to support fiscal irresponsibility?


Friday, January 23, 2009


Since the November 2008 election we have witnessed a very smooth transition that continued the theme of CHANGE and stressed a civil bi-partisan tone.

However, on the 44th President’s third day in office several serious chilling events have occurred that cause me to pause and question my initial support for our newly elected President. I am truly trying to give our new leader the benefit of the doubt, but his early performance is trying my patience. I feel our leader should know better than insult the intelligence of the electorate, promptly start paying off political debts, and ignoring his long promised transparency in his administration.

1. Why was the entire White House Press Corps not alerted to the second swearing in of the President Wednesday evening?

2. On the third day of the Presidency why must the first official Executive
Order be to announce the closing of Gitmo within one year, yet there is no
outline for the dispersal of the detainees.

3. Does the announcement of the elimination of all forms of torture not send
the wrong message to our enemy?

I suggest that we as a country have far greater problems facing our daily lives than the three issues outlined above, but they are obviously the priority of our new administration. Additionally, I have learned that all records of past administrations are now to be open for examination. This is nothing more than a bitter vicious political attack on the Bush administration. I see this as a quick payoff to Move-on. Org and/or George Siros.

Do you seriously think any of these actions are the most important matters facing our country?

Further, the new faces of the power structure appearing on our television sets are really old Washington hacks retreaded from previous Democrat administrations. This too is troubling, but America is getting just what it voted to receive. I pray we survive the severe shift to the liberal socialistic influences.

Are we experiencing the CHANGE that we were promised or a return to patrician political steamrolling by a Congress and Executive branch that has firm one party rule? I believe we are witnessing the payoff for one of the most brilliantly executed public relations/ advertising political campaigns funded by record sums of legal and illegal monies. The superb campaign for Obama led to a record voting turnout by legal/illegal voters.

I predict that in the weeks and months ahead we will witness the Chicago-style political heavy hand of Rahm Emanuel, and it will not be a pleasant experience. Additionally, I believe the first to turn on President Obama will be the entitlement crowd or the Union’s the minute either thinks they are not getting their prompt due.

Hold on to your saddle and wallet, because the ride will only get rougher for Republicans and Independent Conservatives.


Monday, January 19, 2009


As two-thirds of the United States shivers in frightening sub-zero temperatures where is the publicity seeking promoter of global warming?

I suspect that Al Gore is not in frigid Tennessee, but sunning himself on some southern hemisphere beach after receiving tens of thousands of dollars for another alarming, self-promoting global warming presentation. As more and more prominent academics shift sides on this debate, I suspect we will not hear much more from Gore until spring returns to North America.

Where does your Commander stand on Global Warming? Somewhere in the middle, but I do not profit from my desire to have a cleaner planet.

Hopefully, the huge dollars Gore receives from speaking in countries that cannot even feed their own poor will pay his mega-energy bill on his non-green mansion in frozen Tennessee.


Saturday, January 17, 2009


The days are quickly ticking away toward the inauguration of our new President of the United States of America. President-elect Barack Obama is entering from stage left and President George Bush is about to depart via stage right.

I suspect you will make an effort to watch at least some of the historic coverage that will last throughout the day. I pray that the day passes uneventfully, except for the planned festivities and pageantry that will accompany yet another smooth transition of power.

It is my suspicion that President Bush will be more than happy to get back to his homes in Crawford and Dallas, Texas. Few Presidents have been confronted by as many unique circumstances as his administration. In recent months I wrote that I would refrain from expressing my opinions about the Bush Administration until he has left office and I intend to honor that position, but I will have much to say at the appropriate time.

It has been most interesting to witness the sudden, significant shift in the positions of our President-elect between the time his two year campaign began, stump speeches, election, and now a few short days before his assumption of power. Were Obama to have made some of the statements he has recently made to the public before his election, he may never have won the election. He has moved from a strong liberal pro-union, income redistribution, pro-immigration, world peace, anti-war agenda to a far softer center position. I suspect that when Obama began receiving briefings from the cooperative Bush White House team and the intelligence community, he quickly realized his election agenda would not fly in the face of reality and the daily changing economic and worldwide conditions.

It is worth noting that the media is beginning to question its two year love affair with Obama. The facts indicate that his old Chicago ties continue to haunt him with the Blagojevich and Reszko scandals. I believe the Blagojevich affair has long legs that will impact many other individuals before it is over. The media vultures smell smoke and are circling the wagons.

We should also consider Obama and his team’s failure to properly vet his appointment of New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; the questions now developing about his Secretary of the Treasury nominee Timothy Geithner’s non-payment of income taxes and employment of an undocumented household employee; legitimate concerns about proposed Attorney General Eric Holder’s involvement in Clinton’s pardon of Mark Rich among other events in his career; increasing questions about the conflicts of interest with ex-President Bill Clinton’s ties to foreign governments and Hillary’s appointment as the Secretary of State. Also lurking in the background are rumors and questions about his Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel and Chicago style political tactics.

I remain surprised by Obama’s selection of Hillary Clinton to be Secretary of State. The love fest between Obama and the Clinton’s following the nomination process has never impressed me for one minute. The tension between these three political forces lingers, and I suspect the Hillary appointment will place her closer under Obama’s control and will also dampen ex-President Clinton’s wanderings around the world. This Obama/Hillary pairing is a political marriage of necessity and/or convenience, but I wonder if it will be successful.

We are witnessing a shift in the main street media’s Obama romance, so the honeymoon is rocky and he has not even been sworn into office. I suspect that our new president will be facing more serious problems than any other president in recent history. There is trouble with the Mexican government’s viability, Mexican Drugs, bloated US prison populations with illegal immigrants, Iran and its nuclear weapon threat, Israel and its fear of its Middle East neighbors.

Obama said he would close Gitmo, but you cannot just do that in the blink of an eye. Where are you going to put the detainees? How will their legal status change once held in the US? He once said he would immediately order the departure of all US troops from Iraq, but that is really impossible too. Looming on the horizon is the anticipated threat of increased oil prices again from unfriendly oil producing nations. Last but not least are the myriad of problems faced by the U.S. economy including massive unemployment, the multi-layered financial crisis, the faltering automobile industry, and a number of states near bankruptcy. And that’s before we even consider the threat by Osama Bin Laden or others of another attack on American soil.

Our President-elect faces another tricky problem, and that is maintaining the loyalty of his long solicited African-American constituency. Currently they are in euphoria, but that loyalty could be fragile. They have been promised much and if benefits of support do not materialize quickly they could suddenly pounce on him and the Democrat Party. I believe there is a great danger in his playing the RACE CARD, and it could cost Obama more than it ever helped him. I quietly fear the flames already fanned in the lunatic skin-head community.

Obama is already seeing the pressures being directed at him from both Senate Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). If either of these two old political hacks face any personal threats they will turn on their young and eat them. They do not want to give up one inch of their power and Obama must find a way to placate them while also reaching out for needed Republican support to his plans.

I honestly wish him well, but I suspect that he already might be putting his head on his pillow at night saying, “Why did I seek this office?” The wolves are already circling the carcass and it will only get worse in the months ahead.

Your Commander was never an Obama booster, because he is far too liberal for my conservative yet independent comfort zone, but he is our President and Commander in Chief and we all must get behind him. That does not mean that we should not voice our objections or suggestions, because that is one of the blessings we have in our unique and free speaking democracy. May God bless him and may God bless America.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Your Commander will bet that 9 out of 10 people you pass on the street have absolutely no idea what the TRILATERAL COMMISSION represents, recommends, or espouses. On further reflection, I suspect that the figure would really be about 95%, and only 5 individuals out of 100 have any real knowledge regarding the TRILATERAL COMMISSION.

Recently some good friends visited and during our discussions I was asked if I was familiar with the purpose of the Commission? I responded that I had a faint recollection, but in reality knew next to nothing about the goals of the Commission. This stirred my interest and drove me to my computer and an investigation into details via Google.

Quickly I found four very interesting and informative reports that I suggest you read as I did. Obviously, if you are part of the 5% or 10% that are knowledgeable you need not proceed further.

The TRILATERAL COMMISSION was founded by David Rockefeller following his reading of then Columbia University Professor Zbigniew Brzezinski’s book BETWEEN TWO AGES. In essence Brzezinski (who later served as President Carter’s National Security Advisor) urged an alliance between North America, Western Europe and Japan to meet the necessary changes that a modern world required. The purpose of the Commission is far more complicated than I have thus far outlined, and I urge you to read the four articles using the links below. Most disturbing to me is the suggestion that the upper class must join together to protect their global financial interests over those of the hoi polloi (common people). secret-org

After you read these important reference pieces (it will not take you long) I am certain that you, too, will be disturbed. If the goals of the Commission are for the betterment of mankind, why is the organization so secret? Please draw your own conclusion, but I feel it is vital that more and more hoi polloi become better informed of the Commission’s real goals. I find it to be most interesting to learn who has been and/or is a member of the Commission. Obviously many of our most important world leaders are telling their people one thing and in reality operating behind the scenes in activities that represent a totally different conclusion. Your Commander finds this to be an alarming development, and I believe that people should know just what their leaders’ true motivations are.


Monday, January 12, 2009


As the recent holiday season approached my wife decided to visit her family in Chicago just before Christmas. I was not feeling well with back problems and I stayed home alone. On December 22nd I awoke with intense pain in the lower back and could not even get out of bed to go downstairs to get some pain medicine. To add to the problem, all our doors were locked with dead bolts, and no one locally had a key to our house, except my wife in Chicago.

By mid morning I called by wife and asked her to come home immediately, and she did, but it took several hours because she was up in Lake Zurich, Illinois. Upon arrival she gave me some pain pills, but there was little relief. Finally, at 4:00AM on December 23rd we called the local paramedics to take me to the hospital.

Being in great pain they administered morphine and carried me down the stairs into the ambulance and St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in South Bend. Once in the emergency room they gave me more pain medicine and examined me before admitting me for a full investigation. The first guess was that I had either kidney stones, a kidney infection, or a gall stone flare up. The next morning (Christmas Eve) I was taken for an MRI, but required sedation due to the back pain and some claustrophobia.

The next thing I knew there were twenty five or more people staring at me with anxious faces and a little thin guy pounding on my chest. I was CODE BLUE! A friendly face appeared above me holding my hand and told me that they had almost lost me. It was our dear friend Dr. David Cory who was on call that day in X-Ray and was part of the CODE BLUE team. His words were very comforting, but I was scared out of my mind. I told David I had just seen the WHITE LIGHT.

I was placed in the intensive care unit and several blood tests were performed, a rib cage x-ray, and a heart stress test. Finally, I was taken for a HIDA scan, which showed that my liver, gall bladder, etc. were functioning well, although like many older people I did have some gall stones.

After examination by numerous Doctors and being transferred from room to room and various care levels it was decided December 29th that I could go home to recuperate. Guess what? I no longer had any back pain, but my chest was all black and blue and hurt like hell. All the while I was in the hospital, I was heavily sedated, and when I got home I found that I could not lie in bed. I was forced to sit and sleep in a recliner, which gave me some relief from the chest pain.

I have been home now two weeks and still have intense chest pain from the pounding I took during the CODE BLUE procedure, but I am alive and damn thankful. I have seen my family physician since I came home and within the next two weeks will also see my cardiologist and nephrologist (kidney) for further examination and perhaps additional tests. My medical record now clearly shows that I have experienced a bad reaction to fentanyl – the sedation used for the MRI.

Today, except for a damn sore chest, I’m ok, but very limited and continue to take a prescription for pain. I cannot lie down without intense soreness, so I sit and sleep in my Lazy boy chair. It is getting uncomfortable, but I would be lost without my loving wife’s care.

So that is how we spent Christmas 2008. I am blessed to be alive and most appreciative of the additional time that the Good Lord has granted me on this beautiful earth. Many thanks for all your good wishes and kind remarks. Hopefully within the next four or five weeks I’ll be back to normal.

The weather stinks here in northern Indiana, but I am one very thankful, happy guy able to look out the window for another great, wondrous day.


Friday, January 9, 2009


Your Commander is back in action.

I was amazed to read in today’s issue of USA Today a very interesting column by founder Al Neuharth. I strongly suggest you read Al’s comments “MEDIA SHOULD OFFER BUSH A MEA CULPA”, because I never thought anyone in the media would admit their shortcomings.

You can find the brief column by going to

Several months ago I suggested that the media held huge responsibilities to provide appropriate investigative reporting when significant issues confront our government and world events. Thanks to the Chicago Tribune for pushing a long-term investigative project that eventually unearthed disturbing operations of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich. Unfortunately, due to the changing foundation of the business model of today’s print and electronic media newspapers, radio and TV has been forced to cut expensive investigative reporting across the board. The public has paid a heavy price from this reduction of a vital basic service, and newspapers and newscasts alike have lost substantial viewers.

I believe that our country would not be suffering the severity of our current economic climate had media done the job of digging out mismanagement, unethical operations, voter fraud, and any number of problems that have suddenly reared their ugly heads. For instance, how could Bernie Madoff been permitted to steal hard earned dollars from both smart and naive investors when the agencies that were obligated to provide oversight were sitting on their hands, despite the fact that for ten years people tried to blow a whistle at the SEC?

The press has long been a watch dog for their readers, but newspapers across the country can no longer afford to allocate funds necessary to support expensive investigative reporting teams. In recent years media has become so enamored with political figures they give “soft” interviews when in fact they should be asking the tough questions. I find the love affair that exists between modern media with the entertainment industry and political figures to be very dangerous to our collective public interests. We seem to have lost our way regarding what real news is.

Although Al Neuharth’s political positions are a little liberal for my comfort zone, he is to be saluted and lauded for establishing one of the very best newspapers in the country…USA Today. USA Today and the Wall Street Journal remain beacons of good journalism, but from there onward the products are thin, and dying by the wayside. The once proud broadsheets such as the New York Times, Boston Globe, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, even the bankrupt Chicago Tribune, and my local paper are no longer viable operating business models. The Detroit Free Press has announced it will only provide home delivery three days of the week. If you want that paper, you will have to leave your home to get it, or read what is available on the internet. Should newspapers disappear in the coming years, who will be our watchdog? I can only hope that it is not the internet where people can say anything and back it up with nothing.

Your Commander suggests that our country would be much better off if our media owners, news directors, and editors along with government leaders had the courage to admit their shortcomings and get back to the business of delivering the products and services we expect. Honesty and objectivity are one hell of a lot cheaper in the long run than short cuts and dishonesty.


Saturday, January 3, 2009


No, the busy holiday season is not the reason I haven’t recently posted. Unfortunately, I was admitted into the hospital December 23rd and was not released until December 29th. I am at the moment quite uncomfortable with a very sore chest, but in the coming days I will write about my hospital stay.

Have a happy 2009, and check back here in a few days.