Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A few days ago I noticed a surprising article in The New York Times that immediately raised questions in my mind, because President Obama told the country our troops would be home from Iraq by the end of this year (2011). In addition, a total of 10,000 troops are scheduled to return from Afghanistan this year and another 20,000 in 2012 with a full withdrawal by the end of 2014. Was his intention to make the country think we would really be GONE from the region?

We are now learning that Central Command, based at Mac Dill Air Force Base in Florida, is planning a troop buildup in nearby Middle Eastern countries friendly to the USA.

If you would like to read this in-depth report by Thom Shanker and Steven Lee Myers, here is the link:


Recognizing that I am not a military analysis or specialist, this plan is troubling to your Commander because I believe Iran will certainly make a move once we depart Iraq and also once we leave Afghanistan. If we have thousands of troops in the immediate area, it seems to me we will be drawn back into another costly encounter meaning a cost of additional dollars in the billions and no doubt the loss of too many more of additional American lives.

Permit me to suggest we assign many of the Middle East based troops to secure both our southern and northern borders and leave the Middle Eastern countries to fend for themselves. They will likely continue to fight against each other as they have for centuries. Is it possible they just could wipe themselves out? I don’t think so, too bad.

If and when Iran becomes a further threat beyond what it is today, we have the military air power to address that incursion. I think keeping American military personnel within the Arab countries will not be well received by the local unfriendly elements and only cause more problems for our troops.

We cannot afford to continue to build costly compounds to protect our military personnel sitting in the middle of a hostile environment as we have done in both Iraq and Afghanistan, because it just does not provide the necessary security from crazy Islamic terrorists who are willing to blow themselves up for 76 virgins. (Really, there is a seemingly limitless supply of virgins in heaven? Can those young men really think that is so? And what is in it for the female homicide bombers? I’m just asking.)

While I do understand the military theory behind this plan, I believe it represents a concept that will only lead to further bloodshed and loss of more American lives.

I cannot imagine that those brains in the White House are pleased with the release of these details by The New York Times with the Obama re-election campaign now in full swing. While Obama talks about keeping his promise to get out of Iraq and eventually out of Afghanistan, we now are alerted to extensive planning for a long-term massive financial commitment of American military personnel to protect countries and people who are clearly determined to kill all Americans and destroy our country.

There must be a better way to address this continuing threat to our very existence than just continuing to throw money and young American lives into the face and range of enemy guns.

Think about it and then do something about it by alerting your Congressional Representative or Senator how you feel about this situation.


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