Saturday, October 29, 2011


We have all heard about Valerie Jarrett, an extremely close personal friend to both Michelle and Barack Obama who officially serves as head of the Office of Public Engagement. It is reported that she is one of the most significant forces within the Obama Administration. I suggest you read an article by Jason Horowitz that appeared in The Washington Post this past week, and draw your own conclusion.

For quite sometime your Commander has been very suspicious of the influence cast upon this Obama presidency by Jarrett, and based upon the recent fall in the polls for Obama I would start wondering if the advice and council being rendered to him was part of that problem. I also find it interesting that since the election, Jarrett has received a total pass by the prying eyes of the Washington Press Corps, but that special treatment may be starting to erode.

If I had a friend like Valerie Jarrett I would be thinking it may be time to replace her. At the very least, a good objective vetting of Madame Jarrett’s influence and recommendations would certainly be necessary as the election rapidly approaches. Political observers are noting that Obama’s Iranian-born guru-advisor may be the cause of his current political disfavor by forcing him to ramrod an agenda that has been exposed to be in direct opposition to many of his pre-election promises.

After reading this lengthy Post article I would start looking over my shoulder were I the all-knowing all-seeing world renowned intellectual known as Barack Hussein Obama.


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