Saturday, October 22, 2011


I was delighted to hear that all American troops will depart Iraq by December 31, 2011, but do not be deceived by the abundance of political biased reporting in virtually every major newspaper in America this morning. The truth of the matter is that the USA was out-bluffed by Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Al-Maliki over the issue of total immunity for remaining American military personnel, and, thankfully, President Obama did not have any alternative but to order a total withdrawal to save face.

We surely have not seen or heard the last of conflict in Iraq, because that evil troublemaker Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr is likely to side with Iran and all hell will break out again once American troops depart. Al-Maliki may rue the day he forced Obama’s hand, because I would not give one thin dime for his life once he is responsible for the security of his administration and the citizens of his country.

I found it interesting, but not surprising, to see Time Magazine immediately place the blame on the troop departure on President George Bush, because he signed an agreement back in December, 2008 calling for terms of withdrawal, but it was understood to be an interim agreement with diplomacy to follow. However, that does not seem to fit the politically biased agenda of Time to explain. Blame Bush and promote the re-election of their favorite son Obama is Time’s modus operandi.

While every decision coming out of the White House these days is totally based on promoting Obama’s re-election, I believe the entire country will pay a heavy price for Obama’s short-term political motivations. I wonder what the families of all those brave Americans who gave their lives for Iraq’s future and the security of that country and America think of Obama’s actions now.

Only The Wall Street Journal provided its readers with a good analysis of this sad, politically driven development. I do not want our troops in Iraq for one more day than necessary, but leaving now is totally irresponsible per our Generals in the field, and this action may lead to our eventual return, which would only feed the public relations machine of our enemies.

Also remember the phony information expressed by Obama in his press conference following the death this week of Libya’s evil 40+ year dictator Muaamar Qaddifi. Obama said that we accomplished his removal without any American involvement and without boots on the ground.

This is simply another lie flowing easily from his lips these days. American Air Force personnel flew daily over Libya and we had Special Operations military personnel (aka boots on the ground) deep within Libya in support of NATO operations and feeding air strike information. Daily we are being fed the party-line that supports the Obama political base but we must not be swayed by his PR apparatus.

Nobody would be happier than your Commander to be proven wrong, but over the many years I have been fortunate to live in the good old USA, my gut feeling has been correct far more times than wrong. Only time will tell, but if I am right, America will be back in Iraq for a third time and undoubtedly will again pay a terrible price in life, limb, and millions or billions in wasteful financial obligations.

Hopefully, American voters have learned a valuable lesson when a politically inexperienced, and more importantly business inexperienced liberal community organizer was elected as Commander-in-Chief.


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