Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Here I go again directing you to another thesis by Professor Walter E. Williams. Be assured that I am NOT receiving a spiff from the good Professor, but I do feel he is providing us with a clear analysis of the real reasons behind the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations that are increasing across the country.

Permit me to be totally clear that I am opposed to these obvious examples of civil disobedience. These well organized mobs are well financed, well fed and when they break existing law they should be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of our legal system guidelines.

While Professor Williams states thoughtful analysis for the mobs’ motivations, I see the hand of the liberal left diverting our attention away from the primary election season coupled with President Obama’s recent all-out efforts to address lingering issues by circumventing Congress with the issuance of a growing number of Executive Orders.

Our newspapers repeatedly fail to note that when Congress recently rejected Obama’s Jobs Bill it was really caused by a lack of Democrat votes from a Senate that currently is controlled by the same Democrat Party. All the blame is placed on the resolute Republican Party, but two Democrats voted NO.

Enough of me…here is the Williams article “Profits Are for People” for your perusal:

One wonders why voices such as William’s secure such little publicity in the main-stream media these days.


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