Friday, October 28, 2011


Within the past two weeks President Barack Hussein Obama has signed two different Executive Orders that establish new federal government programs impacting Home Loan procedures, and addressing Student Loans.

Admittedly these are two of the many pressing issues facing many Americans at this time, but it is your Commander’s concern that addressing these problems by Executive Order skirts the established procedures specified in our Constitution. While we are also experiencing a near dysfunctional Congress, I believe the excessive use of the Executive Order is a diversion of the established order that placed the authority of enacting laws within the Halls of Congress. Laws should not be made in the Oval Office, but in the Senate and House of Representatives.

It is a fact that President Franklin D. Roosevelt holds the record for signing the most Executive Orders. He also served the longest. To date (less than three years since inaugration) President Obama has signed the fewest, but I see a pattern developing as the coming general election is looming and Obama’s poll numbers cast a negative light on his re-election chances.

Permit me to suggest that these two recent Executive Order actions are purely overt divisive actions to buy votes from a segment of the electorate that are currently most vulnerable and needy.

Both orders totally ignore the fact that the impacted individuals have, in a majority of the cases, created their own problem as a result of their making poor choices that caused their financial problems. Borrowing money for the purchase of homes when you do not have the financial means to repay the loan is irresponsible. Students who take out student loans that are excessive are also irresponsible acts. Everyone does not need to attend the most expensive schools of higher learning when less expensive alternatives are readily available.

Simply put, the current examples of Presidential Executive Orders are nothing but a political action to pander and buy desperately needed votes for the next election. The dysfunctional Congress is the direct result of the electorate loudly stating that they want change in Washington, but when our president cannot get his way he skirts the rule of law to force his personal interests upon the electorate, and that is a very dangerous precedent to set. That is the kind of thing dictators do and not how real leaders serve their constituents and their country.


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