Sunday, October 9, 2011


I was struck by an October 7th article in The Washington Post that carried the headline “STATE DEPARTMENT READIES IRAQ OPERATIONS, ITS BIGGEST SINCE MARSHALL PLAN.” The article’s details sent a shock wave up my spine. I urge you to take the time to read the article at this link, because the information presents a story that until now has not been available to the public in our national media outlets.

After reading the amazing facts and financial statistics, I did some research. Wikipedia provided a piece on the Iraq War some 52 pages long! If you are interested in checking out the historical information here, here is the link:

Let me be specific, I am referring to the war that started with our American troops’ invasion of lraq on March 20, 2003 as Operation Iraqi Freedom or the Second Gulf War.

Back to the Post article; I had never heard that our State Department plans to spend $6 billion in Iraq in 2012 alone. When did we decide to send 16,000 civilians into Iraq to conduct affairs such as security and construction under a plan similar to the massive Marshall Plan that reconstructed Europe following World War II?

I thought we were leaving Iraq and mission was accomplished with the functioning Iraqi government and military able to address their needs with only a very small U.S. military contingent. President Barack Hussein Obama has never mentioned or even suggested this type of involvement or massive expenditure, perhaps because it is political dynamite.

The insertion of 16,000 civilians in addition to whatever military personnel we will leave is the equivalent of a full military division. Where is the money coming from to pay for this venture? Apparently the American military mission has not been as successful as we have been sold and told. I ask the question where is the United Nations and/or NATO when it comes to participating in this folly?

It will be up to historians to address whether it was appropriate to even go into Iraq in the first place. I do believe there were weapons of mass destruction and also believe that the Sadam Hussein regime was an international danger to world order. Remember, Hussein used chemical weapons on his own people, the Kurds.

In the meantime, what in the hell are we getting ourselves into now with this latest State Department hair-brained plan that is certainly going to cost this country many times the announced $6 billion dollar outlay. Will this madness ever end? When will the USA recognize that Iraq is a hole without a bottom when it comes to wasting our money and our nation’s long-term interests?

It is time for President Obama to face the nation and tell us how he can justify this action. I bet he does not want to talk about this until after November, 2012.


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