Wednesday, October 26, 2011


In the pages of The Washington Post there is a story that is most disturbing, because it exposed the inefficiency of our Immigrations system and the liberties that foreign countries are taking with Diplomatic immunity.

Do you know what a kleptocrat is? I didn’t until I read this article. Take a couple of minutes to read about the tin-horn President of Equatorial Guinea’s son residing in a $30 million estate in Malibu with ill-gotten items while the citizens of his native country live in poverty. Here is the link with the unbelievable details:

When I read this disgusting article I immediately asked myself why is Teodoro Nguema Obliang Mangue permitted to reside for an extended period of time in California or is he abusing Diplomatic immunity? I also wonder how many other crooks from foreign countries like this one are residing here “living large” using money his/her country received from our overly generous fast and loose foreign aid program and entities like the United Nations.

When will insanity like this stop?


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