Sunday, October 9, 2011


About ten days ago while scanning various internet news sites, I ran across an article on exposing the total hypocrisy of the legendary con-man Rev. Jesse Jackson. He has been conning businessmen across the country under the cover of his bogus civil-rights front organization, Operation Push. Based in Chicago, Jackson and Operation Push operate in one of the most politically corrupt cities in the USA.

From the link above, you will note that Jackson objects to the comments of Republican candidate Herman Cain, who has a long reputation of calling it like it as he sees it when discussing politics. Jackson, who has been extorting money from profitable business ventures across the nation for decades, has the utter gall to question Cain’s long established record of attempting to raise the black race out of poverty. For years Jackson has done nothing but thrive on playing the race card and racial divisiveness.

In my opinion, The Rev. Jesse Jackson has earned a justified reputation as “King of the Hypocrites,” and does not deserve to receive so much as one line of press coverage promoting his decades of prospering on the backs of his fellow black race.


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