Sunday, October 23, 2011


Recently I was viewing one of the cable news talk programs and who appears but Professor Cornel West to render his “expert” opinion relative to the demonstrations surrounding Occupy Wall Street. If you do not recognize the name he is a black, gap-toothed, wild-haired, tenured activist, and professor at Princeton University who appears increasingly on television programs to vent his venom stirring civil disobedience across the country.

Personally I get quite suspicious when any media outlet invites this wack-job self-appointed authority on the world as he sees it from his myopic point of view. It is my suspicion that he is one of the reasons it is so expensive to send our children to earn a university education, because liberal divisive individuals such as Conel West are drawing inflated salaries while hiding behind their corrupting security-blanket of academic tenure.

Your Commander places West along side professional disorganizers and race-baiters like the Rev. Al Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. It would not surprise me to learn that one of West’s official duties at Princeton University is to protect the embargoed private papers of ex-Princeton student First Lady Michelle Obama.

Hopefully, a judge with a proper understanding and application of existing laws will incarcerate this disrupter and permit him to fester behind bars for an extended period of time. West’s purpose is to profit financially and draw attention to himself while disrupting civil order.

Just compare the constant negativity of the work of Prof. Cornel West, and the contributions rendered to improve relations between all men by Prof. Walter E. Williams and my point is clearly established. Remove this creep’s publicity and he will likely fade away.


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