Thursday, August 11, 2011


For the last couple of days, newspapers and cable news/talk programs have been discussing the Wisconsin recall election results. Clearly the Republican majority was maintained, and the Democrat Party was awarded a staggering defeat.

I use the word staggering, because of the amount of money that was directed to assure a Democrat victory just did not pan out. It is reported that Unions spent over $20 million in the effort to defeat six Republicans in recall elections, and even with that sum they failed to accomplish the goal. I suggest that the people of Wisconsin again clearly spoke.

Take a look at just one of the many very interesting articles recently, this one from The Washington Post:

What I find disturbing is the amount of money that was spent to reaffirm the will of the people of Wisconsin. Between both political parties and the various special interest groups somewhere between $40 and $50 million dollars was spent. This was not a general election, but a special recall election. Surely there were many better uses for this significant sum of money in addressing the people’s immediate needs in Wisconsin.

Accepting the fact that I am not a big supporter of the Unions these days, I would be asking a lot of questions of Union management if I were a Union member.


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