Sunday, August 28, 2011


When we read or view the mainstream media today we rarely observe critical commentary when it comes to activities of First Lady Michelle Obama. The pages of Women’s Wear Daily declare that Michelle is America’s fashionista. Are you kidding me?

I have conducted a personal and unscientific poll regarding Michelle that includes our country’s major ethnicities. It seems to me that all she has accomplished is increased sales for J. Crew and The Gap based on some clothing she and the daughters have worn. I also think she shames the Office of the Presidency when exiting Air Force One or Marine One in casual shorts. A truly bad decision, in my opinion, was deplaning Air Force One on a State Visit to South America in a strapless casual dress without a wrap anywhere in sight.

I am certainly no fashion critic, but presidential protocol should include First Lady fashionably appropriate attire. I realize that changes, but I think she fails!

Don’t get me started when it comes to the size and cost of her bloated White House Staff (I know I have previously written about that), because that is beyond any reasonable understanding and just represents total arrogance toward the American taxpayer. When talking about the abuse of privilege, Michelle wins hands down.

Finally, it has taken the conservative website to alert the public to the fact that Judicial Watch has brought a lawsuit against the Air Force to obtain records detailing the cost of Michelle’s June 21-27 trip to South Africa and Botswana.

Millions of Americans are hurting economically, unemployment hovers above 9%, and our First Lady is living large on the backs of struggling American taxpayer. Apparently Michelle feels above the fray while her husband calls for all Americans to share the sacrifice during this economic downturn.

Doesn’t Michelle think it important for her daughters to learn more about the country that employs her husband/their father? Outside of mega-wealthy Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, where Obama was born, has the family taken another US vacation?

And, the final question your Commander asks is, I still would like to know why Michelle Obama’s college papers at Princeton University are still embargoed. Is there something hidden in those documents?


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