Sunday, August 7, 2011


Today I watched most of the Sunday morning talk shows and scanned the internet sites for The New York Times, The Washington Post, both the Chicago Sun-Times and Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal,, The Drudge Report, The, and I came to the conclusion that the degree of tension that exists between the Republicans and the Democrats remains at such a high level that we can expect little to be accomplished in the near term.

It is your Commander’s opinion that Standard & Poor’s did the American political system a huge favor in down-grading America’s debt rating. Maybe, just maybe, that action will force politicians to come to the table and work toward the necessary steps to bring order to our financial house.

I further expect to see other rating agencies down-grade our debt and that of several states such as Illinois which in Dec 2009 went from a rating of A1 down to A2 and one month later, Jan, 2010, California went from A to A-. I was shocked to see that is the extent of debt rating for these well known troubled states. In addition there are a number of others in financial trouble.

Permit me to draw your attention to a compelling article from
“What the S&P U.S. Credit Rating Downgrade Means” at this link:

It has never been more evident that American voters must get off their duffs and get actively involved in the electoral process, but first they must determine if they want an America designed by our Founding Fathers or an entitlement dependent Nanny-State that promotes class-warfare and income re-distribution (the apparent Obama Plan-never submitted in writing) instead.

I suggest that we cannot have welfare recipients ruling the direction of this country. The impact of the next general election will indicate the course this country takes for some time to come, but it is up to you and me, all of our working friends, retirees who worked their whole career to preserve the life they lived and were promised to vote. Change will be necessary, but President Obama has never presented to Congress any defined policy.

Your future and mine rests in our hands. Do not permit it to slip away with another political campaign full of vitriol, empty promises, and endless pointless bickering only to find that we are again deceived by a slick-talking politician.


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