Saturday, August 13, 2011


Permit your Commander to draw your attention to an insightful New York Times article and the suggestion that Americans boycott all campaign donations. Here is the link:

The op-ed columnist Joe Nocera addresses the action of Starbucks Chairman & CEO Howard Schultz urging corporations and individuals to stop feeding politicians with campaign contributions. Schultz makes a key point saying, “The lifeblood of their re-election campaigns is political contributions.” His proposal calls for Americans to provide Washington an incentive to begin acting responsibly on their behalf.

I think Schultz has delivered a very important message and I hope that his suggestion will gain national recognition and actionable results. Cut the flow of the corrupting dollars off and you are bound to get the attention of our money hungry politicians.

While I personally have never had the means to make substantial political contributions, I long ago stopped writing checks to all politicians, because the size of my participation never was large enough to hardly even earn a thank you letter. I believe that it is extremely important to cut-off all candidate or party contributions, large and small. Hopefully we will see politicians realizing that the voters are truly fed up. We hold more power than the money-men if we exercise a movement like this.

Speaking realistically during these trying economic times we all need our dollars far more than our fat-cat overly paid politicians do anyway. Charity begins at home and it is time to send a really strong financial message to Washington.


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