Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Reading my copy of the American Patriot’s Almanac yesterday morning I learned that on this date back in 1787 delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia were hammering out the details for the creation of our new government of the United States. While I cannot reprint the contents of the Almanac I can draw your attention to the works and influences of Madison with the attached link.


As the recognized Father of the Constitution Madison spent his entire life making certain the Constitution worked as intended. He wrote the Federalist Papers, authored the Bill of Rights, and served as a Congressman, Secretary of State and the fourth President of the United States. Not bad for a slight, soft-spoken delegate to the Convention from Virginia.

All Americans owe Madison our sincere deep appreciation and gratitude for his contributions that led to the creation of this great country.


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Anonymous said...

great piece abotu James Madison. Furthermore, I've ordered my almanac. thanks for mentioning it. I should've always had one!