Friday, August 12, 2011


I do not know about you, but I have been burned by several totally false emails lately, so now I have to check almost each one I receive at, or conduct a Google study to determine its validity. Recently I received one relative to the title of this commentary, and have since learned that it really came from the Arkansas GOP wing and the facts were correct.

Below is a link that provides specific amounts of money contributed to each political party by various union organizations. I have been able to confirm the statistics via other sources.

I have long known that the Democrat Party was in the pocket of the Union movement, but I never realized just how extensive and dominant their influence represented. While the unions spread their money around, the percentage flowing into the Democrat pockets is overwhelming, and in some cases by a staggering factor.

I wonder if union members actually know how much of their money is being splashed around to buy influence. I bet many would like to see some of their dues money flowing back into their own pockets, and not the highly paid union bosses, lobbyists and politicians. Obviously money speaks loudly.


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