Wednesday, August 10, 2011


With China currently conducting sea trials on its first aircraft carrier it is my opinion that action is not significant to the national defense of the USA by itself. Please take a few minutes to read the informative article that appeared in The Washington Post:

As the article reports, this is China’s only carrier, which is an old retro-fitted Russian carrier, and cannot be considered a substantial factor against America’s eleven aircraft carrier battle groups. The question that I find most interesting is the fact that America is granting financial assistance to China as a developing country while China is buying substantial amounts of American financial instruments and they have an economy growing faster than ours.

Via the internet I learned that the USA has given China $275 million in aid over the last ten years, but China also received between $1.5 and $2.5 billion from international organizations like the World Bank (primarily funded by the USA).

If China can afford to retro-fit an aircraft carrier why are we providing them with financial aid when we are having trouble paying China interest on our increasing debt? Something just does not make one once of sense, but that is a growing condition across this country relative to a number of issues.

Do you agree?


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