Friday, August 5, 2011


Permit me to draw your attention to an article that appeared on the Newsessentials Blog back on May 4th that announced the fact that our government had identified 12,200 unnecessary buildings. Here is the link:

What struck your Commander is why any entity would have 12,200 unnecessary buildings unless they were flush with money or brain dead. Maybe this waste and inefficiency is part of the root of our current economic crisis. Personally I believe that it is simply an example of the inefficiency of political modus operandi.

It will be interesting to learn just how long it takes the government to rid itself of the real estate that represents a massive drain on our economy and federal debt. It would be very interesting to learn if anyone owns leases and if anyone other than government profits from the ultimate sale, which certainly could be another tale of waste, fraud and corruption over a period of many years.


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