Tuesday, August 16, 2011


For months I wondered just what happened to Tony Rezko who was indicted nearly five years ago on October 5, 2006 and is an old associate of disgraced, impeached and convicted former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) and President Barack Obama. Recently I looked for information on Rezko. I thought he was still being held in the Chicago Metropolitan Correctional Center and learned he has since been moved to an unknown location and is still waiting sentencing…What??? Why???

By the way, you may recall that Rezko is the guy who helped Obama buy the house next door to him in Chicago for a sum well over $1 million.

Please take a look at disturbing article written by Staff Reporter Chris Fusco of the Chicago Sun Times titled “With Rod Blagojevich convicted, others now face sentencing.”


After reading the dates of all the indictments can you imagine how much money has been spent with all the delays in sentencing this substantial group of ex-movers and shakers? When major political figures are involved apparently it is very important to squeeze every possible amount of information out of them, but whose interest is being protected by years of delays in the Rezko matter is the question I raise.

The entire “Operation Board Games” case stinks to high heaven and someday way down the road the real truth of who was really involved will be revealed. I suggest that a lot of little guys who deserve to be indicted are taking a big fall for someone far bigger and far more influential. Apparently protecting someone’s butt trumps the individual’s right for a speedy trial.

Or, is there much more behind the Rezko matter and exactly where he is? Just asking.


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