Sunday, August 21, 2011


Your Commander and my Editor just returned to the peace and tranquility of Hoosier America from a very emotional three-day trip to the western suburbs of Chicago to attend the funeral of my dear cousin Patti. Tragically she was taken far too soon at the age of 67.

You may recall a blog I wrote March 3, 2011 titled “Cancer – Where We Should Be Spending” and in it I mentioned that a cousin was recently diagnosed with liver and lung cancer. The doctors could not locate the origin site of the cancer. Patti was determined to beat the odds, but the side effects of chemo affected her so severely that it ultimately had to be stopped. Her eight month battle ended one week ago today.

I never saw her take one drink of liquor, nor smoke a cigarette, but somehow she was struck by a disease that wreaks havoc across America despite countless events raising funds and many years of research.

Considering all the wonderful accomplishments by the citizens of this great country, we are still searching for that one breakthrough that brings the ravages of cancer to a stop. We sent men to the moon, spend money fighting wars that send thousands of our finest to an early death or maimed for life, but are we really aggressively attacking and addressing the elimination of cancer NOW?

America is without a doubt the most generous and caring country in the world, but we fail to adequately prioritize this insidious disease. I am all for assisting those in need, but I suggest it is time to concentrate efforts and dramatically increase the funding for research in finding a cure for cancer in all of its deadly forms.

As I recently wrote, the CEO of Starbucks wants to eliminate all corporate and individual contributions to politicians and political parties. I suggest we direct all or a majority of that money to cancer research. It would be better spent and the results would be beneficial to the entire world. The elimination of political pay-off earmarks could create some real money to attack cancer as America’s #1 priority NOW and not down the road at some undetermined date and time.

Families around the world are suffering and thousands are dying daily. We should cease our current wars against countries and place those resources behind the war against cancer. That would certainly be more beneficial for mankind.


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