Sunday, August 14, 2011


Based upon the many really important events confronting the world today this article has little importance, but I do find it worthy of comment. Please take a look at what appeared on the AOL/Huffington Post site:

What struck your Commander is the sickening part of the story reporting the 80 year old multi-billionaire and left-wing Democrat Party supporter George Soros's romps in bed with a 28 year old Brazilian soap star. What I find to be interesting is that Soros, who is no one’s fool, but a cunning financial wizard who has unimaginable influence and wealth around the world, is now being sued in the American court system by a young woman.

Although I have no doubt as to the facts presented in the article, I will be surprised if the case ever comes to trial for several reasons. Soros could easily pay-off the woman, mount a battery of highly paid lawyers to totally overwhelm the plaintiff, or make sure the case is heard by an equally liberal and sympathetic judge.

Hopefully Soros is smart enough to not even contemplate this, but this young beauty could easily just vanish someday in the deepest part of the dense jungles of Brazil. Who would that surprise…not me? Tragically this young beauty is trying to get some money to justify her romp with a sick, disgusting dirty old man, but she fails to recognize that this issue is about as important to George Soros as it would be for him to swat away a fly.

Adriana Ferreyr may walk away with a few bucks, but her life has a bleak future, because guys like Soros have long memories and far reaching power. In other words, they can’t be counted upon to play fair.


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