Monday, August 8, 2011


Scanning the internet today I ran across a Huffington Post article on AOL titled “Kanye West: ‘People Look At Me…Like I’m Hitler’”. Reading further I learned that West went into a vulgar laced rant during his weekend appearance at the Big Chill music festival in England.

If it were up to me, West would have to seek some other employment, because he would never earn one thin dime if he had to depend on my support. He is nothing but a crude individual that I would shun, because he promotes everything that is bad about society today. He represents nothing of value to the betterment of mankind, and it is beyond my comprehension as to why anyone would pay to see, hear or view his vile sick drivel.

Where are the moral and social values of our entertainers of today? Why would we praise individuals who talk about hanging women and present cannibalism in their video music performances? West is only one of many performers on the stage today that receive praise and adulation from the media and audiences across the country and yet are role models for unacceptable behavior.

No wonder we have our prisons filled with socially unadjusted individuals who are nothing but a total financial burden upon society and our government. Filth fills the airwaves of the American music scene today and it is detrimental to the future of this country.

Why would the Huffington Post even print the story and provide this morally corrupt individual with publicity unless it, too, was complicit. It just proves that large corporations have absolutely no moral compass when they participate in profiting from the promotion of smut.

If Kanye West is an artist, as he claims, then I am the King of Siam.


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