Monday, August 15, 2011


Over the past few weeks you may have heard that global corporate giant General Electric announced plans to move the leadership of GE Healthcare to Chengdu, China. I have read several articles and blog sites and cannot pinpoint if the Waukesha, Wisconsin plant is closing too, but I have heard that employees will be offered positions at other GE facilities.

Your Commander finds this announcement to be another example of the arrogance that emanates from the Obama White House. Don’t misunderstand my reasoning in discussing this action, because I fully understand that the first priority of GE CEO Jeffery Immelt is appropriately to his stockholders and the GE Board of Directors.

Where I find a problem is earlier this year President Barack Obama appointed Immelt to head a jobs creation commission and his company has been moving their business overseas for years. Additionally, GE has recently been noted for not paying any federal income tax due to numerous favorable special exemptions in our tax code.

Additionally I note the compounded arrogance of the White House and its silence on the action of the National Labor Relations Board against Boeing Aircraft opening a new factory in the Charleston, South Carolina area. Over a thousand jobs are at risk here and Obama is again playing cozy with his union benefactors. If Boeing cannot open its plant it will no doubt be forced to move the new operation and several thousand jobs overseas.

Boeing and General Electric have the right to build and operate plants anywhere in the world, but the Immelt appointment is at the least suspect, and the NLRB Boeing action is reprehensible. GE and unions contribute handsomely to the Obama coffers and that brings “favored nation” status to them.

There is a right way, a wrong way, and then there is the Obama way, and directly related to his way is a huge campaign money trail.


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