Friday, August 12, 2011


The above title is essentially one of the major problems facing our great democracy today. Where is the budget for the operation of our government from President Obama and the Democrat Party? It is simply absent and does not exist.

With over $14 trillion in debt how can anyone function without a carefully crafted budget in hand without ultimately spending far more than you have in the bank? That is essentially where we are today.

You may remember that in October, 2008, the then Democrat controlled House and Senate could not come to terms on a budget for the year. Since his inauguration in January, 2009 President Obama has submitted one budget which was resoundingly defeated 97-0 in the Senate.

If you Google the question “What are the Republican House budget cut proposals” you will find about twelve different websites with the pros and cons, but the general agreement is that the Republicans have suggested cuts that total $2.5 trillion dollars over ten years. While you can argue the validity of specific suggestions such as Public Broadcasting, Amtrak subsidies, Essential Air Service subsidies, Beach Replenishment, etc. the point is this sure sounds like a good starting point to solve our money problems.

When I learned that we were giving $65 million in aid to China my heart skipped a beat. Checking into the bigger picture of foreign aid I found that it is actually a small portion of our GDP and if you Google the Congressional Research Service Report for Congress you will get some vital information.

The report indicates that foreign aid is only 0.9% of the U.S. budget in 2004. We grant more foreign aid than any other country in the world somewhere in the area of over $13.38 billion. Your Commander suggests that we need a thorough investigation into the spending of our total aid package, especially by the State Department. Cuts of a million here and a million there will add up to significant savings.

Currently we are giving money to countries that work against our interests such as Columbia, China, Russia and heaven knows where else. A good study of all aid is necessary as are the needs for review of all domestic spending.

I truly believe the real savings must come from an objective investigation into the waste, fraud and corruption that exist in the Defense Department and Entitlement programs.

Our economic problems will not be solved by political deals, but must be accomplished by a totally honest objective cost/benefit analysis by Certified Public Accountants. Stop the vote buying and re-election compromises or we are doomed to a real financial calamity.


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