Sunday, August 14, 2011


Recently I mentioned I was reading Brad Thor’s latest best selling book titled FULL BLACK, and I can now tell you I have completed it and it is one of his very best works. As a matter of fact, FULL BLACK recently achieved the 3rd place ranking on Publishers Weekly best seller list.

This is another adventure packed fictional story of super-hero Scott Harvarth who achieves unbelievable deeds of daring-due to save the good old USA. This book addresses a world-wide conspiracy by a disturbed super-rich mega-businessman, but of course in the end Scott prevails.

While I have sympathy with some historical conspiracy theories and suspicions with others, I strongly recommend careful consideration of this book’s story line, because I do believe the scenario presented by Thor is a distinct possibility facing our country today. I believe Thor’s book is an important read, and one that will benefit this country greatly if it is taken seriously.

Failure to overcome the current extremist forces confronting the American way of life is simply unacceptable, and those elements represent an evil force we must not take casually. Thor’s books from his very first novel carry a theme that is pro-American, and repeatedly draws attention to problematic Asian and Middle Eastern influences that are factually detrimental to our country.

Once you start reading FULL BLACK you will have difficulty putting it down until you reach the last action-filled page.


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