Friday, August 12, 2011


While a growing number of newspaper columnists continue to write highly critical articles relative to the effectiveness and efficiency of the Obama Administration, it is beyond your Commander’s comprehension that Congress has not been called back to Washington. With the growing sounds of deep concern relative to the national economy and massive unemployment how can both Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) fail to act in the interest of the American people?

Apparently the need for Reid, Boehner and their respective gangs to raise campaign contributions is more important than doing the peoples business. This arrogance and dereliction of duty is something that the American people should remember when the next General Election occurs in November 2012.

Your Commander watched the Republican debates from Ames, Iowa last evening and felt they were a healthy endeavor to draw out the candidates positions, and ultimately reduce the number of individuals running for the Presidency. I do not think the debates harmed any of the candidates.

Now we must wait until the Congressional and Presidential vacations end and Congress returns after Labor Day for the theatrics to commence with the “Super-Committee” to perform its dance. I suggest that this committee will not accomplish the desired result, because looking at the individuals appointed to the committee I doubt they will ever agree to anything that comes close to solving our economic problems. The Super-Committee appointments are a political farce, and in my opinion will only delay reaching reasonable solutions to our IMMEDIATE needs.

America needs action and bi-partisan solutions NOW, and not at some date that is convenient to the political hacks we elected to serve our interests. We certainly cannot wait until after the November, 2012 election!


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