Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Your Commander first wrote this commentary back on August 9th but it has been delayed in posting due to travel and other priorities. Events of the past week make it an even better time to post this piece.

This report may be the fourth time I have been compelled to address the failure of the House Ethics Committee to effectively resolve matters brought to its attention, costing the American taxpayer untold sums of money. I first wrote about the dubious conduct of Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) shortly after her questionable conduct came before the Committee way back in 2009.

Since that time political bickering has totally destroyed the integrity of the Committee, however our tax dollars continue to be spent and definitive action delayed. Please take a look at a recent article from The Washington Post.


Now with our nation in its second worst economic decline, an expenditure of $500,000 has been authorized to hire an outside independent counsel to review the ethics case against her. If this matter had been brought before a commercial entity a whole bunch of people would have been fired, but as our government never fires a guilty party once again chairs have been shuffled around, and little or nothing will be accomplished. It is no wonder there is a growing call to clean out the swamp.

Within the past week Rep. Waters has made two different appearances back in her California district. The first attacked the lack of action by President Obama to serve the interests of minority people, in the next she said that the Tea Party should go straight to hell. I think she is attempting to take the spot-light off her Ethics Committee investigation, and I also suggest these are the irrational ravings of a desperate dysfunctional member of Congress who is a race baiter and community disorganizer. Her best days can be seen in the rearview mirror. Hopefully, it will be good riddance, Maxine.


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