Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In the Sunday issue of the Chicago Tribune there was a short article announcing that Chicago area Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. is going to Israel as a guest of the American Israel Educational Foundation, a privately funded charity. Why?

The article came from the Associated Press and states that the purpose of the eight-day visit is to meet with Israeli and Palestinian leaders as he discusses what he calls “the quest for a lasting peace in the region.” I thought that was the job being performed by Sec. of State Hillary Clinton on her frequent trips to the Middle East, and not some low-level South Side Chicago political con-man.

Considering the fact that Israel is one of the largest recipients of American foreign aid, this is nothing more than another foreign government charity exerting a direct effort to attract additional dollars from the already overly generous American government. Jesse Jackson, Jr. is nothing but a low level Congressman, and this is an overt effort by Israeli agents to bribe another American Congressmen.

Representative Jesse Jackson, Jr. and his fellow members of Congress should be back in Washington addressing America’s economic problems, and not gallivanting all over the world on trips such as this one paid for by recipients of American taxpayer dollars. Israel already receives over $3 billion dollar per year in aid and maybe it is time for them to start sending the good old USA some of our money back to assist our embarrassing self-inflicted economic predicament.

What do you think about these blatant junkets?


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