Sunday, August 21, 2011


WOW! Maureen Dowd the sharp-tongued op-ed scribe at the New York Times really gave President Obama a dose of strong critical medicine relative to this current bus tour through the Midwest. Dowd hit hard especially when she referred to the trip as “The Field of Dashed Dreams” and even questioned his custom made $1.1 million dollar “Matrix” bus.

Take a look-see at The New York Times piece posted from Peosta, Iowa earlier this week:

While I suggest that President Obama is in deep doodoo when it comes to his chances for re-election, it is still far too early to count him out because he is like a cat with nine-lives. Obama says everything and everyone is to blame for his current circumstances, but himself. On the other hand the long list of Republican candidates cannot seem to avoid shooting themselves in the foot, so the game is far from over.

As the legendary New York Yankee, Yogi Berra, said “It’s not over ‘til it’s over.”


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