Monday, August 8, 2011


With the United States’ economy tipping toward insolvency how can President Obama and Congress possibly take the entire month of August off for vacation, or as they call it, a recess. Have I lost something relative to this discussion?

The market went down 634 points today and over 1500 points in the last two weeks! Where is our president? He is at a fundraiser tonight for his re-election campaign.

Apparently both the president and Congress find it more important to go off on the campaign trail to raise more money for their individual re-elections (and also work in a couple of weeks of vacation) than it is to address the important issues confronting the nation and the entire world. I thought Obama and Members of Congress took an Oath of Office, but their actions indicate to me that they consider themselves to be privileged individuals who make up their own rules of conduct and totally disregard the interests of the people who elected them to serve.

Just how long will the electorate permit these tin-horn politicians to stick their fingers in our eyes before all sane voters stand-up, and throw them out of office for their dereliction of duty? Arrogance, greed, selfishness, conflict of interest, double standards, corruption, and criminality are words that come to my mind. What are your defining words for their actions?

Surely it must be the Tea Party’s fault that they must take an August vacation. Funny, I don’t recall seeing a mandatory month of August vacation in the Constitution.


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