Tuesday, August 9, 2011


In the on-line edition of the Detroit News I found a totally devastating article addressing the massive waste, fraud and corruption that exists within the Michigan food stamp welfare program. Please take a few minutes to read Paul Egan’s detailed report that indicates that Michigan expects to save $75 million by its actions.


If there are 30,000 college students abusing the Michigan food stamp program, imagine how much additional abuse exists throughout the program that is being utilized by over 2 million Michigan residents. When you read the story of Detroit’s convicted ex-Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick admitting to have abused the Food Assistance Program while a student at Florida A& M, you quickly recognize the scope of waste, fraud and corruption nationwide.

America will not be able to solve its economic problems until our Federal, State and local governments address the massive corruption of the welfare programs that are draining our economy dry. Ten million here and ten million there add up to significant money, and it is essential that politicians recognize we cannot permit them to throw our precious tax dollars away just so they can continue to buy votes from hoards of criminal abusers of our overly generous and corruptible welfare entitlement programs.

Maybe this subject could be another Tea Party agenda priority that could bear fruit and save our great American democracy and economy.


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